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How to inflate your hands without problems: tips and tricks.

How to inflate your hands without problems: tips and tricks.

Not only bodybuilders, but also ordinary people strive to have a beautiful and slim body. A man with solid muscles attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

Strong hands are justly considered as a business card. To have the desired relief of forearms, biceps and triceps, it is not necessary to exhaust your body with many hours of stress.

The answer to the question of how to grow your hands lies in understanding the mechanics of the human body and choosing the right training program.

Theoretical foundations of the subject.

The relief of the body parts considered consists of three muscles:

  • triceps (triceps, brachial muscle): responsible for extending the elbow and pulling it back,
  • biceps (biceps brachii): provides flexion, as well as abduction and adduction of the limb by turning the hands with the palms facing outward,
  • Forearm muscles: allow you to bend and flex your fingers to get them moving.

There are two ways to develop the muscles of your arm: buy a subscription to the gym to exercise under the supervision of a specialist or perform effective exercises at home. The first one is more suitable for professional athletes and requires financial investments along with impressive time costs.

The second will be of interest to those whose hours are painted per minute.

All the exercises for the muscles of the hands are divided into two groups, without load and with it. The first ones serve as eyeliner for the second, that is, they must be done to warm the muscles, giving them elasticity. The exercises for the muscles of the arm with weights are divided into two types:

  • with its own weight
  • With external weights (weights, dumbbells).

How to build the muscles of the arms so that the attractive part of the body develops correctly? The answer is obvious: you must calculate the three muscle groups and do this in each workout.

On which exercises are considered the most effective, they are discussed in detail below.

How to inflate your hands without problems: tips and tricks.

Training of the forearm muscles.

The muscles in question are considered small, that is, they are almost imperceptible, but their absence causes the body to develop disproportionately. And, in general, how to stimulate your hands if a person has weakly developed forearms and hands?

It is hardly possible. Therefore, even small muscles should pay close attention when training.

Exercises for the hands and forearms are good because they can be done at home without any additional equipment. However, the athlete will get the best results if he has at least basic sports equipment. Useful exercises for small muscles of the hands include:

  1. Compression and decompression of the hand expander.

Despite the simplicity, a rubber cover, the principle of action that resembles the classic suspenders for pants, offers amazing results. Before training, the expander is taken with one hand, compressed to the maximum and then disengaged.

The number of approaches – until the first signs of fatigue. The professionals recommend selecting a projectile of such rigidity that the force is only enough for 10-15 compressions (then the training will bring the maximum effect).

Elementary exercise with its own weight. Just hold the crossbar with both hands and hang it.

After 1-2 minutes, the upper limbs will begin to tire, which means a positive effect of the training. If opportunities permit, you need to add weight – pesos with pesos.

If the question of how to quickly increase your hands is relevant to a beginner, this dynamic exercise will help you. In 2-3 minutes, you should jump the rope at a comfortable pace and at the same time breathe properly. It is advisable to carry out three to five approaches.

The exercise is not directed so much to the growth of the muscular mass of the forearm as to the imparting of elasticity to the hands, which will allow him to work with weight without fear for the integrity of the ligaments.

  1. Punching punching bag.

Another type of activity that increases the flexibility of brushes. If you do the exercise with the load, you get a big load on the arm flexors.

  1. Wearing a special bracelet

Some bodybuilders do not remove the projectile from the extremities. It weighs little, but any movement of the arms occurs under load.

Therefore, rubber bracelets increase muscular endurance.

The development of the hands and forearms is only a small part of the work that will allow you to obtain a beautiful body. The question about how to pump large hands, there is a definite answer: properly train the biceps and triceps.

How to inflate your hands without problems: tips and tricks.

Biceps training

The biceps goes from the shoulder to the forearm. It joins with tendons and ligaments to the radius.

The main function is to bend the arm in the elbow, and also to turn the forearms and the hands towards the outside (palms upwards).

To pump your biceps, it is difficult to do a job without weights or just with your weight. Make sure you need additional equipment, which, fortunately, is cheap and you will find a free place in any house. The most useful strength exercises for biceps are:

You need to stand up, straighten your back, lower your limbs along your body, bend them slightly. Lift your forearms (palms facing out) with both hands, simultaneously or separately. Do 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

The purpose of the exercise is to quickly pump the upper part, the lower part, the middle of the biceps, the upper part of the forearm and the construction of muscles.

  1. Raising the bar back or direct grip.

Such a load is one of the most useful for the hands. It allows you to load, pump on the forearm, all the component parts of the biceps.

It is done until the feeling of fatigue appears 3-4 times.

Initial position: take the dumbbells, extend the arms around the sides, turning the palms outwards. The projectile is perpendicular to the ground. At the same time, the dumbbells are lit behind the head, then back.

The hammer thickens the biceps, effectively pumping its lateral parts. It also has a positive effect on the shoulder.

It is almost possible to start doing the main task: how to grow big hands. It remains to become familiar with a group of strength exercises.

Training of the triceps muscles of the shoulder.

The most voluminous muscle is the triceps. With the right actions, it expands easily. The maximum effect of the training will be achieved if you do it outside of the following exercises:

  1. Vertical push-ups in the bank.

It is necessary to place it between two benches (or chairs), the hands should be placed shoulder-width apart, the body should be stretched and the legs should be placed on a base of the same height. Bending the elbows, move vertically until the shoulder part is parallel to the floor.

An upward movement is made to complete the stretching of the extremities.

  1. Push-ups with a narrow arrangement of brushes.

To adopt the known position for the task, only the brushes should touch each other. Usually, they are below the rib cage. The body moves down, almost touching the floor with the chest.

Climb up to the full extension of the limbs.

  1. Straightening the arms back with dumbbells.

The legs are spaced shoulder width apart, the body at the waist is slightly bent forward, the back is straight. The part of the shoulder is parallel to the body, the forearms are bent 90 degrees.

The hands open completely, then return to the starting position. A similar exercise can be done with rubber suspenders.

The hands are first straightened and then (when pulling the projectile) they will bend 90 degrees.

So that the previous exercises form a general image, it is worth making an approximate training plan for the muscles of the arms.

Recommendations for the training process.

For beginners, it is convenient to participate three times a week, with the initial load must be minimal. The following is a set of exercises for the muscles of the hands, which can be taken as a base and used, for example, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

  1. Heating
  • jump rope (3 sets of 3 minutes),
  • hung on the bar (twice per minute)
  • Compression of the expander (10-15 times with each hand to the maximum).
  1. The main part:
  • lifting weights while standing
  • lift the bar with straight grip
  • Vertical push-ups in the bank,
  • Push-ups with a narrow brush arrangement,
  • straightening the arms backwards.

Each exercise is done in 15-20 repetitions of 3-4 approaches. Beginners or girls are recommended to reduce the load by one third (2-3 approaches 10-15 times).

Now, an aspiring bodybuilder does not have to wonder how to increase his hands quickly, since the previous program is enough to get visible results in 1-2 months. If the goal is to increase muscle mass and increase stress, you should contact a specialist who will help you create an effective training program.

How to increase your hands easily and get the effect after a month of training, write more than one practical guide. The key points and the best exercises are covered before.

It is important for a beginner to remember that only reasonable training, alternating with rest and recovery procedures, will help achieve the expected result.

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