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How to get rid of anxiety and worry: the rules of well-being.

How to get rid of anxiety and worry: the rules of well-being.

People tend to worry about what is happening or can happen in their lives. There is nothing strange about a person’s desire to protect himself and his family from the blows of fate.

But often, fears become obsessive, interfere with a full life and destroy relationships and health. Then, the question of how to get rid of anxiety arises especially acutely and requires an immediate solution.

What is the danger?

Feeling anxiety without cause or having real reasons for fear, a person feels a tremendous psychological pressure. In each case, the fears seem quite real.

For people with an unstable psyche (subtle mental organization), the feeling of a constant threat can become absolutely unbearable, cause a nervous breakdown or the commission of reckless actions.

Often, without having a correct idea of ​​how to cope with anxiety and anxiety, people become addicted to bad habits. They are trying to relieve stress with alcohol, cigarettes or even narcotics. Such actions are not a method to deal with anxiety.

This is another cause for concern. After all, now it is necessary to fight not only with fear, but also with a new disease.

Who is at risk?

How to get rid of the constant feelings of anxiety? This question is tormented more frequently by those who are deprived of stability in daily life, not confident in themselves, they are undergoing serious changes. For example:

  • Adolescents in the context of a hormonal surge very often feel anxious, without imagining how to overcome their fears and what are really caused
  • Lonely people in adulthood look for a way to get rid of anxiety and anxiety, hoping to start a family and be recognized as parents.
  • the elderly due to age changes become victims of their own terrible fantasies and intensified feelings of anxiety
  • Those who are overcome by serious material difficulties often do not see a way to get rid of the obsessive thoughts about the financial collapse, especially for those who have suffered great losses.

In any of these situations, there is a state of stress that can become chronic over time, and this is a direct path to prolonged depression, that is, to a serious mental disorder. For this reason, any anxiety must be overcome, and constant panic attacks require serious treatment.

How to get rid of anxiety and worry: the rules of well-being.

How to fight?

To understand how to get rid of anxiety, it is important to determine its nature. For this purpose, it is useful to ask: what really scares me, what worries me the most? The answer is the most honest.

Perhaps this is the key to getting rid of disturbing thoughts.

Often, people are simply afraid to be frank with themselves and prefer to pretend that there is no problem, avoiding the need to act to eliminate it. Such tactics only exacerbate the already difficult situation, increase mental tension and deplete forces.

The most common causes of anxiety are:

  • Suspicions of serious health problems.
  • Family destruction, the coming divorce.
  • Threat of dismissal of your favorite job.
  • debts, unpaid loans
  • next hard talk
  • Any significant change.

All these fears have a real basis and, paradoxically, this is good news. You can face them if you take responsibility and act.

Eliminate the problem of such an approach.

  • We must admit that the problem exists and that it will have to be solved.
  • It is important to understand what will happen if the events take place in the worst case, and immediately decide what action to take in this case. Thus, certainty will appear in the situation. This feeling can significantly reduce anxiety, because the person feels the greatest fear of the unknown.
  • Now is the time to act independently. Stop waiting for other people’s initiative if anxiety is associated with them. Let the unpleasant conversation take place in the near future, let the patient’s relationship begin to correct itself at your initiative. If it is a health issue, go to the doctor immediately!
  • It is extremely important not to stretch the pleasure, but to take the situation decisively and quickly to the end. To act rationally, it is advisable to have a written plan, in which each element is well thought out and clearly arranged.

You just have to take the first step to overcome the problem, and there will be a noticeable sense of relief, there will be forces to go further and increase self-esteem. There is a high probability that everything will be resolved much easier than expected, and you will even feel a little puzzled asking: Why did not I do this before?

Unfounded fear

How to get rid of anxiety if you can not determine what caused it? Insomnia, a lump in the throat, heaviness in the chest: all this, unfortunately, is not uncommon even for people who live a hectic life and who have stability in all aspects.

How to get rid of anxiety and worry: the rules of well-being.

Such obsessive fears are very painful, because they are incomprehensible. In fact, this state also has real reasons, including:

  • Intense work rhythm, insufficient number of days off.
  • hypertrophied sense of responsibility
  • sleep bad
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • Unhealthy food
  • sexual dissatisfaction
  • hormonal imbalance
  • negative social circle
  • Mistrust of the nature of the character.

When trying to find a way to overcome anxiety, you should look at yourself and your lifestyle from the inside, regardless of external well-being. There are frequent cases in which fears arise in the subconscious due to the body’s response to prolonged discomfort.

In this way, you will receive a warning of danger and a signal of the need for change.

To deal with the problem, you have to spend time, maybe even take a vacation. It is important to spend at least a few days alone with yourself, analyzing and reflecting, walking alone and getting enough sleep.

Do you think about how you can improve the quality of life?

  • Doing sport It is proven that during the exercise in the human brain hormones of happiness are produced. Maybe your life simply lacks movement? Then the problem is easy to solve. Walking or jogging, biking or swimming, dancing or practicing yoga, the choice is huge!
  • Change the diet. Do you like sweets, the bakery, do you like fast foods? All these fast carbs that do not bring any benefit to the body. In addition, it is they who cause the sensation of fatigue, apathy, promote weight gain, develop addiction. Healthy eating is a high tone, a proper metabolism, a flowering appearance.
  • Get rid of bad habits. There is nothing to talk about. Alcohol inhibits the nervous system, destroys brain cells, poisons the entire body. That is the reason for constant stress!

Think what is good for you and what is destructive. Make adjustments to your lifestyle. You can change habits only if you develop a new habit that is replaced every day.

Like-minded people will help: a coach can become such a person in sports. An excellent way to keep your finger on the pulse: keep a diary. Through reflections and daily notes, you can learn a lot about yourself, reach conclusions and unexpected decisions and make significant positive changes.

You can find your own recipe, how to get rid of constant anxiety and start living in peace. The most important thing to understand: you are fighting not in vain!

On this property of human nature it must be said separately. Laziness, like a snowball, is full of negative and destructive emotions that are very difficult to handle:

How to get rid of anxiety and worry: the rules of well-being.

  • apathy
  • discouragement
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of self confidence,
  • guilt
  • fear
  • anxiety

Inactive, a person loses control over their own life, becomes very vulnerable morally and physically weak. It is impossible to eliminate the feeling of anxiety, whatever the cause, if you do not try.

It is often laziness that causes constant stress, a feeling of helplessness and fear of an unknown threat.

How to eliminate this destructive factor from your life? There can not be new ideas here! Realize that laziness is just a bad habit, a brake, a barrier between you and life.

No one will eliminate you except you. Fight against laziness is movement.

When you begin to act, you will feel enthusiasm, a surge of strength, you will see the first results. There will not be time to worry.

Pathological fear

How to deal with anxiety, yes, even after analyzing your life, it is impossible to discover what is wrong with it? Physical health is in perfect order, there are no pernicious addictions, mutual understanding and financial well-being reign in the family, but obsessive anxiety prevents one from enjoying this.

In such cases, we usually talk about psychological problems that the specialist must deal with. It is better not to postpone the visit to the doctor, since the depressive state can turn into panic attacks.

Getting rid of them is difficult. They appear like this:

  • unexplainable, animal fear,
  • waves of pressure
  • excessive sweating
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • difficulty breathing

The peculiarity of panic attacks is that they occur, as a rule, suddenly, in crowded places and in a normal environment that does not threaten life or health. This state is amenable to adjustment, but it is easier to manage it under the control of the specialist who treats it.

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