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How to learn to ride a bicycle: driving technique and recommendations.

How to learn to ride a bicycle: driving technique and recommendations.

If you think that an adult can not master the subtleties of riding this type of transport, you are wrong. It is available to everyone.

You just need a little patience and you always remember safety. The training does not take long.

Consider how to learn to ride a bicycle.

Adult education

Adult education is much easier than a child. This is due to the state of the muscular system: in children it is less developed.

Adult education can be complicated by the fact that they have a developed fear of falling.

That’s why it’s important to learn the safety rules when driving. The ability to maintain balance: the most important in the initial stage of the exercise. It is better to do it this way: the saddle is lowered so that, in case of loss of balance, it can fall to the ground.

It is better to remove the pedals so that the shin is not injured.

Begin training should be on flat ground. Only after that can you go on a small hill. It is easier to follow safety rules.

And only when the simplest maneuvers are resolved, the pedals must be returned to the place. When turning them it is not necessary to twist them, since this can fall.

To maintain balance, the steering wheel rotates in the tilt direction.

The load can not be dramatically increased. If you have mastered the process, at the beginning you should not travel more than one kilometer per day.

And only when this distance seems a bit, can you increase the intensity of the training safely.

How to learn to ride a bicycle: driving technique and recommendations.

Key recommendations

Riding a bicycle is necessary. Here are the guidelines for this:

  • You should always look forward a few meters.
  • You can not force while holding the wheel.
  • The knees should be placed parallel to the frame.
  • pedal correctly only gently
  • always turn the steering wheel as soon as the two-wheel bicycle loses its vertical position
  • The stability increases with greater speed.
  • It is necessary to brake with confidence, but gently.

Technique riding a two-wheeled bicycle.

So you bought a two-wheeled bicycle. It’s time to start studying.

It must be ready for falls, so it is better to arm yourself with a helmet. Here are some tips on how to properly learn to drive in this type of transport.

  • First, you need to adapt it to your characteristics. The chair should be adjusted so that the foot on the pedal is almost fully extended.
  • We have to find out where the brakes are. It is necessary to understand how they work. First you must feel the rear brake.
  • While in the chair, and without necessarily opening the rear brake handles, try to keep your balance. To do this, lift your feet off the ground, for a short time, just for a few seconds. This technique allows you to feel the balance on a two-wheeled bicycle, as well as how comfortable it is to sit on the chair and hold the steering wheel.
  • The movement should start correctly as if there were no pedals. You need to push from the ground to ride. Do not be afraid of this: as long as the transport goes, it will not fall. And if you need to get off the bike or feel that it is falling, you must stop, otherwise the team will hit you.
  • Mastering the technique of the pedals is easy. If you turn them forward, they will turn the wheel. In the opposite direction they provide free execution.
  • Next, learn to put two feet on the pedals. This is easy to do, especially since we can already maintain balance. Some get it almost instinctively. You must also pedal to gain some speed.
  • You can only drive to the right. If the bicycle leans to the right, turn the steering wheel too. The most important thing is to feel it, and then you will not fall.
  • It can rotate at high and low speeds. When driving slowly, it can be done with the help of the steering wheel. The slope applies if you travel fast.
  • Be sure to learn to work the spin technique.
  • And finally, it only remains to hone their skills. To do this, you can drive a short distance, turn around and go back. This should be non-stop.

How to learn to ride a bicycle: driving technique and recommendations.

It has speed bike

This technique is also available for a person who wants to master a new sport. First you must pick up a two-wheeled bike that matches your weight and height.

We must pay special attention to the length of the legs, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to drive quickly.

You need to become familiar with the principle of transmission. Your mission is to make the trip more comfortable. An athlete can overcome obstacles easily and comfortably on the road.

Modern bicycles of this type have two types of switches: the right regulates the rear speeds and the left, the apron.

There are rules to change gear.

  • When overcoming promotions, it is not necessary to change the speed. First you must select a mode that allows you to reduce it.
  • It is necessary to monitor the work of the chain: it must not be twisted.
  • Switching is done only while driving.
  • It is necessary to avoid sudden changes in speed. Ideally, the transfer will be alternated. Also, wait for the bicycle to work properly after each change.
  • In order not to break or break the chain, it is necessary to balance the load. It is undesirable to start the movement with the higher speed transmission.

How to overcome the fear of driving?

It happens that a person does not want to learn to ride a bike because of fear. It is easy to overcome. To do this, follow these recommendations:

  • you should never think about bad things or future failures: you should always have everything
  • Remember that physical education is the best way to stay in shape, and the bicycle will help
  • First steps to learn to walk better with the help of an experienced person
  • Very useful for exercises that train balance and stability.

And remember that learning to ride a bicycle is never too late. It is the power of anyone who has an irresistible desire to become an excellent athlete.

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