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How to pump the press at home without special simulators.

How to pump the press at home without special simulators.

To buy a beautiful figure, it is not necessary to buy expensive equipment or go to the gym. To perform effective exercises you just have to want and some free time.

Those who know how to pump the press at home correctly, can form a beautiful body. But the muscles of the press are necessary not only to create an attractive image. They participate in most of the movements of the body, support the spine and protect the internal organs.

Therefore, a strong press is very important for health.

What you need to form a beautiful figure.

To increase the pressure at home, it is necessary to perform special exercises. But in women, the characteristics of physiology are such that fat deposits often accumulate in the abdomen. Yes, and the men of this, too, sometimes suffer.

And under the layer of pumped fat the muscles simply will not be visible. Therefore, you should also pay attention to food.

Many people think that the deposits of fat will disappear if you do exercises for the press. But it is impossible to turn fat into muscle. Muscle tissue grows due to protein intake.

In addition, during the digestion of proteins many calories are spent.

It turns out that those who want to quickly increase the pressure in the house, must control their diet and get rid of fat deposits in the abdominal area. This can be achieved by following some simple rules:

  • I need to eat 3 to 5 times a day, but little by little.
  • Limit the use of sweets.
  • exclude from the diet the harmful products that contain preservatives, flavors and other chemical products,
  • Do not eat canned, smoked and salted foods,
  • eat more raw vegetables and fruits
  • to build muscle mass add protein to the diet: tofu, legumes, lentils,
  • drink more pure water.

The press is easy to pump if there is no belly fat. To get rid of them, you need to spend more calories than they enter the body.

For this it is important to maintain an active lifestyle. Aerobics, dancing, swimming, cycling or walking will help maintain a normal weight.

And when it is normalized, the exercises for the press will be effective to form beautiful cubes of relief in the stomach.

The best exercises for the press.

There are many exercises for which accessories are not needed. You can do them at home.

For the classes you only need a gym mat, since most of the exercises are done in the prone position. However, if done correctly, you can strengthen the abdominal muscles for 1-2 months.

The fastest muscle mass simply does not increase. So, how fast to pump the press at home?

Most of the exercises have been known to everyone. But still, this is the most effective way to exercise the rectus abdominus muscle.

How to pump the press at home without special simulators.

  1. Exercise bike – the easiest to train press. To complicate it and make it more efficient, you can do it by lifting your upper body on the floor.
  2. The scissors can be made in the classic version, crossing straight legs in weight. The vertical scissors also strengthen the abdominal muscles effectively: lift the legs straight, lower them alternately without touching the ground and lift them immediately.
  3. An effective way to work the bottom of the press is to raise the straight legs from a supine position. Complicated may be the fact that when you download them you can not touch the floor.
  4. Lifting the body of the back also strengthens the abdominal muscles. Especially if you simultaneously raise the legs flexed, trying to touch the chest with the knees.
  5. A variant of this exercise inflates the oblique abdominal muscles. In the initial position, the arms should be attached behind the head. When lifting the body, try touching the right elbow of the left knee, and vice versa.
  6. Table of exercises: a very effective way of pumping all the abdominal muscles. It is performed from a prone position on the stomach. Supported on the elbows and toes, you must lift the body and fix it in this position parallel to the floor. Hold as much as possible. Breathing to keep you soft.
  7. It is easy to build your abdominal muscles with the help of an exercise book. It is true that it is a little more complicated than others, but after a preparation, everyone can do it. It is done this way: from a prone position on the back to lift the legs and body straight at the same time.

Proper exercise

Subject to compliance with all employment rules, you can pump the abdominal muscles for 1-2 months. To do this, you should pay attention to the training for 30 to 40 minutes per day.

But it is important to remember that muscles grow during rest, therefore, periodically you should rest your body. This training program is often recommended: 2-3 days to practice, one day to rest.

But how to do the exercises correctly? As follows:

  • Before the class you need to warm up to warm up the muscles,
  • you should not try to repeat the movement many times, 3 approaches are enough 15-20 times,
  • Over time, the abdominal muscles adapt to the loads, so gradually it is necessary to increase their intensity or complicate the weighting exercises.
  • you can not overdo it, the muscles can feel tired and even burn, but not pain,
  • When lifting the body, be sure to support the head with your hands, this will prevent neck injuries.
  • It is recommended to maintain the tension of the abdominal muscles during the session.
  • It is very important to breathe properly: without problems, calmly, and the main effort you must do when exhaling.

How to pump the press at home without special simulators.

How to monitor your progress

The motivation and desire to have a beautiful figure is very important for successful studies. Therefore, you need to see the results of the classes. It is often recommended to keep a journal to record daily achievements.

Everything is important: changes for the best in diet, physical activity and exercise.

It is also necessary to record the changes that have occurred with the press. Muscles weigh more than fat, so regret for this is useless.

It is better to measure the circumference of the waist with one centimeter per week. The measurements should be done without clothes, relaxing the muscles.

Every two weeks you can also take pictures of yourself, which will help you see what results have been achieved.

Rules for a successful formation.

Often, those who want to pump abdominal muscles quickly make mistakes. This is an excessive burden, and the desire to form cubes using monotonous exercises, and ignoring the need to eat well. To avoid failures, you must follow the rules that will help to properly develop abdominal muscles:

  • you need to set a goal, create a training program and follow it clearly,
  • Classes should be regular, 3-5 times a week,
  • Do not wait for instant results: you need at least a month of regular exercise to build your muscles,
  • special exercises on the formation of the abdominal muscles should start only after the fat deposits move away from the waist,
  • To avoid damaging the spine, you must use a special gym mat or a thick blanket,
  • In the complex of daily workouts, it is necessary to include not only the load in the press, the exercises must be diverse and 3 to 4 exercises per day are sufficient for the abdominal muscles.

If you combine training and nutrition correctly, for a couple of months it is possible to pump the abdominal muscles at home. For this you only need a great desire and perseverance.

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