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How to inflate a girl’s hands at home: the coach’s recommendations

How to inflate a girl's hands at home: the coach's recommendations

How to pump girl biceps? And how to pump the shoulders? What can you do with the weights?

Is it possible to do this quickly? If so, how? This issue has become particularly relevant since the physical fitness and female bodybuilding began to be actively promoted.

After all, it is no secret that the muscles bent harmoniously from the scapular waist play an important role in the appearance of any athlete. The shoulders of qualitative design can complement the effect created by the broad back, and the powerful and prominent arms attract the attention of the referee and the common spectators.

What is the hand made of?

By the way, the idea that big hands do not go to a girl and disfigure her appearance is a stereotype that has no basis. After all, the body develops harmoniously and, consequently, the hands will not seem as big compared to the same back or legs.

But you will see a clear study of all the triceps and forearm heads.

In what muscles, by the way, does the arm consist? Let’s see together.

  • Triceps Responsible for the extension of the hand. The largest muscle group. Depends on it 70% of the volume of the hand. They will need the most attention in the training process. Exercise your triceps at least once or twice a week. Give enough load volume.
  • Biceps The flexor muscles. They attract the most attention when posing an athlete. But without a powerful triceps, it is impossible to balance the large biceps. This has become an axiom for any athlete in the world of iron. Without the external part, the internal part will not work.
  • Forearm Responsible for holding something and the strength of a person’s grip. The smallest group of muscles, but also needs some attention from athletes.
  • Shoulders are adductor muscles. It allows you to perform a movement that requires the full opening of the arm at the elbow. Responsible for stabilization. By the way, the shoulder joint is quite fragile in itself, what should be considered when doing exercises!

How to inflate a girl's hands at home: the coach's recommendations

What are the exercises

So, how to pump the hands of a girl? To inflate a girl’s hands at home may be subject to the following conditions:

  • You must pay attention to all the muscles that make up the hand. Do not forget to work on your shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearm, if you want to get a harmonious physique and not suffer injuries due to the fact that some muscles are much better developed than others.
  • Also, do not forget that you need to pay more attention to the larger muscle groups. For example, you will work more often on the triceps than on the forearms.
  • Remember that the basic exercises are the basis of everything. Do not forget to do push-ups, press down on a horizontal bench, or at least on the Smitht simulator (although this is an extreme case).
  • Before training, do not forget to knead the shoulders carefully to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Remember that quickly achieving a quality result will not work. But you can and should strive for this, try to train and constantly comply with the regime.

The following are examples of basic exercises for the muscles of the arms and shoulders:

  1. Biceps lifting with bar. The classic exercise with a bar to pump biceps. Load all its parts. Enjoy great popularity among all athletes in the world. As a general rule, it is in this exercise with a bar that training in the gym is largely associated. Lifting a biceps with a bar comes in several variations that can be performed as separate exercises. First, you can carry it out by taking a bar with a curved or straight neck. The emphasis on forearm stress will be slightly different. Therefore, with a straight bar it will be much more difficult to perform this exercise. In addition, you can do a biceps lift with a bar only in a certain phase of amplitude. For example, these increases are divided into an increase in the upper phase, an increase in full amplitude, an increase from a low to an average amplitude. By the way, the well-known Arnold Schwarzenegger practiced exactly the lifting of different phases of amplitude, which made it possible to load several biceps heads to a greater degree. How much can you do this exercise? We recommend that you perform three or four sets of 10-12 repetitions, each with a moderate weight. Do not work at the expense of technology to lift a lot of weight! There is a variant of dumbbell lifting, but it is less effective, since it involves a smaller number of muscle groups at work.
  2. Hammers with dumbbells. Hammers are perhaps the most popular of all exercises for pumping biceps, but on a par with weightlifting. They are done in the following way: take weights in each hand (the wrists are straight at the same time), lower the arms so that they are fully extended in the joints of the elbow and from this state begin to flex the arms in the joints of the elbow. We recommend that you do three or four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions, each with a moderate weight. Do not work to the detriment of technology to lift more weight!
  3. Extension in the block simulator. This excellent triceps exercise is distinguished by its exceptional safety and simplicity. We recommend doing it to pump the extensor muscles, the muscles will appreciate it! We recommend that you perform three or four sets of 15 to 20 repetitions, each with a moderate weight.
  4. Lifting weights in front of you. Great exercise on the shoulders. It actively loads the frontal deltoid muscles, that is, we need them more. It is these muscles that form the general appearance of the shoulders. It is carried out simply. From a standing position, we make uprisings of both arms extended with dumbbells. It is better not to pursue the weight of the workers, but to focus on the correct technique of performing this exercise, to feel the muscles that work. We recommend that you perform three or four sets of 10-12 repetitions, each with a moderate weight.

How to inflate a girl's hands at home: the coach's recommendations

As you can see, inflate a bicep for the girl – quite real. The main thing of this is the desire on the part of the latter and a well-constructed training process.

At the same time, stability is the main word. Pay attention to all muscle groups, do not forget the priority of the largest over the smallest, and everything should work for you.

Be patient and moderately persistent: this is the secret of success!

And do not be afraid to spoil the shape, the muscles of the girls grow much more slowly, so it is unlikely that you can become a huge male creature. If the layer of fat on your hands is large, getting rid of it will not interfere with swimming.

We want you to be friends with sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, quickly eliminate all bad habits, enjoy every day and develop! You should not take hasty actions that you may regret in the future.

Better start changing right now! It is very easy: abandon excess and tear down in favor of your own well-being, development and happiness.

And sport will be your loyal friend and helper on this difficult path. The most important thing: use this tool, like all others, with prudence.

Do not get into the commotion where the obstacle can be easily overcome, just a little changing the tactics of their actions. You must be firm in your step-by-step advance, and then any obstacle will be simply swept away.

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