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How to harden in the winter: recommendations for parents and children.

How to harden in the winter: recommendations for parents and children.

To increase the body’s resistance to infections it can harden. It is important to start classes, while health problems have not yet appeared, because it is easier to prevent them than to treat them. One of the most effective methods is hardening in winter.

At this time of the year, exercise teaches the body to interact calmly with changes in temperature and with different climatic conditions.

Our ancestors demonstrated the benefits of winter hardening, that they walked barefoot on snow-covered trails, bathed in a frozen river and rubbed themselves with snow. Of this they are less sick, they were strong and strong.

If you want to improve your health, hardening, you need to discover how to do it correctly, so as not to damage the body.

Where to start

Before starting procedures, be sure to consult with a therapist. Cold exposure is not good for everyone.

It can cause heart palpitations, exacerbation of asthma attacks, deterioration of the kidneys. The specialist must individually exclude the contraindications and give green light to the hardening.

If you decide to tune into the winter, you should not dive immediately into the ice-hole or pour a bucket of ice water over you. Such experiments will not benefit, but only damage.

It is necessary to train the organism, gradually becoming accustomed to such procedures.

  • At the beginning, it is recommended to simply walk around the house without shoes, barefoot. In the first week, do it 10 minutes a day, then gradually increase the time to 1 hour. When your feet get used to coldness, you can start pouring on your legs.
  • Teach them some cold water. Fill a container with cold water and lower your legs for a few seconds. Every day, lower the temperature of the liquid by 1 degree until it cools. Little by little, you will begin to enjoy the procedure and you will be able to increase your time to 3-4 minutes.
  • It is useful to alternate between ice baths and hot foot baths. Place hot water in one container and cold water in another and, alternately, lower your feet for 1 or 2 minutes.

How to temper the winter: recommendations for parents and children.

Ventilate the house regularly. There should always be fresh and clean air. In the morning wash with cold water.

Change your lifestyle. Adjust the food, exclude it from fatty, fried foods, fast food, canned foods.

If you have bad habits, it’s time to get rid of them. Smoking and alcohol are very harmful to health, so they should be abandoned as soon as possible.

How to pour?

When the legs become accustomed to exposure to cold, you can gently move to the next hardening stage: the spill. Two weeks dedicated to the preparation of the procedure.

In the morning and at night, rub the body with a towel dipped in cold water. Increase daily rubbing times and moisten the cloth more with water.

When the body is ready, start spraying.

  • Write a large bucket of cold water at night and leave it in the bathroom so that the liquid warms a little.
  • In the morning, pour gently on your arms and legs and clean your body with a damp towel.
  • Continue training during the week, making the water gradually cool. After 7 days, begin to pour the water completely.

At night, it is useful to take a contrast shower regularly. It improves blood circulation, cardiac function, promotes metabolic processes and strengthens the immune system.

First, wait 10 seconds under the hot water, then the same time under the cold water. Increase the time systematically in 1-2 seconds until it reaches 30 seconds.

Winter hardening

Regular showers give the person energy and vigor. When the body is well prepared, you can try to soak in the fresh air in the winter, but only after the doctor’s approval.

The regular training of the body gives results. A person often stops cold, feels healthy and rejuvenated.

Then it’s time to start more serious activities.

Is it possible to temper in some way in the winter? Common ways:

  • rubbing snow
  • rubbing with ice
  • winter swimming

You can clean the snow in the room first. Write in a bowl, clean the fluffy snow and rub the body from top to bottom, working carefully in all areas. The manipulations are done quickly.

Then rub the skin immediately with a dry towel. After a few weeks of preparation, the procedure is allowed on the street.

Rubbing with ice is done in the same way as with snow. If there is no clear ice nearby, you can cook it and use it for hardening.

The most extreme form – immersion in the hole.

  • Before him, be sure to warm up all your muscles. It is recommended to experienced walruses to run a little along the river.
  • Then you must wet your hands and feet, wash your face and submerge in the water by the neck.
  • For starters, just ten seconds of swimming. Get out of the water, dry well with a towel, put on winter clothes and drink hot tea.

If you regularly bathing in ice water, you can increase the duration of the procedure and, eventually, to stay in the hole in the ice for a minute or more.

Child hardening

For the baby to be healthy and strong, his immunity must be strengthened from the first days of life, using gentle hardening methods. They consist of regular ventilation of the room, daily walks outdoors, air baths.

A little later, you can begin to clean yourself with a damp towel and shower with cold water. To avoid harming the child, coordinate your actions with the pediatrician and listen to their recommendations.

How to temper the winter: recommendations for parents and children.

When the crumb grows a little, your body, strengthened by the dew, will be ready for the temperature changes. Then try an intensive method to improve immunity: hardening with snow.

  • Prepare your child before going outside. Bring her shoes that can be easily removed.
  • First, run with the baby, play snowballs to warm up well.
  • Then remove one of the boots and put the child’s foot in the snow for a couple of seconds. Wipe it with a towel and shut up the baby.
  • Then do the same with the second stage.

It is necessary to resort systematically to the hardening of children in the winter. Gradually increase the period of contact between the legs and snow, and within months the baby can run barefoot through the snow for 3-4 minutes.

The guarantee of safety in hardening in winter is the regularity of the procedures and the gentle increase in time. This is the only way to increase the body’s resistance to cold, to avoid an acute narrowing of blood vessels and other health problems.

It is easy to achieve excellent results if you moderate the whole family and prepare for positive emotions. Teaching your child to harden, stick to common sense. If he is not comfortable, and he is naughty, do not force.

This means that your body has not received enough training. It is necessary to go back several stages and try to carry out the training in a playful way, so that the child is interested.

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