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How to pump the forearm: basic recommendations.

How to pump the forearm: basic recommendations.

In everyday life the forearms are always involved in the work. They help to maintain the weight in the hand, make movements with a brush (turns, push-ups and push-ups).

Strong hands help lift and hold a lot of weight. To answer the question of how to pump your forearms at home, you must understand what movements these muscles are involved in, create conditions for high loads.

The result is immediate.

Exercises on the forearm carry 2 large muscle groups. These are the flexors (inner side) and the extensors (outer side of the arm).

In addition to the two movements (flexion and extension), the muscles participate in the rotations (pronation and supination) with a brush.

Effective exercises

There are several basic exercises for the development of the forearm muscles:

  • Folding the brush back grip. Initial position: sitting, forearms fixed on the thighs, reverse grip (bottom), in the hands of the bar, the arms hang loose down. To make the extension and flexion of the brush. The same exercise can be done with dumbbells on your hands. The forearm can be fixed in the bank. The exercise described directly loads the muscles of the forearm.
  • Folding the brush with a straight grip. Similar exercise The difference in grip. The weight should have a direct grip on the top. Make the same movement.
  • Flexing the forearm, standing with a bar, legs spread shoulder-width apart. The direct grip takes the weight, performs the flex on the exhale, inhales to return to its original position. In this embodiment, it is better to use the curve of the neck. It will provide an anatomically natural position for the hands.
  • Flexing the forearm with a grip hammer. The initial position is the same as in the previous exercise. Take weights with a neutral grip (in the lower position, the thumb points forward, the little finger is in reverse), bend the elbow, return to the initial position while inhaling. The range of motion is approximately 90 degrees. Do not allow complete muscle relaxation.

How to pump the forearm: basic recommendations.

  • Folding the arms with a bar behind. Standing, the hands hold the bar behind the back with a straight grip. Movement – flexion-extension. The same movement can be done in Smith’s car. Thanks to the fixed neck, it is more convenient to take the initial position. A small range of motion allows the use of larger weights than in other embodiments.
  • Weight retention To perform the exercise, you can use discs of different weights. Hold the disc with your fingers for a long time. To complicate the exercise, you can throw the disc, rotate it in the air and catch it by the edge of the other side. Do 10-15 repetitions. The same with the other hand. This exercise trains not only grip strength, but also coordination.

Training without the use of additional charges.

Exercises for the forearms can be done at home, using a crossbar or a horizontal bar. You can do the following exercises on them:

  1. Hanging on the bar, it loads the muscles due to the retention of its own weight. To begin with, you should try to stay at the bar for the longest time. If it is possible to hang for more than 30 seconds, increase the load, squeeze extra weight with your feet (a water bottle, a heavy bag), try repeating the result. How to pump the forearm in the bar already? The exercise can be complicated, add a change of grip. While in the air, change the grip from direct to reverse and vice versa. Perform the maximum number of repetitions.
  2. Hang the horizontal bar with one hand.
  3. Pull a towel or other cloth over the crossbar. Try to hold the towel, raise your hands.
  4. Pull-ups on the fingers. Hold the horizontal bar at the expense of your fingers, perform a slow lifting of your own weight.

The speed of the exercises is of the utmost importance: everything must be done slowly, without pulling. The low execution speed provides an additional power load.

Training with expanders.

At home, you can use expanders. They train the forearm, increase the strength of the grip. At the beginning, it is recommended to use an expander with little resistance.

Learn to completely compress the maximum number of repetitions. After you can change it, take a more rigid version.

Daily work at home will allow you to fully work your muscles and your maximum load. The movements such as: the transfer of heavy objects, the work with a screwdriver, any other movement with brushes, can strengthen the hands, make them more.

How to pump the forearm: basic recommendations.

In sporting goods stores and pharmacies there are rubber expanders. They are an elastic band.

With it you can at home, you can vary the training, to create an additional load on the muscles. One end of the tape is mounted on any support, the second is free. With it you can do the exercises:

  • flexion-extension of the hand,
  • Folding the forearm, imitating the fight in the hands.

The tape expander provides continuous resistance, which increases the load. With the increase of the power indicators, you can change the tape to another, more rigid.

General recommendations

When working with dumbbells, forearm bars and expanders are the most involved. All these options load the correct muscles.

But to achieve high results, they must be combined with the training of other, larger muscles (back, chest).

In each workout on the muscles of the back and chest, the forearms participate in the work, helping to maintain the weight. All the traction movements aimed at training the muscles of the back are directly related to the forearms.

To lift more weight in the deadlift, you need a strong grip.

Like the calf (calf), the forearm reacts ambiguously to the load. This is due to the fact that the training of the muscles listed is an addition to the daily loads.

They participate in the daily bulky work, so the pumping of big hands is quite difficult.

You can create optimal conditions for training and at home, to achieve the desired results using the following recommendations:

  1. Work with additional loads must be accompanied by a warm-up. This rotation in the joints of the carpus, elbow and shoulder, flexion and extension. Pre stretch.
  2. All exercises should be done at a slow pace, without making sudden movements.
  3. Weights and dumbbells to use, starting with a small scale. This will prevent the possibility of injury. The weak carpal joints will gradually strengthen, can increase the weight.
  4. Combine the training of the forearm muscles with the training of larger muscles. Such extensive training will provide better and faster progress.

All these recommendations will allow to achieve high results in the training of the muscles of the forearms. At home, the training is carried out or in the gym, with dumbbells or on the horizontal bar, to create the right conditions and ensure an optimal load, you must remember the specific aspects of training.

We must also mention the observance of the diet. Balanced, with all the nutrients, the foods will accelerate the process and provide the right conditions for difficult workouts.

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