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How to pump the buttocks at home: the best tips

How to pump the buttocks at home: the best tips

The rhythm of our life year after year is accelerating. People often only dream of making time to go to the gym in their busy schedule.

Is it possible to do workouts at home? Many girls, for example, are interested in the question: how to inflate the buttocks at home and how can it be done quickly, in a month?

To begin, let’s define what the gluteal muscles are and what they mean to a person, without counting, of course, aesthetics. The buttock is a group of muscles. It is divided into large, medium and small muscles.

The gluteus maximus muscle serves to fix the body of our body in a vertical position and helps to flex and flex the hips. It is in our body the largest and almost completely blocks the medium and small gluteal muscles below it.

She is responsible for the appearance of our rear: the more developed and more trained, the more reliable and attractive the relief of the buttocks. The gluteus maximus gives us the opportunity to move the hip to the side.

The small is involved in all the movements of the legs, as well as in the movements of the pelvis and body.

How to pump the buttocks at home: the best tips

The modern sedentary lifestyle has led to the fact that atrophy of the gluteal muscles is seen in many men and women. They become very weak and lethargic, they lose their form. Gluteal muscles gradually accustomed to work, performing only the most necessary functions, and most of the load is transferred to the muscles of the thighs and the lower back.

All this can have a negative impact on human health. Of course, above all, this fact alters the representatives of the just half of humanity, because the girl who possesses seductive and tense forms always attracts the attention of men.

But you must not worry: everything is repairable!

A certain load on the gluteal muscles will return them to the desired shape. The main thing is to decide what result you want to get in the training process: simply get up, give a certain tone to the buttocks or increase the muscle mass of the priests. In the first case, the result can be seen quite quickly, after a month of training, and to increase the buttocks, it will take from six months to a year of regular training.

You can take your body to the perfect proportions by buying a subscription to the gym. At home, you can also inflate your buttocks fast enough, sometimes even in a month, by choosing a special set of exercises to practice at home.

Power adjustment

So, to build muscle mass in the gluteal area, we need to work in several directions simultaneously, that is, in a complex way. Some, unfortunately, are not even realize that exercise alone at home or in the gym, may not achieve the desired result, ie, round and tense priests.

The basis of everything in this business is a proper and balanced diet. If calculated correctly, control of nutrition reduce weight if there is excess body fat, therefore, will make the contours of the buttocks clearer and more prominent.

In the absence of excess and small muscle mass in this area, adequate nutrition in combination with regular exercises will help increase the volume lost.

How to pump the buttocks at home: the best tips

In no case, do not need to starve and torture yourself with all kinds of sophisticated diets, which simply abound on the Internet. A balanced diet is the consumption of healthy foods that are rich in all the vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body.

It is very important to control the amount of food consumed: it is better to eat 5 to 6 times a day, little by little, 2 to 3 times, but over and over again.

Review the recommended products that you want to include in your diet during the period of muscle development. These are beans and legumes, brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal, buckwheat, pearled barley, whole wheat bread, olive oil pressed first, almond oil and flaxseed, almonds, cashews, walnuts, dried fruit, honey. Vegetables should be present in your diet all the time.

Carrots, beets, cabbages, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce: only a store of vitamins and microelements! Try to eat cooked and cooked foods, avoiding fried ones.

For the muscle mass of the buttocks to become larger, it is necessary to eat more protein, since the protein is a building material for the muscle fibers. Another important note: for the buttocks to become more visible, you should minimize body fat in the waist area.

Therefore, with buns, cakes and sweets better to leave immediately.

Complex to practice at home.

Before doing the exercises, do a light workout: jump over the rope, make some swings with your feet sideways, knead the joints. After feeling that the body is ready for training, proceed.

How to pump the buttocks at home: the best tips

  1. Turn back with one leg bent (on the floor). Take the starting position with your hands folded at the elbows and your legs bent at the knees to the floor. Do 15 moves up with the right, then 15 moves with your left foot. Make sure the leg does not go to the side. The movement must be clearly made upwards. Make 3 sets.
  2. Bridge of buttocks. Exercise very effectively causes the buttocks to tone up. Lie on the floor, place your hands along your body, bend your knees, place them as close as possible to your buttocks. Lift the pelvis and, at the top of the ascent, squeezes the muscles of the buttocks. Do 3 sets of 20-25 times.
  3. Classic attacks Stand on the floor, with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands secured at the waist. If you have weights, after mastering this exercise without weight, take an additional weight. Instead of weights, you can use plastic bottles filled with water. Take a long step with your foot, bending it at the knee and crouch down to the parallel of the thigh with the ground. The second leg also bends at the knee and hangs on the floor without touching it. Then, leaning on the front foot, exhale and return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 10-12 attacks on each leg. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise.
  4. Squatting by the wall. This exercise quickly strengthens the gluteal muscles. Press the buttocks and back against the wall. Without removing them from the plane, lower to the parallel of the hips with the floor as if you were sitting in a chair. Lock in this position for thirty seconds. Make three series. For the next lesson, increase the waiting time by 10 seconds, then by another 10, and so on for a month.
  5. Squats are a basic exercise, but very effective. Make a squat position by moving your buttocks down and back. After the curve in the knee joint becomes equal to 90 degrees, begins to return to the initial position, transfer the weight to the heel of the legs as much as possible (in this case, the gluteal muscles are much more involved in the work). Do 4-5 repetitions 12-15 times.
  6. Get up in a height. For this exercise, you will need a sofa or a fixed chair. Stand in front of him and, stepping on him with one foot, stretching the muscles of the legs and buttocks, get up. Do not jump, do not help yourself with your second foot. All movement must be done at the expense of the muscles of the raised leg. Do 3 sets of 15 times on each leg.
  7. Squats with legs wide open. Place your legs wide enough, point your socks in different directions and make the squat position as low as possible. Perform 4 sets of 10-12 times.
  8. Walking on the buttocks. This exercise also strengthens the muscles. Sit on the floor or on the mat and try to walk on the buttocks back and forth.
  9. Swing your feet to the side. Stand on a rug at your side, with your arm bent at the elbow on the floor. One leg, lying on the floor, is slightly bent at the knee, the other, which swings, straightens up. Do 3 sets of 15-20 sweeps with each leg.

It is possible to quickly bring the gluteal muscles in tone to a month of regular classes at home, but for this, starting this month, should aim firmly towards the result and go confidently towards their achievement. A balanced diet and regular high-quality workouts will help you achieve the desired goal.

Everything is real and possible. The main thing – want!

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