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How to learn to get up from scratch: the best tips

How to learn to get up from scratch: the best tips

Raising the bar is one of the simplest, most accessible and at the same time effective exercises. They help to develop the muscles of the upper scapular waist, allow you to create a beautiful muscular relief and an attractive sight of the arms, the chest and the upper part of the back.

For beginners, it will take some time to learn to get up properly from the bar from scratch, but if you have the desire and perseverance, the result will not be long in coming.

Factors that affect the result:

  • technique and scheme
  • regularity and systematicity of the classes,
  • breathing
  • physical condition
  • Lifestyle

There is the opinion that to get a quick result you must do it every day, but this is not quite correct. During a heavy load, muscle integrity is disturbed and, for complete tissue repair, it takes 1-2 days, and sometimes more.

Therefore, the ideal class schedule is 3 to 4 times per week with a one-day break.

The key to success for those who want to learn to get up from the bar from scratch: these are strong hands. So that the muscles of the arms and the back are developed to the maximum, it should not be limited only to the stretches. If you add exercises with dumbbells, weights and push-ups, the desired result will be achieved faster than expected.

An essential warm-up must be an essential element of all training. In addition, after all the approaches, muscle stretching is needed.

Physical condition and respiration

For beginners with a normal weight and physique, mastering the pull-up technique is much easier than for overweight people. The higher the body weight, the stronger a person’s hands must be to tighten their body.

Therefore, the work to get rid of the extra kilos should be done in parallel with the exercises to pull up.

How to learn to get up from scratch: the best tips

Breathing Some may say that correct breathing during exercise has little effect on the result. However, this is not the case.

With inadequate breathing or air retention, the muscles do not receive enough oxygen, which significantly reduces the quality of their work, as well as the number of push-ups. Specifically for pull-ups, the proper breathing pattern is a deep breath in the effort to lift and exhale while the arms relax and the body is loosened.

Performance characteristics

Need to start with a minimum load. Best of all, if the training program is compiled, it will be easier for the beginner to understand what, when and how to do it.

In the first few days, you should start with a narrow grip on the back: this is the easiest and most comfortable position. It should rise to the highest possible height, even if it is several centimeters larger than the starting position.

If the strength in the hands is very small, then you should try to get up with exercises done with the help of an assistant or leg support. If there is an opportunity to perform exercises on the wall, you should place your hands on the horizontal bar at the same distance as the width of the shoulders, and with your feet you can rest on one of the bars of the wall.

Thus, the work of the hands is greatly facilitated.

Also an excellent option for beginners can be the negative dominated calls: in this case, the starting point of the exercise will be the position of the body when it is pressed on the horizontal bar, and the essence of the exercise is to lower the body slowly while hanging of the arms.

The program for beginners is a scheme designed for beginners who can not get up. To monitor the training carried out and the dynamics of improving the results, a program, a table or a simple chart on paper should contain information on the regularity of the training, the number of approaches, as well as changes in nutrition and general physical activity. The program is designed for an average of 1.5 months.

Do it better 3-4 times a week.

If you can not get up at all, then you should start with a simple hang on the bar. Exercise is effective to strengthen hands, stretch muscles and ligaments.

Therefore, the body is prepared without problems for the next loads. The execution time must be calculated according to the initial physical capacities and increase with each subsequent training. In parallel, you should perform exercises that strengthen the upper arms and waist of the shoulder.

Pushups from the floor – 3 sets, the number – according to your own abilities. Bench fingerboard lying down – 3 sets of 10 times.

When you add a little strength, you should proceed directly to the push-ups. It is during this period that you must perform negative push-ups or push-ups with leg support. The number of approaches must be adjusted independently, but the general dynamics must be oriented towards increasing approaches and repetitions.

Even the lightest version should be done correctly and slowly, so as not to injure muscles and ligaments. The arms and back exercises should be done in parallel.

In addition, to increase endurance, the training program must be supplemented with cardiovascular exercise at your own discretion.

How to learn to get up from scratch: the best tips

If the exercises in a simplified form are mastered well, then you can really try to do it. If you can reach yourself at least once, this is already an important achievement.

It is necessary to increase the number of approaches and repetitions with each subsequent training until achieving the desired result.


To learn how to get up from scratch and achieve the desired result in a short period of time, regular training is not always enough. People involved in sports know that only the right training system and an integrated approach to lifestyle can quickly acquire the necessary sports form.

In the case of learning about the push-ups in the crossbar, this is an adequate diet and drink regime, as well as the rejection of bad habits.

After heavy loads on the muscles, the latter require an extra portion of protein to recover faster. Therefore, during the active training period, it is better to start consuming more vegetable proteins: let them be products of beans, nuts, sprouted grains and seeds.

Special attention must be paid to food just before class. Food should be light, such as salad and fruit smoothies, which should be consumed 1 to 2 hours before the class begins. Then, by squeezing the bar, there will be no feeling of heaviness in the stomach or heartburn.

When you eat light foods, the body will not have to expend additional energy in digesting food, and all the forces will go to improve the results.

The quality and quantity of products and liquids should be fixed, for example, in a table that is convenient for you. Then it will be easier to adjust the diet.

Separately, we must say about bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol significantly reduces the quality and dynamics of exercise results. People who do not have bad habits, improve their physical indicators much faster than those prone to them.

Therefore, if there is a desire to learn to improve from scratch, then to achieve high performance in the classes, you must first review your lifestyle. The refusal of tobacco and alcohol will not only allow you to quickly master the new physical exercises, but it will also significantly improve the quality of life.

In summary, it should be borne in mind that the decisive factor in achieving the result for beginners is a well-developed program, hard work and some adjustments in lifestyle and nutrition. Following these simple recommendations, it will be completely easy to achieve the desired objectives.

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