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How to choose a treadmill: tips and subtleties

How to choose a treadmill: tips and subtleties

The popularity of this type of cardio as a treadmill is growing. This is due to the fact that the walk is accessible to everyone, everyone can train, without the need to learn complex execution techniques. To choose a treadmill for the house, you must pay attention to the main features.

By knowing the complexities of the simulator, you can quickly select the right model.

Types of tracks

There are several types of tracks:

The mechanical model is one of the most economical options. The movement of the canvas is due to the efforts of the athlete.

The device itself is a mechanical guide: race belt, rotating rollers, support for the hands. To start moving, you must apply force, which means that the speed of movement depends only on the capabilities of the athlete.

The second option is different from the mechanics in which the movement occurs with the help of magnets. The device is more complex and expensive.

The movement occurs smoothly thanks to the magnets.

The electrical tape is even more expensive, it is equipped with an electric motor that provides the movement of the canvas and gives it speed. Here you can adjust the speed, the program. Depending on the model, you can show the athlete’s pulse on the screen, change the angle of inclination.

Electric simulators are better than others, they have several advantages. All the specifications listed below are related to the electric routes.

How to choose a treadmill: tips and subtleties

Basic parameters

How to choose a treadmill? It’s easy, just know some basic features:

  • power
  • cover size
  • running belt
  • Control panel and all functions.
  • depreciation
  • cardio sensor
  • Optimal weight of the person who exercises.

More about each of them.

Power The engine is the main part in all tracks.

Thanks to the electric motor, the movement of the cloth is provided. The power is indicated in horsepower, the interval is usually indicated: for example, from 1 to 2 horsepower.

The power determines the maximum weight of an athlete.

The size of the cover is important for tall people. The cover is the base of the simulator, which is located under the treadmill.

Deca can be made of wood or artificial materials. Its thickness is responsible for depreciation, the stronger and stronger it is, the better. Depreciation guarantees a safe march or race.

The thin cover will last less, it will be more rigid in movement.

The running belt itself is more subject to wear. The more layers there are, the stronger and longer it will last.

The control panel is a computer track. Depending on the capabilities, the control panel can show speed, pulse, time, distance, average speed.

There are also control buttons.

Not all treadmill models have a cardio sensor (or heart rate monitor). You can control the pulse in the simulator or independently of it (using an exercise bracelet).

How to choose a treadmill: tips and subtleties

Possible options

How to choose a treadmill for your goals? The knowledge of the characteristics provides the minimum set of knowledge to determine the model. To determine which model is suitable for a particular person, you can consider all possible options.

  1. Weight of the user. Most tracks are designed for the average person’s weight, with a maximum load of up to 150 kg. There are models that can work with a load of up to 250 kg.
  2. Engine power. The average power of the engine is up to 2.5-3 l. c. These values ​​are sufficient for domestic use.
  3. Speed ​​Models can vary as quickly as possible. This parameter must be taken into account when choosing if you plan to run regularly and increase the speed indicators. The average walking speed is 4.5 to 7.5 km / h, the transition to the race is 8 km / h (jog without rushing).
  4. The dimensions of the web are important for tall people. There are small tracks. They will be comfortable for people of small or medium height.
  5. Angle of inclination It is desirable that this function was, since changing the height of the canvas increases the load, adds variety to the workouts. Consequently, note the maximum value (in degrees) that the canvas can scale.
  6. Depreciation system – it is there or not. It is better to choose the depreciation option.
  7. The simulator is formed or not. At home, this is an important parameter.
  8. The control panel is different for all tracks. The manufacturer can offer the following functions:
    • 1. Consumption of calories on the screen.
    • 2. time
    • 3. speed,
    • 4. The number of installed programs.
    • 5. heart sensors
    • 6. Fitness test.

These are the main characteristics to which it is best to pay attention when buying a treadmill.

More may be to stop at the programs. Different treadmills offer a selection of programs.

The difference is not only in the number of programs, but also in the integrated functions. Some clues can automatically calculate the training pulse, others do not count. Usually, there is a separate label with symbols on the control panel.

You need to see and determine your pulse independently, based on your age and training experience. In addition, some models are equipped with a program such as a fitness test. You can take tests regularly and see the results of your workouts on the screen.

For the tests, the track must be equipped with a heart rate monitor. Or in the simulator you should be able to connect an external heart rate monitor.

Choosing the right model is easy. It is enough to determine how the training in the simulator will be carried out.

How to choose a treadmill: tips and subtleties

Model selection

The mechanical track can be used for all the training purposes listed. As it is cheap, it is available to everyone.

The simulator works due to the efforts of the athlete, making it more difficult to move than others, but it is useful for those who want to maximize training conditions at home than the real ones. In fact, in life, walking and running are carried out due to the efforts of a person.

The track with electric motor can be equipped with all possible functions. It will be convenient for anyone.

Simple control, the movement of the blade occurs at the expense of the engine.


The simulator can be used for different types of training:

  • Health promotion
  • development of resistance
  • Increase in speed and power indicators,
  • weight reduction.

The track can be used as a simulator for health promotion. In various diseases, physical activity is shown to people.

And this cardio trainer is one of the best options for this.

Health promotion involves monitoring the state, which means that there should be a heart rate monitor in the tracking model. With it, you can control the heartbeat, to train in the correct interval. In the control panel of some models, you can see a table with prefabricated pulse values, which must have a practicing person.

There are models in which, when installing the program, consider what the pulse should be and show it in a special window in a special window. If the pulse exceeds the desired value, the track automatically reduces the load.

To increase qualities such as resistance or speed, when choosing a suitable simulator, it is best to take into account the presence of depreciation, power, size and maximum speed. The correct choice will guarantee safety during training.

To reduce weight, it is better to use a model of this type in which there is a heart rate monitor, the presence of several programs with beat control. If you train without taking the pulse into account, then you can give yourself less load than necessary or too much.

To walk correctly, you must follow the following rules:

  • lower the foot, starting from the toe and the external part of the foot,
  • Follow the bones of the pelvis, they are on the same level.
  • Each leg takes a step forward (without moving to the side).

Walking properly should provide such movement so that the hips remain in place, the legs make a clear forward movement.

Choosing a track can be nice if you know the main features. By choosing them, you can take into account the weight of the simulator, its design, the presence of cup holders, the ability to connect gadgets.

In any case, the chosen option is safe to bring only health benefits.

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