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How to recognize a lie: the characteristics of the gestures, the tricky facial expressions.

How to recognize a lie: the characteristics of the gestures, the tricky facial expressions.

They lie, they stay behind, they embellish reality and soften unpleasant moments with the help of words that are not entirely sincere, many people. Such is psychology. For someone, a lie is an immutable and habitual companion of life, a convenient tool to manipulate people.

Someone, having deceived, feels guilty and regrets.

How to recognize a lie in the eyes, facial expression, gestures and behavior of a person? In fact, it is not difficult if you are an observer and learn how to trace the behavioral signs characteristic of liars.

The look does not deceive.

Not in vain the eyes are called the mirror of the soul. They can determine a person’s psychological state of mind and understand if they are telling the truth at this time.

When you doubt the information that your interlocutor gives, follow his gaze. It is very likely that they will lie to you if the following happens:

  • a person avoids direct contact with the eyes, constantly looks the other way, pretends to be looking at items inside or digging into a mobile phone
  • Interlocutor often flashes quickly
  • before answering an uncomfortable question, he looks up and looks to the right (in psychology, this involuntary movement of the eyes is considered a clear sign of lying).

Sometimes, you should pay attention to the status of the interlocutor’s students at the moment they speak to you about something, and doubts about their veracity. If they are slightly extended, then it is very likely that the person will tell the truth.

He is relaxed, immersed in memories and fascinated by his narration. Narrow pupils with fleeting eyes indicate internal discomfort and fear of being caught in a lie.

Reception verified. Let me start the alleged liar to tell you a story, even if you do not believe in it.

Listen to the other person calmly, give your consent from time to time and keep a slightly absent look. Let him feel that he has already guided you, and relax. As soon as this happens, quickly ask a question specifying some details, catch the eye and look carefully into the eyes.

If a person shows all the signs listed above, then, at least, he retains something!

How to recognize a lie: the characteristics of the gestures, the tricky facial expressions.

An honest interviewer will answer something like this:

  • will answer the question, but you will be a little surprised that it was interrupted
  • He admits that he did not remember such details and that he smiled.

At the same time, your look will be calm and directed at you.

Smile or dislike?

There are other ways of recognizing a lie by facial expressions, because each emotion is accompanied by a certain facial expression. Even trying to hide true feelings, an ordinary person can not completely control all reactions. In psychology, a method is widely used that prescribes paying attention to subtle changes in the interlocutor’s face before responding to a dangerous question.

  • Lips for a moment clenched, and the corners of the mouth fall. This facial expression is characteristic of a person who sees something disgusting in front of him or feels a bad smell. Lying is always unpleasant. The stress that precedes the false words affects the facial expressions, like an ugly vision. Even an avid liar will turn himself in before he has time to show a serene expression on his face.
  • A person smiles in one corner of his mouth, while another at the same time can be lowered. Such a wide curve indicates a lack of internal harmony, the discrepancy between the spoken words of reality. The sincere smile does not require effort, on the contrary, it is difficult to contain!
  • The interviewee smiled only with his lips. Psychologists say that you can really only smile with your whole face, while bright and characteristic wrinkles appear near the eyes. This suggests that the emotion is not artificial, and those muscles that are naturally tense when we are having fun are involved in the smile.

A tense smile, an artificial laugh, deliberately strong, an aversion hardly hidden for the subject of conversation or the interlocutor: all these are signs of blatant lies!

Gestures say more than words.

How to recognize a lie, if a smile in a conversation is inappropriate and a person’s eyes are hidden behind glasses? When talking about serious or even unpleasant things, unsatisfied facial expression and irritation is a normal reaction, and it is not prudent to suspect that a friend, relative or colleague has a lie.

It is strange if, when talking about something bad, the interlocutor seems relaxed and calm. Here the suspicions are quite appropriate.

How to recognize a lie: the characteristics of the gestures, the tricky facial expressions.

If the mimicry corresponds to the nature of the conversation, but continues to torment vague doubts, concentrate on the interlocutor’s gestures. You must be alerted for the following actions:

  • the person covers his mouth unconsciously with his hand (this suggests that, perhaps, he is inwardly opposed to the need to lie)
  • Sitting in front of you (for example, on the other side of the table), place objects between you, as if you wanted to separate and protect yourself from your close attention
  • The interlocutor pulls the tip of the nose or rubs the forehead, removes the speck from the eye (psychologists believe that in this way tends to close, remains impenetrable, is already tormented by a feeling of guilt)
  • a person is constantly trying to divert his attention with his actions (he wipes his glasses for an infinitely long time, brushes the invisible dust particles from his clothes, twists his hair with a finger or straightens his tie)
  • Crossed arms or legs also talk about a person’s tension and desire to cover themselves.

In such cases, allow him to do everything he considers necessary, do not interrupt and listen, looking him in the eye. If you are cheated, it will be well known.

The interlocutor will start to get nervous more and more, maybe you want to drink some water or start rummaging through the drawers of the table.

How to recognize a lie: the characteristics of the gestures, the tricky facial expressions.

Try asking him a question about another topic. Vrunishka will rejoice at the opportunity to end the unpleasant conversation and begin to speak with enthusiasm.

A person who speaks unpleasant truth will be angry or discouraged at being interrupted and will consider your question inappropriate and untimely. It is not easy for him to continue this conversation, but he will prefer to take it to the end.

Speech, voice, intonation – indicators of truthfulness.

The voices of loved ones that we learn from thousands. It will also be useful to find out how to learn to recognize a lie by ear, without looking at the speaker or talking to him on the phone.

Speaking at ease and in a close and familiar circle, people do not think about how to talk, how their voice changes according to their emotions. They use the words and expressions to which they are accustomed.

Therefore, when you have to lie, change, because now you must be careful that others do not suspect cheating. The more naturally and naturally the liar tries to speak, the brighter the opposite effect is:

  • Illogical pauses appear between the words (after all, they need to be picked up!)
  • voice increases noticeably (emotion affects) or becomes unbearable (this is how experienced liars act)
  • the words come too fast, the story is full of unnecessary details (the cunning tries to convince everyone of its truth)

If all this is accompanied by nervous laughter or inept jokes, then all is not lost: your interlocutor has not yet learned to lie professionally. Tell him about it, smile, and he will most likely feel embarrassed and flushed.

And lying (at least to you) will no longer.

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