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How to pump your legs at home: the best exercises.

How to pump your legs at home: the best exercises.

Everyone wants to look good. To achieve this, you need, among other things, to take care of the shapes of your body.

Now beautiful is considered a thin figure pumped for girls and a strong body for men. To keep a beautiful figure, many people prefer not to attend gyms, but to study at home on their own. From this article, you will learn how to increase your legs in your home in a short period of time: what exercises you need to perform, how to perform them correctly, what it is important to pay attention to when doing a training at home.

About 50% of the muscles throughout the body are concentrated in the legs, so they deserve special attention and training.

How to do homework

If you are thinking about how to pump your legs at home, then you should start preparing for workouts at home. For this you need:

  1. Determine for yourself the training days and the training time (you need to do a program consisting of approximately 3 workouts per week).
  2. Choose a place to exercise. You will need a large mirror to control if you are doing the exercises correctly. Free space in front of the mirror so there are no foreign objects in the arm and legs.
  3. Choose the right clothes. It should be comfortable and not disturb your movements.
  4. Assemble the training equipment: a mat (or a blanket) to perform exercises on the floor, a set of objects to perform exercises with additional load (weights, dumbbells, a bar for weights) may also need a small ball, a rope for jump, a step (or thick book).

If you decide to increase your legs at home, the most important thing is regular training, compliance with the basic rules of conducting classes and the desire to obtain results. When all the recommendations are fulfilled, the effect of the lessons will be noticed very soon, after a month of regular training.

There is a lot of exercise for the leg muscles. In the preparation stage for classes it is important to do a set of exercises and follow them. The complex should include exercises for all muscle groups of the lower extremities (thighs, glutes, leg muscles).

Below are the effective training programs for in-home training (including classes 3 days a week). Each proposed program includes exercises for the legs in the home, whose implementation will quickly give the desired results.

How to pump your legs at home: the best exercises.

First day

The exercise complex includes:

Attacks are made in different directions: forward, backward, right and left. Performing these exercises allows you to train the muscles of the buttocks and hips.

Initial position: legs separated shoulder width apart, arms along the body or at the waist. Take a step and sit as low as possible. It is important, when returning to the initial position, not to help with a movement of the arms.

Make an effort exclusively with the muscles of the lower extremities. The first time to jump slowly to feel what muscles should work.

When doing an exercise, stand with your back to the mirror to control the position of your back. It must be straight, shoulders – straightened.

Swing your legs, you must also do it forward, backward and sideways with each foot. When doing the exercise, do not help yourself with the movement of your body and your hands. Stay still, only the leg should work.

The muscles must be tight. When performing side sweeps, do not deflect the torso on the opposite side, stand straight.

Similarly, when the back is made, one can not deflect the torso in the opposite direction, that is, forward.

Lifting socks (for the muscles of the legs). For this exercise, it is better to take a step, a book or a table, where you can stand with your toes to hang your heels.

Stand up from the chosen stand and begin to move: with the toes, as high as possible, and below, so that the heels practically reach the floor.

All exercises must be performed at least 2 sets of 10-15 times.

Second day

A set of exercises consists of squats, squats, lying down, open legs and jumping with a jump rope.

Squats: this is the most effective exercise to pump the gluteal muscles. Keep your hands on your belt, crouch on your side in front of a mirror.

Make sure your knees do not move forward, keep your back straight and stretch your shoulders.

Take a rug or blanket and lie on your side to perform a lie blow. This exercise is designed to work the muscles of the hips.

First, lift the straight leg up, then move it forward, so that it is perpendicular to the body, and start lifting again. In both cases, the sock should be oriented towards itself, the straight foot, the muscles of the legs tense.

After performing the movements, lie on your back, lift your straight legs perpendicular to your body and begin to separate them in different directions. First, work with both feet together, then alternately: one leg remains at the top, the other falls to the side.

The muscles of the inner thigh should work.

All exercises do 2 sets of 10-15 times.

Complete a set of jumping rope exercises (for the development of leg muscles). You must do at least 100 jumps for 3 series.

Third day

The latest program includes:

  • jumping squats,
  • raising his legs, lying on his stomach,
  • Exercises with the ball inside the thigh.
  • lifting socks.

From the name it is clear how to do squats with jumps. First you must sit as low as possible (as described correctly in the previous program), then try hard, get up and jump high.

The hands in the jump get up, you can make cotton over the head.

How to pump your legs at home: the best exercises.

After squatting, take a rug, lie on your stomach, put your hands under your chin. Begin to lift your legs as high as possible, first together, then alternately to the right and to the left.

The exercise is aimed at training the muscles of the back of the thigh.

Then sit in the chair, place the rubber ball between your hips and begin to squeeze it. At first slowly (30-40 times), then quickly (30-40 times).

The exercise allows you to train the inner part of the thigh.

Complete the exercise and the exercise is known: lifting socks. If you wish, you can replace it with jumps with a rope, since in both cases the muscles of the lower leg work, the exercises are equally effective.

General recommendations for the realization of classes.

To increase your legs at home as quickly as possible, exercise every week at least three times, do not skip classes. Remember that the training should last at least 30 to 40 minutes to give the desired effect. Before training, do not forget to stretch your legs: turn the joints of the knees, feet, pelvis.

It is convenient to run a little, so that the muscles warm up better. If there is no treadmill, you can run the exercise in place.

In this case, try to move the heel almost reaching the buttocks.

Do all the exercises correctly. If you feel that the muscle is tensing, it means that you are doing everything right, but if you do the exercise easily, you are probably doing something wrong.

Check your performance technician in front of the mirror. After each class, be sure to stretch, as it helps the muscles recover from energy loads.

The body quickly becomes accustomed to stress, it is likely that already in the first month you will feel that you have stopped feeling very tired after doing the exercises. In this case, for the training to remain effective, it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions of an exercise, and also to do exercises with weighting. For example, when performing strides and squats to take on the shoulders of the bar.

If you do not have the bar, you can lift a dumbbell. When doing fly-ups (standing and lying down), extending the legs and lifting the legs while lying on the stomach, you can use the weighting.

Start with a small weight, gradually increasing the load, and you will see the results in the first month of training. In the second month of training, when you get used to the load, you can add jogging on a treadmill or on the street, cycling exercises or exercises on an elliptical trainer (if you have one) to your main activities.

If you are ready to follow all these simple rules, very soon you will get a result in the form of thin, beautiful and toned legs.

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