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How to relax: the role of vacations, the recommendations of psychologists.

How to relax: the role of vacations, the recommendations of psychologists.

Modern life often requires hard work, as a result of which fatigue, both physical and emotional, accumulates at a certain point. It is important to know how to relax properly so that the activity is productive and the mood is positive.

The need to restore the body.

Complete rest is a vital need for a person, without which the quality of work is drastically reduced. To determine the optimal mode of work and rest, you must remember some simple rules.

To work productively, it is necessary to restore your strength. Rest is not a way out of work, but a way to recharge the batteries with energy.

It does not mean lying down for hours in front of the television. To wake up in the morning with a fresh head and positive thoughts, it is necessary at night to organize an active rest for you.

A walk, a cold shower and a clean bed will ensure a healthy sleep. Each person has an individual need to sleep, but a time of 8 hours is considered ideal. During this time, the body has time to fully recover, physically and psychologically.

If there is a situation in which it is not possible to sleep at night, it is necessary to organize a short day of sleep, since people, generally dedicated to mental activity, rest.

It is necessary to start the rest, when fatigue has not yet appeared and the strength to organize physical activity remains. The optimal work week is 40 hours.

Increasing this time will not increase productivity, but will lead to fatigue and depression, which may require long-term treatment.

Fractional rest is more rational. It is better to rest for 10 minutes every hour.

If fatigue builds up, it will be much harder to deal with it. That’s why standards have been developed for office workers.

People whose work is related to the computer are entitled to breaks of 15 minutes per hour. It is worth spending this time to take a walk in the park or exercise.

A short but active vacation will greatly increase the productivity of additional work.

How to relax: the role of vacations, the recommendations of psychologists.

Change of activity

Even in ancient Greece, a change in the type of activity was considered an example of how to relax. And for good reason! Rest implies a change in the activity of various organs:

  • The alternation of mental work with physical: the best option for recovery.
  • If the work involves a low motor activity, the rest should be associated with the movement: it can be swimming, jogging or simply walking in the park.

Change of scenery

The changing environment allows you to recover effectively:

  • If the work is related to being in a room, rest should be done in nature.
  • If a person works in a team, then they will receive emotional relief, remaining for a time in solitude, preferably in nature.
  • People who work outdoors, going to the theater or to the museum will be a real pleasure.
  • In case of office work, a visit to the gym, club or dance floor will allow you to relax well.

Rest after work

The change of the emotional state is also important for the nervous system. If during the day there are many meetings with different people, nervous tension accumulates, how to relax after work? Emotional fatigue can be eliminated by taking a walk in the woods or along the riverbank.

In the case of monotonous paper, play sports or, for example, a nightclub will be an excellent way to relax.

We must be able to disconnect from work after a busy day. Do not discuss at home the problems associated with the main activity and pending issues.

It is also advisable to turn off the phone even during a short break.

A healthy lifestyle contributes to an effective recovery. Alcoholic beverages may give the illusion of a temporary discharge, but then there will be an even greater decomposition, and the next day you will have a headache.

How to relax: the role of vacations, the recommendations of psychologists.

Weekend in nature

You have to think about weekend vacations. It is impossible to sleep for two days for a week.

Placing yourself aimlessly on the couch in front of the TV will not relieve fatigue either. It is better to go with your family or friends outside of the city, to the forest or to the mountains, to the river.

This holiday will carry you with positive emotions throughout the week and will allow you to go to work on Monday in a good mood.

Some tips will tell you how to relax after work over the weekend:

  • A person who works tirelessly, the body wears faster, it is important to realize the need to recover.
  • Minimize the time spent on the computer or TV
  • Do not turn on the alarm clock on the morning of the weekend you can get some sleep.
  • Do not run to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, there is no hurry.
  • Do not accumulate all the cases on the weekend and do not try to redo them.
  • Forget about business plans and organize a walk in the park, a family dinner in a cozy cafeteria or practice some kind of sport.

Even for a person who does his favorite thing, vacations are necessary. It helps to restore vital energy, without which the body will always be in a state of fatigue.

A regular and properly rested person has better health and a reliable immunity. It is more suitable for intense mental activity.

So that the holidays have the maximum effect, it is better to divide it in several parts and to rest every three or four months a week. This is enough to fully recover his strength and not to be used to work.

Prolonged rest is too relaxing, since it is more difficult to return to the usual rhythm. Therefore, we must choose the best option. The best place to spend your vacations are the quiet and picturesque corners of nature.

You can go to the sea or to the lake, to the mountains, to the river bank, away from the noisy city.

When leaving work, many dream of sleeping and lying on the beach. However, it is also necessary to relax on vacation.

The cleaning and restoration of the body will contribute to the walk, the sea and water air, fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is necessary to make a plan for the rest, which will include active events: visits to historical and natural attractions, museums. It is especially interesting to observe the life of an unknown city, get acquainted with the local culture, participate in national holidays.

The richer the rest, the more vivid the memories will be. They are also reminded of photos and videos that will cause positive emotions.

Going on vacation, you should not choose night flights. After them, a lot of time is devoted to adaptation, sleep and recovery, for a long time he does not feel rested but tired.

In the first days, you should not get involved in active activities until the body is rebuilt. It’s better to relax a bit, go for a swim, take walks.

During holidays it is not necessary to call work, discover the news, it is better to read light literature. Purchases should not be postponed until the last day.

At the end of the holidays it is better to leave for two days for a relaxed vacation. As a general rule, many people get tired of shopping.

How to relax properly after work? Using the above recommendations, you can effectively organize your schedule.

This will allow you to be always vigorous, happy and healthy.

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