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How to learn to think positively and change life for the better.

How to learn to think positively and change life for the better.

Positive thinking can change a person’s life, help them achieve their goals, easily withstand difficulties, problems. How to learn to think positively and attract success?

About this and talk.

What is positive thinking?

Before starting to work on yourself, you must discover what positive thinking is. Maybe you just need to believe that everything will be fine?

Many people think so, but this is not true. Everything will be fine, they are positive fantasies and we live in the real world, so we are aware that not everything happens as we want.

Positive thinking is when a person does not hide his head in the sand, like an ostrich, but knows that he can cope with the task quickly, since he has many useful qualities and is capable of many things.

How to learn to think positively and change life for the better.

How does this work? This is not magic, not supernatural forces, but ordinary psychology. We all know that, apart from consciousness, a person has a subconscious mind, which often helps us feel everything that happens around us.

To be aware of each action is to spend a tremendous amount of energy. Imagine that we control every breath we take, every movement … Therefore, our body is designed in such a way that consciousness is something like a ray that helps us see a lot and control the situation around us.

And the subconscious provides us with a lot of information, we do not notice it, but it is important for us: for example, what time it is or what the temperature of the room is.

Our subconscious mind collects the information that we send to us. If he constantly repeats that everything is bad, he will do everything possible to give life to this signal, that is, the person will be harmed without even realizing it.

And vice versa, if you believe in good, our subconscious will begin to work in this direction.

What positive thinking do you give us?

Now, when time is especially valuable, we can not spend it on something empty and unnecessary. However, learning positive thinking is worthwhile, since it gives us many advantages:

  • a person can improve both their mental and physical health (psychosomatic), increase life expectancy
  • Free yourself from our fears that prevent us from moving forward.
  • improve relationships with others, as people are attracted to calmness and happiness, and unconsciously move away from those who experience a losing streak
  • deal with stress
  • set goals and implement them gradually without fear and empty doubts.
    How to learn to think positively and change life for the better.

How to change

How to learn to think positively? There are simple exercises that must be done every day.

Gradually, you will learn to think only well, to think in the way that a successful person who is satisfied with life does.

To begin, simply follow the course of your thoughts, try to keep track of how often you have negative thoughts. Take them and remove them from the head does not work: our brain is not so easy to cheat.

No wonder they say that if you constantly repeat the halva, your mouth will not get any sweeter.

But you can see the same situation from different angles, find positive moments in it. For example, a child’s school is far away, and you need to take it there every day. That’s bad?

No With him you breathe fresh air while walking, you can admire trees, flowers, observe birds or insects.

In addition, it is an excellent way to get rid of the extra kilos.

If the situation is really difficult and there are not so many positive moments, you should not participate in self-flagellation, cry and blame others for everything. Something did not work?

Do not give up: you have to sit down and think about what else you can do, how to fix it.

How to learn to think positively and change life for the better.


How to quickly learn to think positively and change your life for the better? If you are used to constantly thinking about the bad, rebuilding in a day can be difficult, as you need to change the internal configuration of the root.

But to develop positive thinking, it is enough to do these simple exercises.

  • Follow your thoughts. If you often think you will not succeed, try to deal with these thoughts and, more often, switch to positives, for example, I will control or I will succeed.
  • Eliminate the word problem from your vocabulary, it leads to too much negativity. There are other words that can also be used: homework, situation.
  • As often as possible, thank life for what it has. We are often worried about the fact that we are missing something, and we do not realize how well we have received, how rich we are: we have loving parents, a roof over our heads, food at the table, etc.
  • Stop worrying about the past. If there was something wrong in the past, you should not constantly return to your faults, spend your energy on it. For the attraction of luck you need to live in the present, preparing the ground for the future. If they ever offended you, forget the insults, forgive these people. All faults are also in the past, you have acquired invaluable experience, you will not make the same mistakes.
    How to learn to think positively and change life for the better.
  • Forget the question Why? Instead, use the question, How? Of course, sometimes you want to feel sorry for yourself, immerse yourself in depression: why did they fire me? or Why can not I go to the sea? However, this will not give you anything. But if you approach this situation as a task that must be resolved, you can begin to act. I got fired, how can I find another job, or do I want to go to the sea, how can I save the amount needed in a year? Maybe I can save on something or find a part-time job?
  • Perfect day exercise. He came up with an American psychologist Martin Seigman. Think about how you would like to live, to begin with, describe your ideal day. Now we just have to make all our plans. Live a day so that it becomes perfect. Follow your feelings. Did you like everything? If not, remove this element when you make a plan for your next perfect day. You need to repeat this exercise until your perfect day brings you only joy.

Do not go to bed, do not scold, do not reproach. Even if you were not up to par, for example, you shouted at the other, try to make amends, apologize.

We must not only love others, but also ourselves. Maybe something you can not, but in the other you are strong: I can not dance beautifully, but I have a beautiful voice.

Each person has talents and abilities, each of us understands something better than the others.

How to learn to think positively and change life for the better.

Having learned to think positively, you can change a lot in your life, be more successful and happy. But remember that this success will be the result of your actions, that is, you will have to work hard and your self-confidence will make this work more productive.

The formula, I believe that only good, not supported by actions, can, of course, work, for example, improve the mood. But still remember that this is not a magical practice, but work on yourself, the development and your success are the result of your efforts and not the mysterious knowledge about the secret of success and well-being.

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