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How to pump your back on the bar: a set of exercises

How to pump your back on the bar: a set of exercises

If you want to have broad shoulders, you can not do without exercises aimed at developing the muscles of the back. Many people think that this result can only be achieved in the gym, under the guidance of a coach.

And often forget about the possibility of pumping again at the bar.

The exercises in a horizontal bar are classified as one of the first in the history of mankind. They have been proven for centuries and offer the following benefits:

  • form wide shoulders
  • Helps solve the problem of scoliosis, stooping,
  • strengthen the lower back,
  • help maintain weight control
  • promote growth (up to 30 years can still grow by increasing the space between the vertebrae),
  • Develop the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms.
  • It has a great variety.

The pull-ups on the bar are the most effective way to develop the muscles of the back.

How to pump your back on the bar: a set of exercises

Preparing the lesson

If you are a beginner or have a good sports training, it is not a fact that doing exercises on a horizontal bar does not cause you injuries. To avoid such a negative experience, you must warm up your muscles or, in a different way, warm up.

Before starting, do exercises to warm the cervical vertebrae. Bend your head in different directions, then turn it on one and on the other side.

Proceed with a warm up of the shoulders, arms and muscles of the chest and waist. Make the hands oscillate the upper part and move the hands sideways. Turn your hands

Twisted torso, lower body when performed must remain stationary.

One of the most effective exercises to warm up before push-ups are push-ups. Squeeze 10 times, do not try to do as much as possible. You only need to prepare the muscles for a more complex load.

If you exercise in the gym, one of the best warm-up exercises will be the push of the upper block behind the head.

For this type of occupation, follow certain rules: do not start a lesson without insurance, do not work on rusty and unstable horizontal bars. Do not start training again at the bar in the presence of injury and ill health.

To learn how to get up, you need to make an effort. But when you master it, you will open many possibilities and variations of exercises with a horizontal bar.

Where to start

If you have not yet learned how to get up on a horizontal bar, then you need methods that help you do it in the shortest possible time. We present to your attention the 4 most effective types of them.

  1. The first way is to repeat the failed attempts. You have to imitate the situation as if you had already done a pull-up. Use the footrest. Stand on it, holding yourself with your arms folded, and keep your chin above the horizontal bar. Next, straighten the arms and repeat. Do an exercise for your back on a horizontal bar slowly until you tire.
  2. Ask a friend to train with you. You can discuss who will learn to stop quickly. Then let it be behind you and, keeping on your back, help pull. At the same time, do not count on the strength of the couple, but rather direct your efforts to the exercise.
  3. Poluptyagging Place an auxiliary object under the crossbar, stand on it. Next, you need to jump and hang from your hands, folded ninety degrees. Try to stay longer in this position.
  4. With the help of bars. Hold the bars with your hands. Put your feet in front of you, putting them on supports. Now pull your chest towards the uneven bars. Make sure the waist does not bend.

To achieve the desired result in the shortest time possible, combine the above methods with each other and do not give up halfway.

How to pump your back on the bar: a set of exercises

Exercise for the development of the muscles of the back.

If you are wondering how to inflate your back on the horizontal bar, the answer will be one: get up! This is an effective way to exercise the muscles of the back.

But different types of pull-ups carry the back in different ways. Some give volume, others give density. With the help of some, the muscles of the lower back are worked, with the help of others, the muscles of the upper back.

Using different types of push-ups in the complex, it will effectively work your entire back. During the exercises, monitor the work of the back muscles in the bar.

Note which group is more involved in each of them.

The most common types of pull-ups. With the production of hands: parallel, shoulder width, with a wide grip, with a wide grip on the head.

Try each one of them and make your choice.

  1. Chest pull-up with a wide range of hands. In training, this exercise must be first, it works effectively through the wider elements of the muscles. Follow the execution technique. Keep elbows separated and do not pull them together. Squeeze the muscles of your back, not your biceps. If you can do 15 times, start using the weights.
  2. Head down Fix the straps on the horizontal bar. Lift your legs, holding them on the bar. Exhale and stretch to the level of the mid-abdomen, while inhaling, lower yourself.
  3. Pull-ups with arms well separated. Pull on the top, holding your elbows as if you were doing push-ups. When doing it, it must feel trapezoidal.
  4. Pull-up through the bar. Grab the bar with one hand the usual grip, and with the other, the opposite. Pull up, every time you leave the crossbar, either with one or the other side of your head.

Depending on the result you expect, increase the number of approaches and repetitions. If you want to increase muscle mass and easily do 15 repetitions without load, start adding weights.

To pump the muscles of the back, it is important to follow certain nutrition rules. If the goal of training is to build muscle, increase the protein intake from 1 g per 1 kg of weight to 2 g. Do not eat directly before training.

As a supplement to nutrition, take vitamin complexes, especially in winter and spring.

As you can see, the exercises on the horizontal bar are an effective method to increase the muscles of the back. Act, and you will achieve the desired result and even more.

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