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How to pump the legs: the recommendations of the professionals.

How to pump the legs: the recommendations of the professionals.

The ideal of masculine and feminine figures is now a beautiful, thin and toned body. Each person would like to have a structure of this type, since external beauty is a promise of self-confidence, normal self-esteem, success in personal life, etc.

It is for this reason that many men and women in our time begin to practice sports. An important part in the formation of a beautiful body is the pumping of the muscles of the lower extremities, which some people forget, paying more attention to the upper body.

This article explains how to stimulate your legs in a short period of time, provides basic rules for training, describes exercises and recommendations on how to perform them in the most effective way.

Where to do better: at home or in the gym.

Of course, this moment is important if you are wondering how to pump your legs. On the question of where to do, everyone will respond differently, since it depends on many factors.

Here we will only give some recommendations on the choice of workplace, which will help you achieve your goal: quickly increase your legs.

Exercises in the gym are usually more effective than homework. The reasons for this mass:

  • the possibility of consulting with a coach during a lesson in the gym,
  • coaching control of the training process (develop an individual training program, correct errors in the exercises, select weights or weights, recommendations for adequate nutrition, etc.),
  • Wide selection of simulators to work the muscles of the legs.
  • Motivational component (paying money for a subscription, it will be a shame to skip classes).

For the task, it is necessary to free up space (preferably in front of the mirror) so that nothing gets in the way of arm and arm distance. The main thing is to forget the distractions in the home: housework, entertainment (since this can shorten the duration of training or cancel it completely).

If you want to know how to quickly increase your legs, we will respond: the main thing is the regularity of the classes, the compliance with all the training rules that are offered in this article and the desire to acquire a beautiful figure in a short time.

How to pump the legs: the recommendations of the professionals.

How to make the training successful

For training to yield results, you must follow some simple principles:

  1. Make a training schedule (3-4 times a week) and do not miss classes. It is important to exercise regularly to achieve the desired effect.
  2. Choose comfortable clothes: nothing should hinder your movements.
  3. Before the exercises, warm up to warm up the muscles and prepare them for the exercises.
  4. During the session, observe your body: do the exercises correctly, observe which muscles are tense.
  5. Make at least 40 minutes.
  6. After exercise, stretch: this will help the muscles recover from the athletic load.
  7. Observe the correct diet. Eat at least 3 times a day. Make a varied menu consisting only of natural and healthy products.

To understand how to develop leg muscles, you must have an idea about their structure. They can be divided into 4 groups: the buttocks, the shin, the back of the thigh, the front of the thigh (quadriceps).

During training, you should pay attention to each of these muscles.

For each part of the leg there are special exercises, which are many. Here we only analyze the most effective.

Training of the gluteal muscles.

The gluteal structure includes three muscles: large, medium and small. The main focus of the training is the gluteus maximus, since it is responsible for the shape of the buttocks. To pump it, perform the following exercises:

  1. Squats Crouch deeply, watch your back (it must be straight). The feet put the socks forward, parallel to each other. You can do this exercise with jumps: between squats, jumping and sitting down again. In this last case, the front part of the thigh is involved.
  2. Lunges Take a step forward, there is a right angle at the front of the knee, the back knee almost reaches the floor. Keep your back level during exercise.
  3. Lifting buttocks. Lie on the carpet, bend your legs to your knees. Lift the buttocks as high as possible. You can delay and jump at the top of 10-15 seconds.

These exercises can be done at home. It is advisable to do them with an additional load: take weights and better a bar. For squats and strides, place the bar on the shoulders, to raise the buttocks, on the body, closer to the legs.

Select the weight according to the feelings, start with the small ones (for women of 6 to 8 kg, for men of 12 to 15 kg).

How to pump the legs: the recommendations of the professionals.

Training the muscles of the front of the thigh.

To pump the front of the thigh, do the following exercises:

  1. The extension of the leg is the most effective exercise to work on this part of the muscles. Done while sitting in the simulator. You can alternatively perform the right-left legs, and two together.
  2. Bank leg lying down. It is carried out in a simulator. Lie down, bending the knees and move the block upwards, gradually flexing the legs.
  3. Breeding legs, lying on the ground. This exercise is well trained the muscles that are between the legs (inner surface of the thighs). Lie on your back, lift your legs, forming a right angle with your body. Begin to extend your legs at the same time in different directions (left and right) and put them back together.
  4. Squeezing the ball. Sitting in a chair, place a rubber ball between your hips and begin to squeeze and loosen it. When you exercise, the inner thigh works.

In the first stage, perform these exercises 30 to 40 times in three series.

Training the muscles of the back of the thigh.

Of all the muscles of the lower extremities, these require the greatest training, since they do little work in daily life.

To pump the back of the thigh, do the following exercises:

  1. Flexion of the stretched legs. Made in the simulator, lying on his stomach.
  2. Raising his legs, lying on his stomach. Lie face down, hands under your chin. When stretching the back of the thigh, try lifting and holding the straight leg for a few seconds as high as possible (first, alternately, then together).

Do such exercises 10-15 times per 3 series.

How to pump the legs: the recommendations of the professionals.

Training the muscles of the lower part of the leg.

The most effective exercises for pumping the lower leg are:

  1. Lift your socks, stand on a stand or step on. It is necessary to lower the heels (so that they hang from the support and almost reach the floor) and climb on the fingers. Perform first with both feet together, and then alternately. After doing so, rotate the socks in different directions and repeat the exercise.
  2. Jump the rope

Do exercises in 2-3 approximations 10-15 times (jumps – 25-30 times).

Some tips to train.

Do not skip classes, since the quick way to develop muscles is only possible with regular workouts. Decide the training schedule (in the morning or at night), select the best days of the week and follow the program.

When developing a class program, remember that it is necessary to work all the muscles of the legs. In each workout, choose 1-2 exercises from each of the groups described, to use both the upper legs (thighs and buttocks) and the lower part (lower leg).

Thus the legs will develop harmoniously.

Allow your muscles to warm up before doing the basic exercises. Warm up: rotating the feet, knees, etc.

It is possible to perform cardio exercises for 10 minutes before training (exercises in an elliptical trainer, jogging). After training, stretch. Sit on the floor, spread your legs and stretch alternately towards one and the other leg.

This will restore muscles after exercise.

Try to do each exercise correctly, observe the sensations. If you feel that the right muscle is tensing, then you are doing the exercise correctly. Observe the position of the back, stop when performing exercises.

Try not to help with your hands (do not make movements during lunges, squats). If you feel you have stopped tiring in class, it means that you need to increase the weight or the number of approaches.

Then the classes will continue to be effective.

Do not forget to eat well. Prepare your diet to include only fresh, natural and high quality products.

Eat at least three times a day, preferably varied.

When all the recommendations are met, the result will not take long, and very soon you will notice that your legs have become stronger and stronger.

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