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How to learn to get up early: tips for those who want to get there on time

How to learn to get up early: tips for those who want to get there on time

Practically everyone who works or studies faces the need to get up early in the morning. For many people, this is true torture. They awaken with difficulty and feel overwhelmed for a long time, unable to work full time or accept training materials at the beginning of the day.

In this sense, it is important to know how to learn to get up early and, at the same time, get enough sleep.

The characteristics of our dream.

The dream consists of several phases (or cycles) that last about an hour and a half. Generally, the following stages are distinguished:

  • Drowsiness: a person begins to fall asleep, relaxes, eyes move slowly under the eyelids, but it is still easy to wake up.
  • light sleep: eyes stop, breathing decreases, body temperature decreases, the person’s conscience goes out
  • deep sleep: the brain works as slowly as possible, several cells and tissues are restored in the body, the energy spent during the day is replenished. It is during this phase that a person rests completely and, if he wakes up now, he will awaken with difficulty and will feel overwhelmed and tired for a long time.

The phases of fast and slow sleep are also changed. The body is restored in the last phase.

The first dreams and processes the information accumulated during the day.

To wake up and feel good without any problem, it is necessary to pass 4 complete cycles of fast and slow phases. Consequently, you should rest for at least 6 hours without waking up. It is desirable that the cycles pass before 4 am, since after this time, the slow sleep phase becomes too short.

As a result, a full recovery does not occur.

If the awakening time is in the middle of the deep sleep phase, then it is especially difficult to wake up. Therefore, if you want to get up early and get enough sleep, you should go to bed approximately 7.5 hours before the alarm goes off.

Then he will wake up at the end of the cycle, when the body is ready to wake up. This will happen without any problem.

You sleep well It is for this reason that it is sometimes easier to get up, for example, at 5:30 am, and not at 6 or 7 o’clock.

How to learn to get up early: tips for those who want to get there on time

Advantages of an early rise:

  • The opportunity to have breakfast and meet without hurry.
  • much less likely to be late for work or school
  • the opportunity to leave home before, sit in a less crowded transport, not get stuck in traffic
  • In the morning, labor productivity is higher.
  • You can do additional things for which there was no time before.

Therefore, awakening in the first hours is useful, and you really need to learn it.

Useful tips to wake up easily.

Anyone who worries about how to get up early and do everything on time, how to be efficient even in the early hours of the morning, should follow the following recommendations:

  • go to bed early – no later than 11pm, and even better at 10pm – this is more consistent with natural rhythms (no one has spilled yet, staying up late)
  • try not to interrupt sleep, eliminate the factors that prevent you from sleeping deeply (plug your ears with earplugs, close the door of the room, put a special mask on your eyes)
  • Ventilate the room: freshness and freshness will help you sleep faster and closer and wake up more easily
  • do not eat excessively during the night, it is better to have dinner 4 hours before going to bed it is difficult to sleep with a full stomach (if you are hungry before going to bed, eat some fruit)
  • do not drink tea at night and even less coffee (ideally, these drinks should be completely abandoned), it is better to choose water
  • avoid physical exertion before bedtime
  • Do not think about solving important problems, postpone it for tomorrow.
  • in the afternoon, the light of the house
  • in any case, do not feel at bedtime on the computer, do not use devices, the light of the monitors affects the brain in an exciting way
  • one hour before sleep, start to relax: take a warm bath (even with essential oils or soothing herbs is better), listen to quiet music, read a book or watch a movie without a sharp plot or simply lie down: if you perform a ritual Bedtime, you will fall asleep without problems and completely rest
  • Begin to set the alarm 15 minutes early so that it is time to go to bed and get over it.
  • put the melody you like in the bell, but keep the alarm clock away from the bed, so you can not turn it off at the first sign and sleep.

To solve the problem of how to develop the habit of getting up early, you should be motivated to get up so early. Imagine how it will be nice to meet quietly to study, how you will always have time, how you can do your job faster. It is also very important to plan things in the morning.

If you set a goal for yourself to do something mandatory (prepare breakfast, caress a blouse, etc.), an additional incentive to wake up faster will appear.

Healthy awakening process

The correct answer to the question of how easy it is to get up after the alarm bell is very simple. It is necessary to increase gradually, without a sudden jump, otherwise dizziness and rapid heartbeat are inevitable. To wake up it is useful to do special exercises:

  • with your eyes closed, lift your joined hands, inhale several times and exhale, stretch to the fullest
  • pull the knee towards the chest, try to get a bed on the other side of the body, then do the same with the other knee
  • place the palms over the closed eyes, open them, lift them gradually and observe them with the eyes
  • massage your face with the tips of your fingers: the forehead from the center to the ears, lower to your chin, caress your nose and ears
  • connect your legs, stretch your socks, stretch your arms forward, raise your arms, legs and head, stay in that position for a minute
  • group: press the knees to the chest, bury the nose in them, hold the posture for half a minute.

How to learn to get up early: tips for those who want to get there on time

Develop the habit of doing such exercises every morning after the alarm. After that, it is worth taking a contrast shower, and it is better to go to the bathroom barefoot if the house is not cold and the floor is clean enough.

For a better awakening, immediately after getting out of bed, you must perform some kind of proactive actions: drink a little water, wash, open a window, get dressed quickly. The habit of getting up early must be formed gradually, otherwise you may get tired, give up everything.

Begin awakening in a new schedule, first once a week, then two, then gradually increase daily (at least on weekdays). Also, a bedtime should be arranged earlier.

At first, it will be useful and reward for the early increase. It can be an extra fruit at breakfast, buying nice things. Do not be discouraged if you did not manage to get up at a scheduled time on a given day.

With time, everything will be fine.

Additional ways to improve the day regime

If you are used to going to bed late, with an early start of rest, there is a danger that you may not fall asleep for a long time, even if you relax earlier. Under no circumstances should you use sleeping pills.

Popular remedies will contribute to a good sleep: you need to eat honey or drink mint or lemon balm to spend the night.

A special wash will also be useful: rinse your face with cold water 20 times and then with hot water at the same time. In the morning, to wake up it is necessary to wash the opposite: first with hot water and then with cold.

If you wanted to sleep earlier than usual, it is better not to struggle with sleep and not prepare to take a nap to the main position, but simply go to bed. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to fall asleep at the right time.

To get up better early, it is worth talking about the plans of your home, you can even ask them to control the process.

It will be useful to make a plan for each day, attach it to the wall and mark the completed cases. It is necessary to indicate the approximate time to do things, including those in the morning, this will be an additional incentive to get up early.

The diary of the dream is also very useful: it will record the amount that was placed, at what time it was raised and what sensations it had. So you can determine how much time you need to sleep and, consequently, when it is better to lie down to wake up at the right time. You will get used to getting up fast enough.

This will happen in a couple of weeks.

The problem of how to get up early in the morning and at the same time get enough sleep is relevant to almost everyone. And to solve it, you need to adjust the sleep mode.

It is important to go to bed at 22-23 o’clock, having relaxed beforehand, and after the alarm call, help yourself to get up with the help of invigorating gymnastics.

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