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How to pump biceps at home: a set of exercises.

How to pump biceps at home: a set of exercises.

Beautiful hands, in relief and strong: the dream of many children. A trained body, strong muscles and a hard body will give each person confidence in himself, in his own strengths, in his health.

Many believe that to achieve amazing results can only be in a professional gym, but this opinion is incorrect. Exercise at home or in the gym: the choice depends on the degree of your employment, your personal taste and your abilities.

If you want to make your hands stronger, stronger, healthier, add relief muscles, you can fulfill these dreams completely after regular workouts at home. What are the exercises to train the biceps bar and how to perform them correctly? How to pump biceps with dumbbells and barbell at home?

How to achieve your goal quickly and efficiently? In this article, we have selected for you the most effective exercises, as well as the most necessary information about workouts at home.

Where to start

The first step to a healthy life is the correct way to sleep, rest, perform physical activity and nutrition. If you want to get amazing results quickly and clearly, then it is important to understand that the right lifestyle is closely related to a good night’s sleep, which gives you rest and energy, and proper nutrition, which will give your body everything the necessary material to develop muscles and achieve beauty. relief

Pumping biceps with weights at home is easier than it seems at first glance!

Starting any training with a warm-up is correct and useful. On the contrary, if you start to train a cold body, the risk of injury increases considerably.

However, it is worth reserving 10 minutes for this part of the lesson, since you will feel that the basic exercises are easier for you.

It is important to understand that training is an issue that must be carried out regularly, but with the mind. Training once a month will not be enough to achieve an effective result, but daily biceps exercises are also bad. If you train every day, you can quickly lose motivation and strength, overload your body and even hurt yourself.

To obtain a quality result that improves your health and appearance, you should perform exercises two or three times a week.

How to quickly pump your biceps at home with a barbell? There are several methods.

  1. With lifting, for example, weights.
  2. Without lifting extra weights – workout in the bar, push-ups.

How to pump biceps at home: a set of exercises.

Then, you have done exercises or warm-ups, you have warmed up your muscles and you are ready to begin the basic exercises. Basic training should begin with push-ups.

The exercises to push up from the floor develop very well the muscles of the arms and not just a biceps.

Push-ups are a type of exercise that is common and accessible to everyone, but can everyone do it correctly?

But the correct way is to take a lying position on the floor, arms at the level of the shoulders and feet at the level of the pelvis, the toes on the floor. When inhaling, you must bend your arms with your elbows and lower your body down.

It is important to make sure that the body forms a straight line without deflection. If over time you want to complicate the task, then the exercises with push-ups can be done with an emphasis on the fists.

If you are faced with the task of training your biceps in the most efficient way possible, then, after these general exercises, you need to move on to more specialized ones.

Training on the horizontal bar.

The training in the horizontal bar is also very useful for the development of the biceps. During this exercise, it is very important to observe your breathing: avoid interruptions.

Pull the horizontal bar gently, without jerking, and remember that the quality of the exercise is more important and not a lot of approaches.

If you stop regularly, twice a week, after a month of training, you will feel and see a remarkable result.

There are several ways to do pull-ups in the bar, but they all share a rule. If you want to train your muscles as efficiently as possible, then you need to use the reverse grip method, when your fingers are pointing towards you.

You can use a direct grip.

  1. The distance between the arms is already the width of the shoulders is developing an internal set of muscles.
  2. The distance between the arms is approximately equal to the width of the shoulders: it develops its biceps uniformly.
  3. The distance between the arms is greater than the width of the shoulders: it develops an external group of muscles.

How to properly pull the bar? All training must be divided into several approaches. The optimal amount is three or four approaches.

After the required warm-up, perform the number of possible pull-ups for you, and then rest for one or two minutes. After a short break, go to the second approach.

For beginners, a small amount of push-ups on the horizontal bar are sufficient over time, the number can increase up to 10 to 15 times per approach.

If you are a beginner, at the beginning of your training route you should avoid additional charges. When you are already sufficiently pumped, you can look at the special sports equipment to ponder.

In the first week of pull-ups at the bar it is recommended to buy special gloves. They will help you avoid the appearance of calluses on your hands.

Training with lifting weights.

Lifting weight training is considered one of the most effective in improving hand muscles.

Starting to do exercises with lifting weights should also be a good warm-up. There are several useful rules that will ensure correct execution and also help you quickly achieve the desired result:

  1. Keep your back straight.
  2. The elbows should be pressed to the body.
  3. The joints of the elbow must move (bend), but the elbows must be immobile.
  4. Lifting weights in both hands must be synchronous.
  5. Remember about proper breathing.
  6. Lift the dumbbells smoothly and smoothly.
  7. Divide the training into several approaches.

Lifting weights can be standing and sitting.

How to pump biceps at home: a set of exercises.

If you stand: weights on the arms, legs at shoulder level. At the beginning of the exercise the weights must be perpendicular to the body. Slowly raise the hands, at the level of the thigh, unfold the hands so that the dumbbells become parallel to the body.

At the highest point, hold the position for a few seconds, contract the muscles and then slowly return the arms to the starting position. This exercise can be done sitting.

Sitting with emphasis on the thigh: with the legs apart, one hand (for example, to the right) is located next to the right leg, rests against it in the knee area. The left hand rests on the left foot.

Take the dumbbell in your right hand and raise it at chest level. At the highest point, pause briefly, contract the muscles and then lower the arm slowly.

Repeat the exercise for the other hand.

If you are faced with the question of how to quickly pump your biceps at home with a bar, you should memorize some simple and useful rules that will help you quickly obtain the desired relief.

At home, it is quite possible to achieve impressive results, especially with a bar, if you raise a horizontal bar, exercise with dumbbells and a bar, or simply move away from the ground. The most important thing is that you need to train two or three times a week with care, care and concentration, without too strenuous exercises.

On the subject of pumping muscles, the regularity and correctness of the exercises is more important than their large number.

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