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How to build shoulders: instructions for use.

How to build shoulders: instructions for use.

Having big shoulders on par with how to have a broad back and strong arms is an honor for any man in the gym. The large shoulder muscle, like the large arms, is a sign of reliability, they are associated with protection and natural strength.

In ancient myths, it was the Atlanteans who held an overly heavy firmament on their powerful shoulders. His weight pressed on his shoulders. In Christian culture, we also carry our cross on our shoulders.

The shoulders, like the back, are our support. We carry backpacks, bags, logs and other weights in them.

In addition, the shoulder is involved in the movement of the hand, helps to straighten it.

In the last century, an excellent exercise that actively involved the deltoid muscles, called bench press, was actively practiced in weightlifting competitions along with a pull and pull. It showed how strong a person can be with their hands. Later this discipline was canceled.

But there was a sport like the Powerport, where they compete in the sum of the biathlon, a strict bench press and a strict lifting of the bar for the biceps, which has a stronger hand. There is even a world record in this sport.

And now many athletes in the gym compete actively with each other, who will rise more in the army press.

Many people involved in the gym wonder how to pump wide shoulders. How to pump the shoulders fast? What exercises for this need must be performed?

What are the exercises with a bar and what with weights? What is more effective? What can you do in the gym?

How to perform them – fast or slow? How to perform them correctly?

Let’s see all these problems together.

How to build shoulders: instructions for use.

What can be included in the training complex?

Below are the most popular exercises in the delta. Some exercises are basic, some exercises are insulating. In all exercises, keep your back straight, move your shoulder blades with care.

This is especially important when performing movements with a bar. Perform all movements correctly.

  1. Standing standing bench. As it is not difficult to guess by its name, it can be classified as an exercise with a bar. It is also called the bench press of the army. The projectile itself is removed from the shelves, which are installed for the comfort of the athlete at chest level, just below the level of the shoulder. When he removes the bar, the athlete grabs the neck to obtain an optimum width, sits under the shelves so that they rest against them with the chest, lifts the projectile and recoils with the projectile. Always remember to keep your back straight! Next, you should straighten completely on your back and knees and push the bar strictly upwards until you complete the lengthening of the elbow joint. It is better to perform the movement as quickly as possible: you spend less energy. Only hands should participate in the movement. Once you have set the weight on top, lower it carefully to your chest. And the repetition begins. It is important not to help the rest of the body with a proper bench press. Only the hands and chest should work. This exercise is considered basic. As for the execution technique, we want to warn you: do not push the bar over the head at the top point, this is quite traumatic for the shoulder joints.
  2. Bench press with dumbbells sitting or standing. The dumbbell bench press is also a fairly popular exercise practiced by many famous bodybuilders and visitors to gyms in general. It is a great addition after the base exercise. Well working in the frontal delta. As in the press stand, only hands work. Do not forget to keep your back straight!
  3. Dumbbell design in hand while standing. Great exercise for the front deltas, they load these muscles! Tilt the body slightly forward and push one leg forward, bend and extend the arms to the sides. Perform with light weight in the pumping mode. Here it is especially important not to pursue after weighing, but to systematically increase the load within the framework of an ideal technique. You can pump your shoulders completely and without giant scales. Many professional athletes can work with relatively small weights.
  4. Lifting weights in front of him standing. Pretty simple, but effective exercise for the deltoid muscles. The lifting is done on the outstretched arms. Do not forget to keep your back straight and work within the framework of an ideal performance technique. You can pump powerful shoulders and build muscles with blood without heavy weights, especially if you are working on sets of drops.
  5. Bench sitting on the hummer simulator. Perfect replacement for a barbell bench press and dumbbell bench press. Well loads deltoid muscles. The simulator compared to free weights is good because it has a clear path of movement. You will not risk a deviation from the bar somewhere that is not there, which means there will be no risk of injury or it will be extremely small. In addition, the work in the simulator allows to achieve a much greater isolation and a better development of a specific muscle. But, of course, there are also disadvantages. For example, stabilizing muscles are almost completely excluded from work. Therefore, it is better to use the simulator as an auxiliary exercise, and at the beginning of the training try to make the base.
  6. Arm Arnold sitting. Analog of the corresponding exercise performed lying down. The execution technique is similar to the dumbbell press, but it also has a wiring element. Well loads deltoid muscles. The essence of the exercise is to press the dumbbells upwards as if trying to raise them to the top, but at the same time turn the elbows 90 degrees. A very interesting invention that the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger brought to the world of bodybuilding.

How to build shoulders: instructions for use.

What is the training program?

How to pump the shoulders more effectively? What exercises to include in the training program?

In the process of pumping the deltoid muscles, such techniques as drops games have proven to be good. What are they

We begin to perform the approach with a normal work weight. We reached the edge of failure.

Take the peel easier. Again we come to failure.

Once again we download a shell. And so on until the moment you start working with the lightest weight.

Let’s give an example of what a device looks like in real life. You started to press standing 100 kg for 20 times. It reached the edge of abandonment.

We unloaded the bar to 80 kg. Once again press 20 times. The edge of failure.

We remove weight to 60 kg. Click on 20 times. We unload up to 40 kg.

We press in rejection. To the neck.

We click on the maximum number of possible repetitions. It is important not to take a break between such approaches. Make fast approaches.

Fall sets are a single negative approach. This technique is very popular in bodybuilding.

Now, how can you see a shoulder training program using these sets of drops. We present to your attention two equally effective complexes for pumping the deltoid muscles.

Choose anyone. You can even alternate them, so that the muscles do not have time to adapt to the same load.

The main thing is to do all the exercises correctly.

  1. Get up: four sets of 12-15 repetitions.
  2. Standing bench with dumbbells: three sets of 15-20 repetitions.
  3. Lifting dumbbells standing in front of you: place series, each of them for 15-20 repetitions.
  4. Wiring the weights to one side while standing: place the series, each approaching for 15-20 repetitions.
  1. Get up: four sets of 12-15 repetitions.
  2. We press seated in the Hummer simulator: three series of 15-20 repetitions.
  3. Presser foot sitting: drop games, each approach for 15-20 repetitions.
  4. Wiring the weights to one side while standing: place the series, each approaching for 15-20 repetitions.

How to build shoulders: instructions for use.

The shoulder muscle is involved in the movement and extension of the arm. The shoulders are loaded while we carry a backpack, a bag, a trunk. There is a fairly rich variety of exercises on the deltoid muscles that can be performed in the gym.

Previously, we have presented only the most basic to your attention. In fact, there are a lot of complex and different training programs to pump shoulders. The shoulders respond well to training techniques such as fall sets.

The main thing is to stick to the correct technique to do the exercises, and everything should work for you!

Traditionally, we wish all readers success in sports, strong muscles of the spine, good health for many years and the happiness of any victory in their path. Be persistent and firm on your path!

But at the same time, approach everything wisely, as carefully as possible.

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