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How to calm the nerves: the advice of a psychologist, artistic therapy and popular methods.

How to calm the nerves: the advice of a psychologist, artistic therapy and popular methods.

The activities and daily worries, the vertiginous pace of life and the problems that require immediate solutions, make you feel nervous crises. Everyone manifests differently, but does not act positively on anyone.

We are confident that information on how to calm the nerves in the home will be useful for everyone.

Causes of nervous disorders

We often hear those phrases: I’m on the verge of nervous exhaustion or My nerves are not iron. What to do if even a simple domestic question causes a wave of negative emotions? The true sources of irritability, aggression or depression can be:

  • Have a constant stress factor. They can be a specific reason, for example, a boring job or a person who is depressing their nerves.
  • Pessimism incessant. If you constantly think that everything is bad, the nervous system will fail in the form of a breakdown, trying to get rid of everything negative.
  • Vagueness and anxiety. People who are dominated by these manifestations of character are more likely to suffer nervous breakdowns.
  • Rhythm too fast of life. Not all people can withstand the pressure in the form of constant movement, the noise of a big city, the constant presence in a crowd. Some like a more measured life.
  • Overload of too much information. Work, study, self-education take away a lot of energy. But modern life is unthinkable without the means of communication and the Internet, which continuously transmit news and other information. It is very difficult to process the entire enormous flow of information. The result can be not only confusion in the thoughts, but also nervous exhaustion.

How to calm the nerves: the advice of a psychologist, artistic therapy and popular methods.

Symptoms of nervous exhaustion.

The following symptoms may indicate problems with the nervous system:

  • Constant concern At the same time, there are always thoughts in your head that you forgot to turn off the stove or the iron, that there is not a phone at hand, that you did not close the door, etc. We often reassure our loved ones, saying they went out and shut down, even not knowing that this is the first bell of a nervous breakdown.
  • Apathy and indifference. The interest in everything disappears, I do not want anything and there is only one desire: to protect ourselves from everyone.
  • Uncertainty The doubts, the inability to make a decision and the lack of faith in oneself also indicate disorders in the nervous system.
  • Irritability, genius, anger. The negative reaction to any appeal, the irritation of other people’s behavior and actions, the anger towards themselves and towards others: clear evidence that the nervous system needs help.

How to restore composure?

Many are worried about how to calm nerves without pills. Some people think that this is impossible, so sedatives have been firmly established in their lives.

However, it must be remembered that no sedative medication can eliminate the cause of a nervous breakdown. Without the actions of a person prone to suffering a nervous breakdown, eliminating the source of stress will not work.

How to calm the nerves: the advice of a psychologist, artistic therapy and popular methods.

To restore calm and inner balance, learn to live in harmony with your own nerves, you must change your lifestyle and your vision of the world. To do this, follow these simple rules:

  1. You need to learn to relax. Undoubtedly, the best rest is a daily 8-hour healthy sleep. This will allow the body to recover and prepare for a new day of work.
  2. Start eating well. The nerve cells need vitamins and trace elements no less than other cells, organs and body systems. Therefore, in the diet it is necessary to include foods rich in nutrients: iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B, C, E and others.
  3. Try to plan your day. The competent management of time will allow everything to be on time, without haste. Strive to highlight the most important things on the list and do not try to carry an unbearable burden on your shoulders.
  4. Think positively. Negative thoughts must be analyzed correctly, do not waste precious time on useless and destructive thoughts such as: What will others think about me? Or you could do the opposite … and similar.

Effective methods to relieve stress.

In search of an answer to the question of how to calm nerves, you should get in touch with your own body. Palpitations of the heart, muscle tension and heavy breathing indicate that the body also needs to calm down and recover. To calm the nerves, you must send destructive energy to pleasant and useful lessons:

  • Any physical activity (sports, dancing, walking or cleaning the apartment) helps you to concentrate on your favorite activity and not build tension in you.
  • Relaxing massage. The nerve endings located on the skin will respond positively to the caresses. To do this, you can do some light massage movements from the forehead to the back of the head, massaging the palms and feet.
  • Creative activities, nature walks, socializing with nice people. Relieving nervous tension in these cases, always works efficiently and helps calm and distract from all problems.

Psychological techniques to restore nerves.

The following techniques will help calm you down without medication:

  • Account Telling me a hundred or more helps relieve irritation by concentrating on a monotonous lesson.
  • Drawing One of the areas of art therapy is to color images with many small details and lines. This occupation can distract from problems for a long time and prevent a nervous breakdown.
  • Visualization You just have to imagine yourself in the ocean instead of a traffic jam on the road or imagine that there is a summer heat outside the window, not a snowstorm or a snowstorm, and you immediately move there and stop thinking about negative thoughts.

How to calm the nerves: the advice of a psychologist, artistic therapy and popular methods.

Proven ways to calm the nervous system.

The treatment and prevention of nervous disorders, folk remedies can be a good help on the way to mental balance. Pay attention to the following methods:

  • If nervousness prevents you from falling asleep, before going to bed, try to enjoy delicious drinks with honey: infusions of mint, mother, calendula or lemon balm.
  • A warm bath with sage, thyme or pine needles will also relieve tension due to the positive effects on the body and respiratory organs.
  • Walk barefoot. In summer it is very useful to walk on sand, stones or grass. There are many points on the feet that are responsible for the health of various body systems, including the nervous system.

Ambulance for nervous disorders.

It’s time to learn how to quickly calm nerves, because sometimes an inappropriate explosion of emotions can cost the workplace or good relationships with loved ones. If you need to calm down in a couple of minutes, the following techniques will come to the rescue:

  • Methods of releasing aggression abroad: you can shout aloud, tear paper or break a couple of plates, if, of course, you are at home.
  • Calming your nerves at work is appropriate through more peaceful ways. For example, you can do breathing or gape exercises, open your mouth and breathe the maximum amount of air. Thus the facial muscles relax, and the body is enriched with oxygen.
  • An effective way to calm down is to wash your face and neck with cold water, imagining that everything negative goes with the water.

Do not forget that healthy nerves are the key to success in all businesses and the normal functioning of all systems and organs.

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