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How to learn to ride a bicycle for an adult.

How to learn to ride a bicycle for an adult.

Mastering the bicycle is never too late, especially since such a trip is good for health and beauty. Regular physical effort helps maintain the slenderness of the figure, keep muscles in shape. During long cycle travels, the lungs function with full force, which means that the body is saturated with oxygen.

Beautiful legs, toned buttocks, the absence of cellulite and a good mood are only a small part of what a friend of two wheels can give.

Equipment and training place.

It is believed that an adult is easier to learn to ride a bicycle than a child. Unlike a child, has a muscular system formed, maintains the balance better. At the same time, practice shows: learning to ride a bicycle with age is more difficult due to fear of falls and injuries, fear of looking ridiculous.

Therefore, the first step towards the development of a bicycle should be the psychological preparation for possible failures and a strong desire to overcome them.

The special equipment helps to protect against abrasions and bruises, as well as to feel more secure. At the disposal of the novice cyclist should be protectors for elbows, knee pads, gloves and a helmet.

It is best to go to the gym in sportswear that sweats well.

However, you can use ordinary things – pants and a sweater. The main requirements for such clothing: should be comfortable, practical, durable, hygroscopic and warm if the street is less than 20 degrees.

What shoes to choose to practice? To master an iron horse is better in sneakers or sneakers.

The foot in these shoes should be securely fixed, and a hard-soled sole will not allow the feet to slip when rolling.

Learning to drive is easier on a flat and compact surface. To train fit a large playground, stadium, promenade of the city.

Those who experience psychological distress in the presence of people perform better early in the morning. Avoid prying eyes can be in an empty parking lot or in remote areas of the park, where there are still paved roads.

How to learn to ride a bicycle for an adult.

Check and adjust the bicycle.

Before embarking on the practice, it would be good to learn the theory: learn more about the mechanisms of the bicycle, its purpose and operating principles. Before each departure, personal transportation must be checked to verify the integrity of the frame, the tire wear and the proper functioning of the front and rear brakes.

By turning the pedals, determine whether to lubricate the chain. Evaluate how well the seat is fixed, if the tires are sufficiently inflated.

For the first time sitting on a bicycle, it is important that an adult adjust the transport by himself. It is necessary to start from the seat: its height and inclination must be such that the body of a seated person moves slightly forward and the legs reach the ground. Find and fix the optimal position of the steering wheel, adjust the brake levers.

So that nothing distracts when skiing at the beginning, it is better to remove unnecessary accessories from the bicycle.

How to learn to ride yourself?

The first step to learn to ride a bicycle is to practice landing. At this stage, you must understand how to sit skillfully on the seat and get up quickly from it. To prevent the bike from moving, the legs are pressed against the ground and the rear brake handle is held with a palm.

When the ability to land and raise is sufficiently developed, you can move on to the next exercise: maintain balance. At the same time, the brake lever is still not unlatched, but the feet are removed from the ground for a couple of seconds.

After mastering the chair, go straight to skating. At first they move by bicycle, without using the pedals. You can try to ride a vehicle like a scooter: put one foot on the pedal and push the ground with the other foot.

Then go to free circulation on a gentle slope. If necessary, the lateral balance is supported by the legs.

At the same stage, it is worth learning to brake and turn the steering wheel while sliding in the opposite direction to the movement.

Does it balance while driving and stopping on time? So it’s time to use the pedals.

First you need to learn to work with one foot (leader). To do this, put the pedal in the center between the up and forward positions.

As a result, it goes as if it were parallel to the lower tube of the bicycle frame. Then, the exposed pedal moves down by pushing it with the foot. In the same way, do the other thing.

Having learned to move both pedals, they proceed to synchronize the movements with their feet. In the end, they dominate the maneuvers with a steering wheel: gentle turns to the right and to the left, as well as a turn.

How to learn to ride a bicycle for an adult.

Riding safety

An adult can be given the following tips to keep him safe:

  • Riding, you should not look at the wheels, but forward, on the road.
  • Turns can not be made at high speed. First you must reduce the speed.
  • To increase stability, it is necessary to develop speed.
  • To avoid flying out of the chair, it is necessary to brake gently.
  • The most comfortable position of the legs when the knees and feet are parallel to the frame.
  • You must learn to hold the wheel easily, but you can not let it go.
  • Getting up on the ground before braking can cause injuries.

If you can not learn to drive alone, you can ask for help from a relative, friend or acquaintance.

There is another way to master the bicycle: enroll in a specialized school. The professional approach to business has several advantages.

In the first place, school studies are carried out in an integral manner, that is, it includes a theoretical and practical course. Second, classes with a highly qualified instructor will give faster results, and the driving process itself will be less risky.

Third, in the territory of training centers of this type, as a rule, there are equipped tracks, which means you will not have to look for a place to train. Fourth, the problem of psychological discomfort will disappear, since at school the beginner will be surrounded by like-minded people, whose goal is also to master the basics of the bicycle.

Abandoning this sport is not worth it. Learning to ride a bicycle can be quite fast, if you follow these recommendations.

And soon you will receive a real pleasure from this process!

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