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How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and where they come from.

We often hear the words all the diseases of the nerves and agree according to our heads. I’m all on nerves! – The person speaks, does not give meaning to these words.

But this state is often transformed into unpleasant, complex and sustained reactions of the psyche: obsessive thoughts and fears, anxiety and anxiety, intrusive fears, painful expectations of something bad.

We often only show a superficial interest in these symptoms, blaming everything on fatigue. The measures to combat this same nerves are reduced to the collection Soothing No. 333 of the pharmacy and to the foam bath that relaxes in the cosmetics shop.

And in vain, because it is the nerves that can get a considerable amount of diseases and even worse phobias. How to get rid of obsessive thoughts in my head and return a good mood?

In the fight against negativity, one must resort to practical psychology.

Syndromes, their manifestations and consequences.

The concept of a syndrome in psychology means a set of symptoms that most often manifest in the body together, not separately.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and where they come from.

For example, chronic fatigue syndrome, which unfortunately has become familiar to many people, often designates itself as a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Bad mood, especially in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • irritability
  • night sleep disorder
  • daytime drowsiness
  • fatigue

How to recognize obsession

One of the syndromes that make human life not only uncomfortable, but sometimes unbearable, is obsession.

Often a person complains:

  • I’m obsessed by the idea of ​​…
  • I can not stop thinking about …
  • I put it in my head that …
  • I can not get rid of the feeling …

Eliminating those thoughts before bedtime and during the day alone is extremely difficult. Obsessive thoughts can take the form of specific ideas and images, when, due to strong feelings, a person looks at another person. Obsessive thoughts are usually negative.

In its context, a person experiences the so-called distress – severe negative stress, which the body can not handle. The immune system is severely affected by distress, since the production of immune cells is reduced.

The body is weakened by anguish and is susceptible to infections.

Obsessive thoughts are not always followed, but often obsessive behavior follows.

All this is obsession – obsessive thoughts, ideas, constant or frequent fears. How to get rid of obsessive thoughts about a person, about work, about life in general?

Read the recommendations for Easy to use below.

Get rid of the obsession

So life has turned into no joy. At night, do not sleep: overcome by anxious forebodings, obsessive thoughts about evil.

In the morning – a state of weakness and frequent sticky fears. Happy: the inability to concentrate on work, expecting problems at any time. In the night before going to bed, a premonition of agonizing insomnia.

Dark thoughts are spinning in the head, leading a person to complete nervous and even physical exhaustion.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and where they come from.

Despair is not worth it. Before getting rid of negative thoughts, you must recognize the fact of having an obsession.

This will be the first step to get rid of him, although the fight is long.

  1. First, you must separate yourself from your obsessions, to realize: I am not the one who goes through bad and painful thoughts in my head. This makes my obsession. By accepting his condition, he will stop punishing himself for bad thoughts.
  2. The next stage is to lower the value of bad thoughts. For this it is important to understand: the state of fear and fear has nothing to do with reality. Stress and anxiety are the result of biochemical processes of the brain, a product of thought and not of events in the surrounding reality.
  3. Since the person is fixed, it is necessary to refocus. It is important to find something good, positive, something you love, and learn to focus on it. This stage is comparable to the development of new good habits and will require patience and will.

Gradual struggle with obsessions.

The observance of the daily regime is important: it helps to change the attention to reality. To do this, try to create rituals, for example, the ritual of falling asleep.

For example, you like to walk in the fresh air. It is necessary to determine the time in which you will do a night walk. Get ready: exactly at eight o’clock at night I go for a walk before going to bed.

By itself, exercise will give extra fatigue, help saturate the body with oxygen. Walk carefully, focus on your movements, for example, count the steps.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and where they come from.

Pay attention to the details: how is the weather today? Does the wind blow? What is covered in the park?

What color are the leaves, the clouds? Try to remember your favorite poems and songs about nature.

Concentration on the positive aspects of reality will accelerate the outflow of annoying thoughts.

Water treatment

If you like water, then the second ritual can be a shower or a bath before going to bed. Water is important for people, not only for body hygiene: its properties can be used for relaxation.

It is important that the water temperature is comfortable, not too hot or cold. Immersion in a warm bath will remind the subconscious of the absolute state of the baby in the uterus, in the amniotic fluid.

This is a state of peace and security: there is no need to fight for life and its quality, not worry about the future.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and where they come from.

You can add essential oils to the bath with a calming effect, but remember that the doses of the essential oils are calculated in drops, their effect is quite strong. Effectively relieves the nervous system of chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, sage, bergamot, jasmine, cedar, basil, geranium, patchouli, incense and valerian oil.

In addition to lemon, mandarin or grapefruit oils, but it is important to ensure that you are not allergic to these citrus fruits.

Stand under the shower, direct the current up and down towards the head. Imagine how the negative and fatigue are washed.

Tell yourself: I wash all the bad things to accept the good.

After bathing or showering, drink herbal tea before picking up, or pick up if you like. Let it be fragrant, not strong or hot.

Enjoy every sip! After that you can go to bed.

It is important to follow the regimen and go to bed every day at the same time so that the brain adapts to sleep in advance.

Sleeping position

Putting you to sleep, take a comfortable position for you in bed. Focus, feel how the muscles relax, how nice it is for the body to feel the warmth or coolness of a fresh bed.

It is necessary to sleep in a ventilated room. At this time you should be absolutely comfortable: neither warm, nor cold, comfortable.

Make sure that the position in which you sleep does not cause alterations in the blood supply to certain parts of the body so that, for example, the arm or neck does not become numb.

Thoughts before bedtime

It’s time to get rid of the habit of watching television before going to sleep or reading the news on a tablet or smartphone. One hour before bedtime you should leave gadgets aside.

In bed, relaxing and closing your eyes, remember the time of your life when it was very good. It is desirable that this be a state of calm and peace.

You can remember how I was lying on a sunny beach at the sound of the waves, or sitting at sunrise with a fishing rod by the river in the silence of the forest. It is important to remember this moment in as much detail as possible: at what time of year, what terrain it was, what kind of forest it was, what trees and shrubs grew there, what grass near the river filled the air with fragrances.

Remember the birds singing, splashing water. Immerse yourself in the state of those wonderful minutes.

And little by little a miracle will begin to happen.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and where they come from.

When he fell asleep, but did not have time to immerse himself in a deep sleep, his brain functions in the so-called alpha rhythm, which provides a state of deep conscious relaxation, similar to trance. The trance state is being rehabilitated for the brain:

  • The blood supply is rapidly improved by at least 70%.
  • All recovery processes in the body are accelerated.
  • Muscle spasms and blockages disappear.

And most importantly, in this state, we very easily perceive positive attitudes. In this way, a connection develops between falling asleep and a state of pleasant calm, rather than obsessive anxiety or bad thoughts.

If obsessive thoughts do not want to give up, try this trick: close your eyes and focus your inner gaze on the point between your eyebrows. Now try to think of something.

It is almost certain that you will not succeed, whenever you look at this point, do not take your inner look anywhere.

In the same alpha rhythm, your brain will function at the time of awakening. Do not rush to jump out of bed recline a couple of minutes, feel how comfortable your bed is, how soft it is to the body. It is important to nourish yourself with these pleasant sensations.

Again, prepare yourself so that the next day is just as pleasant and comfortable.

How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and where they come from.

So now you know how to get rid of obsessive thoughts, worries and fears. It is not easy, but quite real.

Follow our advice, study yourself, work on yourself and, most importantly, love yourself. Learn to live in a state of harmony with yourself, learn and use all methods for this, enrich yourself with new knowledge and skills.

And be happy!

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