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How to increase resistance: general recommendations and practical advice

How to increase resistance: general recommendations and practical advice

Resistance is the quality of the body, which is of great importance not only for professional athletes. Often, greater resistance is also necessary in daily life, for example, when doing a particular job.

The inability to endure intensive long-term exercise affects both performance and general well-being, so it is very important to know how to increase physical endurance.

What is resistance and why increase it?

Resistance characterizes the body’s ability to withstand fatigue with the prolonged performance of any job. The longer a person can endure physical activity without reducing performance, the higher the level of resistance.

There are 2 types of resistance: general and special. General means the capacity for a long time without fatigue to perform work of moderate intensity.

This type of resistance is important for the entire organism as a whole, and it is this quality that athletes, in the first place, seek to develop in order to achieve significant results in one or another sport direction in the future. Without an increase in general resistance, it is impossible to develop a special one that is associated with prolonged or intensive performance of narrowly focused activities (for example, strength exercises or speed exercises).

Resistance of the body to fatigue exerted in some people from birth – genetically. In this case, it is much easier for a person to resist fatigue and achieve significant results in sports or in daily life when doing physical work.

But those who nature has not rewarded with high performance and resistance to fatigue can develop this quality by themselves, using special exercises and following certain rules that contribute to increase resistance.

A well-trained person can achieve significant success not only in sports. In the process of increasing resistance, health is well strengthened, strength, agility and flexibility improve.

A durable person is excellent at resisting physical exertion, gets tired less, feels happier for longer and is always in good shape.

How to increase resistance: general recommendations and practical advice

General recommendations to improve resistance to fatigue.

Thinking about how to increase resistance, many people pay attention only to special exercises that help train this physical quality. Yes, in fact, regular and intense training is the key to successful resistance.

However, it would be wrong to say that this is the only component in the process of improving resistance to fatigue. The correct way of life also plays a very important role: a strong and strong body is much more capable of resisting fatigue. Those who seek to develop resistance, it is important to know and comply with the following recommendations:

  1. Start eating well. A healthy diet nourishes the body with all the necessary elements, improves the performance of vital systems and provides a daily increase in energy, so that a person can endure a greater physical effort for a long time. It is necessary to include in your menu fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, cereals.
  2. Do not neglect a healthy night full of rest. Go to bed in time for the body to have time to relax and be ready for new challenges. It’s great if you sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  3. Drink more pure water. Lack of fluid causes fatigue and reduces performance. At least 2 liters of simple drinking water should be consumed per day.
  4. Improving resistance is impossible without giving up bad habits that significantly undermine health. The worse the condition of the body, the faster the fatigue occurs.
  5. Avoid stress. Emotional overload affects the ability to resist fatigue no less than several diseases.
  6. Maintain an active lifestyle Regular physical exercises help keep the body in good shape, and this, in turn, helps to improve endurance. It is not necessary to choose specialized exercises, any physical activity will do: aerobics, swimming, yoga, dancing, cycling. You can choose what you like most.

These rules are very important for those who are thinking about how to increase resistance. Start to change your lifestyle, while doing a series of exercises for the development of resistance, and after a while you will begin to notice that you can do a lot more work without feeling fatigued.

How to increase resistance: general recommendations and practical advice

How to become more durable with exercise?

Many of those who are just beginning to practice sports are interested in how to develop resistance with the help of special exercises. The complex, which increases the performance of the body, contains several types of physical activity.

This allows you to achieve the desired results in a relatively short time. Most exercises do not require mandatory visits to the gym.

Do them even outdoors or at home.

Obtain a high level of resistance using the following types of physical activity:

  • running
  • long distance hike
  • jump the rope
  • swim speed
  • press exercises
  • pull-ups
  • push-ups
  • walk skiing
  • bike ride
  • Strength training (with dumbbells or barbell).

Combined exercises are allowed on your own. For example, it is possible to use 1-2 times a week to use the type of resistance exercise with a more efficient development: aerobic training.

This can be jogging or walking.

At home, you must develop your own set of exercises: you can combine push-ups, push-ups, squats and exercises to strengthen the press.

The most important rule in this training: increase the load gradually and perform the exercises at a reasonable pace. A sharp increase in training intensity can do much more harm than good.

  1. First, the unprepared body is more prone to injury.
  2. Secondly, the heavy loads cause pain in the muscles and do not allow to continue the training, which reduces all efforts to zero.

How to increase resistance: general recommendations and practical advice

Improve resistance when running.

Perhaps the most accessible and effectively increasing type of resistance load is being executed. But to achieve impressive results, you need to know how to execute.

Developing endurance in the race is learning to run fast and over long distances. How to achieve this? Career exercises require adhering to certain rules.

It is necessary to do it regularly, gradually increasing the intensity and duration of the races. Beginning to train resistance in the race is necessary with feasible loads.

If you are new to sports, at the beginning it is recommended to run no more than 1 km per day 2-3 times a week so as not to overload the body and not subject the muscles, joints, heart and blood vessels to excessive tension.

Those who want to know how to increase their endurance when they run should remember that the best types of physical activity of this type are jogging at intervals and jogging.

The interval runs mean the alternative execution of running exercises at different speeds. For example, you can run 500m of a trot, then take a break, pass the next 500m at a fast pace, and then accelerate again and exceed another 500m with a maximum speed.

Jogging: movement with a medium speed, which allows you to travel a greater distance with less expenditure of physical force. A gradual increase in the duration of the route perfectly trains the resistance and, subsequently, helps to overcome even long distances, and the feeling of fatigue almost does not occur.

The development of resistance is closely related to other exercises to develop this quality, so it is very important to train holistically: this approach will allow you to achieve the desired results much faster.

How to provide the body with a high resistance? This apparently difficult question has a very clear and precise answer: training, training and retraining.

And, of course, do not forget the right lifestyle, because good health plays an important role in improving endurance.

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