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How to choose shoes: shoes to train in the gym and on the street.

How to choose shoes: shoes to train in the gym and on the street.

Running: this is one of the easiest and most economical ways to say goodbye to the extra kilos, while increasing stamina and vitality. However, not everyone knows how to choose running shoes, since the store is very easy to get lost in the abundance of models presented.

You should understand that for this type of sport you should only wear athletic shoes. For example, normal running shoes have insufficient ventilation, so they should not be used as running shoes. Special shoes designed for walking, playing tennis or basketball can cause injuries while running.

Therefore, it is necessary to seriously address the choice of suitable shoes.

Distinctive features of athletic shoes.

To date, there are two types of shoes for running fans. One of them is called pico, since this equipment can significantly reduce the risk of dislocations and other possible damages.

Predominantly professional athletes wear these shoes, and they are not of particular interest to beginners. Good running shoes should have the following qualities:

  • weight no more than 350-400 grams, because otherwise the shoes will be converted into additional weights
  • The sole must be made of an abrasion resistant quality material.
  • The front should be soft and flexible.
  • Good shock absorbers, usually found in the heel or toe of the shoe.

It is worth buying shoes made of modern materials, light and durable. It is better to focus on special models with better shock absorption and a lightweight construction, which provides complete foot ventilation.

The cord is more often located asymmetrically.

How to choose shoes: shoes to train in the gym and on the street.

Well, if the sole is equipped with special inserts of sturdy rubber, and the presence of elements of increased stiffness is only allowed in the back.

The quality sneakers, as a rule, are equipped with removable insoles so that they can be replaced with orthopedic if necessary. The frame should be stiff enough, otherwise the shoes will quickly lose their appearance and shape.

What factors should you pay attention to when choosing running shoes?

How to choose running shoes? To do this, you need to know not only the size, but also the shape of the foot (pronation). To determine the height of the vault, you must moisten the sole and make an impression on a blank sheet of paper:

  1. If there is only one heel and foot pads on the blade, this indicates the presence of a high arch. These people can be recommended to choose shoes with greater flexibility, capable of absorbing various vibrations and shocks with high efficiency.
  2. In a person with normal pronation, only half of the vault should remain on a sheet of paper, the absolute majority of the models in execution will agree to it.
  3. For those whose vault is low (with flat feet), it is better to buy shoes with additional elements: arch supports.

Excessive pronation considerably increases the risk of sprains and injuries while running. Inadequate supination, in turn, implies a higher arch of the foot.

In such a case, it is worth choosing a model equipped with additional depreciation.

The width of the pads usually depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, for the shoes of the Reebok, Adidas or New Balance brands, the pads are generally wide, while for the specialized racing models of Asics and Puma, the shoe is often narrower.

Once the size of the shoes and the foot design have been determined correctly, you can continue with the next step. A lot depends on the type of terrain where the regular races will take place. Therefore, the running shoes on asphalt are sold more extensively and most of the time have a flat and soft sole.

Therefore, to select a model of this type, it is necessary to know only information about the size and shape of the foot.

How to choose shoes: shoes to train in the gym and on the street.

Those who prefer to run especially on difficult terrain, it is better to focus on models with a rough tread pattern, which is a very beneficial effect to improve stability and reduce the likelihood of several injuries. Generally, these shoes have a fairly hard sole and are equipped with an additional coating on the toe area, which reliably protects the foot from gravel and small stones.

The sneakers for men and women have differences not only in the colors, but also in the design characteristics of the models. Since the proportions of the female foot have several differences with respect to the male, the option chosen for the beautiful half must be equipped with a narrower shoe, and on the back of the shoe there may be a somewhat higher height for optimal protection of the shoe. Achilles tendon.

When buying shoes for a woman, it is important not only to choose the right size, but also to buy a model with a reduced depreciation.

How not to make mistakes when choosing running shoes?

Running shoes in winter (as opposed to summer) are made of denser and waterproof materials that can retain heat. However, it should be understood that choosing a good running shoe for winter, which would be made of breathable fabric and at the same time remain completely waterproof, is practically impossible.

To run through forests or difficult terrain in adverse weather conditions or during the cold season, it is recommended to choose shoes with a rougher tread or additional spikes to increase stability and reduce the risk of injury.

The sneakers for a treadmill, on the other hand, should not have any additional detail, and the sole of these shoes is usually soft, with a very simple and unpretentious tread design. It is highly desirable that the chosen option has adequate ventilation, which is most often done in the form of numerous inserts of a special grid.

So, how to choose running shoes that are perfect for the foot? Most experts believe that the correct model of running shoes should be tied.

It is recommended to avoid Velcro, buttons and other similar fasteners. One of the most important components of quality athletic shoes is the comfort that a person experiences even in the long term.

Therefore, before buying, be sure to try on your shoes and walk through the sales area.

It is recommended that many professional athletes buy this pair so that the distance between the toes and the thumb is about 5 millimeters. This need is related to the fact that, directly during the run, the feet tend to increase slightly in volume due to the increase in stress and the acceleration of the blood.

We wish you a happy purchase and pleasant careers!

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