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How to enter divisions at home: tips and exercises

How to enter divisions at home: tips and exercises

Some may find that only people who by nature have soft ligaments and flexible muscles or trained gymnasts can sit in a division. In fact, learning to do divisions at home is quite possible.

And you can do this without having to resort to buying complex simulators and sports equipment, except a gym mat. However, its role is completely fulfilled by the carpet that is already in the room.

Regarding natural data, experts say that when performing a series of stretching exercises, it is not important at all. Absolutely anyone can achieve the effect, even one who does not know how to sit in the divisions at home.

We only need desire, patience and perseverance in the implementation of the training.

Of course, sometimes it will seem to you that this is a useless enterprise that brings nothing but pain. And there will be a desire to postpone everything until better times or stop smoking.

But if you exercise month after month, with patience and persistence from month to month to achieve results, your body will bring the joy of victory.

Heating – a necessary stage

Therefore, we are not only going to do the morning exercises correctly, but to achieve a transformation of the organism, to teach the body to make absolutely new (and even non-natural) movements. This requires a completely different approach.

After all, stretching the muscles efficiently and correctly is a task designed for more than a month. According to the Chinese sages, the most reliable results can be achieved only slowly and imperceptibly.

An important point! Before performing any series of exercises (and especially to stretch the muscles), it is necessary to warm the muscles of the legs and ligaments. Only this approach will allow you not to injure yourself.

Cold muscles are easy to tear. And then we must forget not only how to access the divisions quickly at home, but also for a long time, about sports and training, since it is unlikely that it will be possible to restore the previous sport form in a month.

High quality heating is a guarantee of body preparation for work. This should not be neglected.

You can rub the muscles of the legs, you can dance and even lie down in the bathroom, but this will not be enough. The warm-up must be active, literally, before the first sweat.

How to enter divisions at home: tips and exercises

It will be just before the training to do a warm-up for the legs following the complex:

  • jogging should be long, if possible, go out into the yard, do some laps around the house
  • Jumping and jumping from a low squat – 50-100 times
  • swing forward and sideways – 30-40 times
  • Squats and lunges forward.

Warm up for at least 15 to 20 minutes, but, according to the established rules of sporting life, warm-up and high-quality warm-up of the muscles should take a third of the total time allotted for training. In addition, each exercise must be done qualitatively, do at least 30 repetitions.

You can stick to something so you do not lose your balance doing the exercises. If you feel that the forces are running low, which often happens to untrained people, you can walk on breaks and catch your breath.

In no case can not sit!

After a workout, you can test your flexibility to determine the starting point. Sitting on the floor, try to extend your legs to the side, as much as possible.

This is the first mark for a milestone. Following from this position, try to tilt the body and rest your elbows on the ground.

If you can not, do not worry, exercise ahead. If you can, fix, feel, where and how you tendons tendon in the rope and muscle.

Mark another point of reference to train in the future. Return to the starting position slowly, give the joints the opportunity to fall into place.

Along or to the other side?

There are two types of string – transverse and longitudinal. You can both learn to do without leaving home.

The muscles should stretch gradually, literally step by step, paying special attention to the popliteal ligaments, the muscles of the pelvis and the thighs.

Both look spectacular, but the longitudinal one is considered lighter, it can be put in a month or two. The transverse requires more development and stretching of the hip joints.

Therefore, it is also assumed that the exercises for them are different.

How to enter divisions at home: tips and exercises

Then, you want to know how to learn to sit in the divisions at home and it is full of determination. We will learn the exercises.

Beginners after a good warm-up should do some simpler exercises: lean forward while sitting or standing, leaning to the side, to make sure the muscles are ready to work.

Such exercises are suitable for training longitudinal divisions:

  1. Place your foot on a hard, flat surface that should be level with your waist. This can be, for example, a window sill. Pull the sock for yourself and start folding it. Try to do the slopes keeping your back level. When feeling the edge when your muscles ache or burn, stay a few minutes in this position. Make it necessary for 3 sets per leg.
  2. Sit on the floor with your legs straight and straight. When you lean forward, take your feet or fingers. Lock for a few minutes. Then press the body against the legs. Do not bend your knees! If you find it difficult to reach the toes, you can use any other hand strap.
  3. From the same position (sitting on the ground) bend your legs, pulling your heels towards your groin. Connect the feet. Make the body lean forward, trying to press the chest against the ground. Over time, this exercise will be easy for you, it will seem like a way to rest.
  4. Sitting in the same position, straighten one leg. Now we lean towards the straight leg, then towards the curve.

Each exercise should be done at least 30 times in each direction. You must feel a pleasant pain, feel that the ligaments are involved in the work.

It can take more than a month of daily training to solve a cross division. But we have already said that perseverance and patience are required.

When you achieve maximum stretch, learn correctly and efficiently how to do longitudinal, you can try to sit in the transverse divisions. There is not a variety of exercises for him, from time to time after a warm-up complex, do the following:

  1. Take a chair and, holding it, try to sit down, separating the legs. Do not hurry. Stretch only until the onset of pain. Remember: you have more than a month ahead!
  2. In the stage of pain or burning in the muscles it is necessary to fix the position for a few minutes. Take care of your knees – they can not bend!
  3. To complicate the exercise is performed without a chair, resting your hands on the floor. But this can only be done when you are sure that your packages are ready for this.

And remember: the training should be done in a relaxed environment, without shaking and without haste, in a large and warm room. If possible, take time for workouts several times a day.

There are many other stretching exercises. There are exercises that are done with a partner.

But at the beginning of the road, it’s hardly worth it to force things. Many newcomers are often confused when they think they should start with complex training complexes, such as those for professional athletes. After all, they are so simple and beautifully obtained.

You should not repeat these exercises for them. Remember the difference in training levels.

To do what a trained person can do, you have to sweat a little. After all, an athlete achieved results over the years, since the tricks he can take can take decades of training.

How to enter divisions at home: tips and exercises

If you suddenly feel that you are doing some type of exercise during the lessons at home, your muscles have been mastered and do not respond with a pleasant pain, do not be lazy to go to the sports complex to consult with the coach. Professional advice is always better than an uncontrolled selection of eye exercises.

What experts advise

You can apply the principle developed by the Chinese sages to the circus acrobats of the school: imagine what happens during the execution of an exercise with your ligaments, how they wash with blood, how they stretch. Do not forget to shake the legs, vibrate (shake) the muscles after each exercise, as athletes do before the start.

This will make the exercises less painful and relax the muscles.

Our tips are designed for the average person. Before sitting in the divisions at home, you must be ready to spend on it for more than a month. Working faster (within a month) with a high quality stretch can make a person have good physical condition, strong sportsmanship and reasonable fighting character.

But in general, these are not exercises that will bring quick results. Experts say that with a systematic approach, if you apply the stretch complex correctly, you can expect a result not in a month, but in two or three.

And the point here is not at all that they have not been given. We have already said – given to everyone! One day it will be very simple and easy for you to do some or all of the exercises.

They do not need to be complicated. Remember and follow the most important rule: the process itself must be slow but safe.

Show character and develop patience: this is the best a person can do to achieve a goal, and anyway.

You will like your body and its new functions, since you do not need flexibility to show off at times with your friends. Your physical resistance will increase, coordination will improve, blood circulation will be normalized, which means that health will increase, because the work of all organs will improve with flexibility.

We believe that you will succeed! Believe in you and in you!

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