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How to learn to speak beautifully: the secrets of public speaking.

How to learn to speak beautifully: the secrets of public speaking.

Eloquent skills are as important as good education. Many are interested in the questions, how to learn to speak beautifully and keep the attention of the audience.

A person who has oratory, is able to lead the masses, can easily convince the interlocutor that he is right.

It is very important to speak beautifully, with confidence and competence. The oral discourse is what distinguishes man from animal.

Spoken language takes over from childhood … But one can be listened to for hours, and the other can not keep the speaker’s attention, not even a minute.

How to learn to speak beautifully and express your thoughts so that listeners are interested? The answer is simple. I need to talk as much as possible.

But that is not all. It is important to express correctly, not to repeat the same words in adjacent sentences.

For many, the speech is full of parasitic phrases that distract the listener from perceiving the main idea.

To keep the attention of the audience, you must remain confident, say the words out loud and with measure, highlight the main points with the tone of voice. Of great importance is the correspondence of facial expressions and gestures with the subject raised.

Consider the points of how to develop speech and learn to speak beautifully.

As a vocabulary

To be able to communicate on equal terms with educated people, one must have enough vocabulary and know the interpretation of several terms.

A stock of words is:

  • passive – includes all the words we know
  • active are the words used in speech.

Active stock is always less passive. Many words are used very rarely or are not used at all. To form a competent discourse, you need to read more classical literature.

Thanks to the works of Russian and foreign authors, the speech acquires new beautifully constructed twists.

Sometimes it is easier to express your thoughts in writing than orally. When writing, there is time to think about the impulse of speech. Develop the ability to competently express your thoughts aloud, recounting texts.

The lexicon is filled with new words when memorizing poems, using colloquially new and rare words.

How to learn to speak beautifully: the secrets of public speaking.

Proper construction of sentences.

Many have enough vocabulary and self-confidence, but their speech is full of parasitic phrases. When history is not respected, chronology of events or if the smallest and most interesting details are taken into account for anyone.

The interviewee is depressed when listening to such a speaker.

There are recommendations on how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully:

  • write down interesting thoughts and single words
  • Describe all the events that occurred in a day.
  • read aloud, form a clear measured pronunciation
  • memorize patterns, poems
  • get rid of the parasitic words
  • Learn to highlight the main idea.
  • pick up synonyms of words

A beautiful speech is formed when communicating with well-read literate people. To determine what is wrong in the narrative, it is recorded in a dictaphone.

When listening it will understand all the uncomfortable impulse.

Learn to talk about any topic.

There is often a pause in the conversation. The interlocutors begin to invent topics for the conversation, but nothing comes to mind.

To avoid such confusion, you can find topics that are relevant to everyone.

The conversation can be conducted on different topics:

  • the weather
  • gadgets
  • traveling
  • recipes
  • children
  • Work and nocturnal pastime.

For each one there are many topics about which it is pleasant to communicate. It is important to learn how to highlight the main thing and omit the uninteresting details.

In the company of friends, it would be appropriate to tell a joke or a funny story.

Self confidence

Being a professional in any field, but without self-confidence, it is difficult to present the story to the other person to be interested. Timid people speak in a low voice, even on topics that are well-versed.

First, learn to speak beautifully and confidently in front of a mirror. After that you will need a small audience that includes several people.

It is better to start practicing your oratory in front of close friends or relatives.

Even after perfecting communication skills in a small business, it will be difficult to speak in the beginning in front of a significant number of strangers. To do this, you need to raise your self-esteem and train self-confidence.

How to learn to speak beautifully: the secrets of public speaking.

Gestures and facial expressions.

Often, people do not know where to put their hands when they talk to strangers. Working this moment is convenient in front of the mirror. A good effect to achieve a correspondence between speech, facial expressions and gestures is achieved by recording your speech on video.

When looking, there will be noticeable uncomfortable moments that must be resolved.

Public speaking

Speech before a broad audience for something worse than death. They are very afraid of going on stage, although they know that they are well prepared for the report. Even the best speaker can panic before a performance.

It is important to be able to meet quickly and maintain control of your emotional state.

How to learn to speak beautifully and competently in public events?

  • Well prepare the text, learn it and take notes on the main points.
  • Do not read on a sheet of paper, but use cards with the selection of major topics and quotes, try to say everything for yourself.
  • Talk only about topics that are well-versed.
  • To dilute the speech, tell some stories of personal practice, pronouncing sentences carefully.
  • Do not get distracted from the main idea of ​​the report.
  • If you make a mistake, do not stop, continue talking, as if nothing had happened or if it was.
  • Use sign language, while hands should be at chest level, and facial expressions correspond to the subject.

To calm down before the presentation, you can create a relaxing ritual. For example, a few minutes before entering the stage, close your eyes and imagine the sound of the waves. Take a deep breath and present your success.

The main thing is not to forget that the audience does not want a speaker to fail, she is waiting for a successful performance.

Exercises for the development of the speech device.

The exercises for the tongue and lips will not take more than 2 minutes, but will prepare the speech device for the correct pronunciation of the words. The loading is done free of charge, without limiting the movement of the clothes. At the same time observing his position.

The shoulders should be stretched, the shoulder blades flattened, the belly up.

Preparations for public speaking

  • Rubs the palms and lobes of the ear, contributes to the revitalization of the brain.
  • Bite the tongue, moving from its tip to the base and back.
  • Exercise A tiger yawn is performed for 60 seconds. The jaw opens with 2 fingers, the tip of the tongue engages the lower teeth. Performs the vibratory movements of the tongue. At the same time, the jaw should not move. At the beginning it will be difficult, but as the muscles develop, the speed of vibration will increase.
  • Warms the lateral muscles of the tongue, turning them into a tube. If it does not work, start turning to the right, then to the left, turning the tongue in your mouth 90 degrees.
  • Close the mouth. They move the tongue around the inside of the lips 8 times to the right, 8 times to the left. Then the same exercise is repeated, they only drive with the tongue behind the teeth and along the palate.
  • The tense tongue rests alternately on the right, then on the left cheek, holding it in this position for several seconds.
  • It is tinkled several times, then the tongue is pressed on the upper palate and is released sharply, you get a sound similar to a click.
  • The sharp tongue protrudes from the mouth, then becomes flat and is placed in the mouth, lifting it towards the palate.

Load for lips and cheeks.

  • Curved lips in a tube, then stretched in a smile.
  • Formed from the lips of the tube and perform circular movements in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.
  • At the same time, they brush the upper and lower lips over the teeth, keeping the mouth open.
  • Make movements of the cheeks, as when rinsing the mouth.
  • Pull back the head and perform tongue and laryngeal movements, such as when flushing the throat. The exercise is done in silence.
  • To relax the larynx and ligaments yawn several times.
  • Speak some tongue twisters, memorized by memory.

The correct sound is formed by the palate, tongue and larynx. The load contributes to the fact that the voice and the organs that make up the sound are in good shape.

When speaking, there is no need to hurry, the rhythm must be measured.

There are many cases in which uncertain people managed to be good speakers. To achieve success, it is important to have the desire to raise your self-esteem, constantly learn and persevere towards the goal.

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