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How to learn to catch up: essential instructions.

How to learn to catch up: essential instructions.

Pull up is one of the most famous exercises in the world. It is included in the physical training program in schools, universities, it is included in the program of approval of the rules of the PRT.

Learning to pull up on the horizontal bar is quite simple, for this you need to exercise regularly.

The desire to learn to rise arises from many men and women, but not everyone knows how to do it. So this skill is necessary – to be tight – we all know.

Regular back training makes it relaxing and beautiful, it works through all the muscle fibers, even the deepest ones. Anyone who can catch up are physically strong people.

Many experienced athletes can boast a skill like pull-ups. This is due to factors such as the desire of the person to make frequent approaches to the bar, the amount of power indicators in specific movements and in general, as well as their own body weight.

First you need to identify the muscles that are involved in pulling.

Anatomy of the pull-ups.

To get up at least 1 time, you need the coordinated work of certain muscles and joints, namely:

  • joints:
  • Ø humeral,
  • Ulnar Ø
  • muscles
  • Ø the widest
  • Ø trapezoidal
  • Ø biceps,
  • Ø Deltoids.

These are the biggest muscles that are involved in the pull-ups. In addition to them, the muscles of the chest, the press, the triceps and the small muscles of the back are included in the work.

How to quickly learn to shoot? You need to train all the muscle groups.

But before continuing with the task, it is worth remembering the correct technique to perform this exercise.

Performance technique

Regular training will eventually teach you how to get up. Each option is aimed at a detailed study of the exercise technique.

The best option is one in which the maximum number of muscle fibers is involved.

Initial position: hanging on the crossbar, straight grip (up), wide, on the exhalation, you must pull up to such height that the chin crosses the line of the crossbar, on the exhalation to return to the initial position.

How to learn to catch up: essential instructions.

The movement begins with the information of the blades. The rib cage is open, the gaze is directed forward or upward.

The technique is quite simple to understand, it only remains to determine which exercises will help strengthen the anterior muscles.

In back training, you can include different types of exercises, namely:

  1. Pull-ups in the simulator. How to learn to pull up without a horizontal bar? Very simple: using a special simulator, gravitron. It mimics the movement of the pull-ups in the bar, but helps, pushes the bottom. The more weight is installed, the easier it is to lift it. By gradually reducing the weight, you can increase the power output, get up without help.
  2. Vertical push. Strengthens the wider trapezius muscles, in addition to participating in the work of the deltoids and biceps. The movement must be done in the simulator. His legs are fixed, the range of motion is similar to the previous one.
  3. Horizontal push. Involves in the muscles of the back. You can use the simulator with a special support in front of the chest or without it. From the initial position, that is, while sitting, when exhaling, make a wish for the belt, while inhaling, return to the initial position.

The following exercises can be used to train the deltoid muscles (shoulders):

  1. Press with dumbbell sitting. Initial position: sitting, dumbbells on the shoulders. On the exhale to make an upward movement, on the inhale to return to its original position. In the upper part of the arms are above the shoulders.
  2. Abduction of the shoulder with standing dumbbells. Initial position: standing, in the hands of a dumbbell. To exhale the movement of the hands to the sides, on the inhalation to return. To make the deltoid muscles work efficiently, make sure that the elbow is slightly bent during movement.

Train the biceps muscles of the shoulder (biceps): these are different options for flexing the forearms: with dumbbells, with a tuning fork, in a simulator or crossed.

All classes are aimed at increasing the power indicators and the development of movement techniques.

Despite all the previous exercises, it is worth adding that the training should include all muscle groups. The work of individual parts of the body will be more productive if others are so strong and included in the work.

Exercises should include squats, push-ups, straight curls in the press, back push-ups, leg, chest, tricep, and press muscles training.

Development of power

The method of compiling a program for the growth of power indices is based on a small number of repetitions (6-8) that use large weights.

To choose the correct load, you must start with small scales and between 15 and 20 repetitions. It is necessary to develop the movement technique, to feel which muscles are involved in the work, with which grip it is easier to train the pull up on the crossbar.

Gripping options in motion

Surely everyone saw different athletes, and everyone in the classroom did push-ups with different grips. There are several options for grip:

  • wide straight
  • narrow straight
  • reverse narrow.

Usually, everyone who is interested in the question of how to learn to raise the thought about what is the best way to use the grip. There is no unequivocal answer, because all people develop their muscles differently. The straight and wide grip includes the work of all the muscles, mainly the widest muscle of the back.

The narrow, straight grip adds load to the muscles of the forearms. The reverse front carries a part of the body weight to the biceps.

To work effectively in training you need to use all the grip options.

How to learn to catch up: essential instructions.

What will help improve the result.

How to learn to throw in the hall or at home? Why can not I shoot at least once? The last question can often be answered this way:

  • muscles not strong enough
  • great body mass
  • incorrect movement technique
  • grip weak, it is impossible to maintain your own weight with your hands.

A large amount of fat in the human body does not allow a successful attempt either. First you need to reduce the fat layer.

Body weight will decrease, and the attempt to get up will probably be successful.

To train the forearm muscles and grip strength, you can use wrist and rubber expanders, special extensors for the neck.


The movement in itself (pull up) is the force of your own body upwards, so it is important to understand the essence of the movement. The training should include special exercises:

  1. Hang on the horizontal bar. Try hanging for a short time, as long as you do. With each lesson, increase the time to 2 minutes or more. Complete the floor flexes the maximum number of times.
  2. Sweater in the simulator or dumbbell develops well the mobility of the thoracic spine, develops the muscles of the back, chest and the press.
  3. Sweater in a block simulator involves the muscles of the back and delta.
  4. Pull-ups with rubber tape on the horizontal bar. There are several varieties of different resistance tapes. Start to do better with more strength, finish with the softest tape.
  5. Negative repetition or push-ups with the help of another person. The upward climb is accompanied by the help of another person, the downward reduction is carried out slowly, with a delay of several seconds along the entire route of the movement.

Additional exercises can be used to improve the results. They are aimed at a more detailed study of the muscles, the study of the movement technique.

For the home, this training is also adequate.

The attitude of a person plays a very important role in the preparation. A long preparation can affect the athlete, adjust to failure.

But, as you know, all human actions are regulated by the central nervous system. The outgoing neuromuscular signals reach the muscles, they are given the facility to perform any movement.

How to learn to throw in the bar? This training includes:

  • emotional attitude
  • choice of grip width,
  • Development of power indicators of all muscle groups.
  • use of special exercises
  • Studying the correct execution technique.

The whole event complex will help to catch up even at home. In the presence of a horizontal bar with a rubber band, you can gradually increase muscle strength.

Any version of the training will be useful if you use the correct method, which takes into account the peculiarities of the human structure, the experience of the training and its capabilities.

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