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How to sit in the divisions for a week: a set of exercises

How to sit in the divisions for a week: a set of exercises

A flexible body is the dream of almost all women. Thanks to gain flexibility, physical attractiveness for the opposite sex, self-confidence, softness of movement, grace appears.

In addition, the muscles develop more, and thus, the pain worries. One of the most famous exercises to train flexibility is the splits.

At home, with daily workouts, you can easily learn how to do it. This article describes the benefits of these exercises, as well as how to sit in the divisions for a week.

Conceptual content

The term twine began to be used in sports from the name of a strong string. In addition to being able to stretch easily, the muscles of a trained person can stretch so that the body parts take the necessary position.

Twine: this is a condition in which the lower extremities are located on the same line: the inner surface of the legs could form an angle of 180 degrees.

Such types of a thread that are assigned:

  • Crosses – legs separated in different directions
  • The longitudinal lower extremities are directed backwards and forwards. Depending on which foot is in front, the right and left strings are separated.
  • Real: refers to a series of special gymnastic exercises, when the transversal divisions are made in a horizontal bar or pedestal, that is, in a subsidence. To perform this type, of course, you need an excellent stretch.

In addition, the divisions can be done standing, lying, jumping, in your arms.

Preliminary preparation

To sit in the divisions for a week, you must prepare physically and morally. First, it should be understood that the flexibility of the body, the ability to stretch, are natural data that are not inherent in all. If an individual is overweight, just lift the leg, it is worth establishing a goal to learn to be more flexible, flexible, mobile and only then: sit in the divisions.

These things must be understood and understood clearly so as not to damage your body with unbearable exercises.

How to sit in the divisions for a week: a set of exercises

With age, the ability to sit up quickly in fractures decreases. This should also be known. Therefore, it is very important to form this skill in children.

With constant training, your muscles become more flexible and the body in general is more flexible. Children can quickly learn to sit on both the cross and the longitudinal divisions.

An adult is easier to master the cross-sectional view. In addition, women have a more flexible body than men, so it is much easier for them to make divisions.

The right motivation is very important: the answer to the question: Why do I need this skill? All the answers can be divided into the following subgroups:

  1. To improve health. Thanks to the rope it is possible to improve the flexibility of the joints, the elasticity of the muscles and the ligaments. People no longer suffer from back pain, menstruation becomes less painful. This exercise is useful for those who are prone to stretch muscles and ligaments. These injuries begin to occur in life much less frequently.
  2. To improve the attractiveness. A string is needed to tighten the figure and give it a more seductive shape. The legs become thinner, buttocks elastic. The march and the gestures change, they acquire softness and freedom. In addition, the quality of intimate life, partners of resistance.
  3. To achieve results in sports. Many sports activities require this skill. These include not only gymnastics, but also various martial arts, where without a good stretch it is impossible to give a precise hit. Here it is important to learn not only the transverse line, but also the longitudinal one.
  4. To learn to dance. To learn to move beautifully, the muscles must also be trained. This forms the softness of the movements and the cat’s grace.

In the physical part of the preparatory work, the heating of the muscles is very important. To do this, you must use the following exercises:

  • running in place – about 5 minutes
  • Earrings – 15 times in two steps
  • raising the legs forward and to the sides – 15 times with each limb and in different directions. It is easier to perform this exercise, holding the back of the chair with both hands.
  • Squats – also 15 times in two sets, try to keep your back straight.

Daily training

After going through the moral and physical training, you can start specific exercises that will help you quickly reach the divisions in just one week. First, you should use a gym mat to train, but you can also use a normal carpet. The following are special exercises to quickly make the divisions:

This exercise is necessary to achieve a good stretch of the muscles of the back and tendons of the legs. You should sit on the floor, stretching your legs in front of you, and your toes should point up, that is, be tense.

It is necessary to bend gently and try to reach the toes, stay in this position for about a minute.

Sitting on the floor, dilute the lower extremities to the side as much as possible. You can hold your feet against the wall for a better fixation.

Then, alternately, it is necessary to tilt the body to the right and to the left, trying to reach the tips of the fingers. On the slope it must remain for some time.

This exercise helps to learn to sit in the transversal divisions.

To perform this exercise, you must sit on the floor, bend your knees, with your feet together. You must extend your knees in different directions and try to touch the floor. Once again, you need to remain in this position.

  1. Jump

Ideal for longitudinal stretching of muscles. Initial position: standing.

It is necessary to throw with one leg and bend the knee until the thigh of the leg in the thrust is parallel to the floor. Then the same actions are performed, but for the other leg.

You can do this exercise in combination with others, and you can do it separately, for example, while watching television.

How to sit in the divisions for a week: a set of exercises

You should lie next to the wall so that your legs are raised and stretched against the wall, forming a right angle with the body. You must reach the fingers until you feel the tension.

These actions should be repeated 10-15 times.

You should lie on your back. First you must lift your legs at the correct angle, then separate them, as far as possible. Stay in this position for a minute.

Reconnect the legs and lower them.

After performing these exercises, you should try to sit on the fractures. And this must be done after each training.

It is easier to see progress and understand that the goal will be reached soon.

These exercises are easy to do at home. It is best to do it twice a day, but you can repeat more times.

The main thing is that the classes bring pleasure and do not exhaust the body.

Additional tips

It is important to understand that it is easier to sit in the transverse divisions than in the longitudinal divisions. In this sense, training begins with a transversal vision.

Be sure to warm up before doing the basic exercises, then the result will be better and the injuries will not be terrible. The training must be daily.

Skip classes significantly postpone the result.

Do exercises at home, light your favorite music, work with your family or ask them to help you stretch better.

Clothing for classes should be comfortable and lightweight, not hinder movement.

Stretching itself is best done on exhalation. It is very important to breathe properly.

Inhaling and exhaling should be long and deep.

You should closely control the state of your body, do not pursue a manic goal: to sit in the divisions in just one week. It is better to stretch the implementation of this task than to treat the stretching of the muscles.

The pain in the classroom should not happen!

The food during training must be complete and correct. It is important not to overeat, limit the fast carbohydrates (buns, sweets, soft drinks, etc.), drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

If there is no result at home, you should go to the gym, where there is a qualified trainer. The fact is that there are people who tend to obey others, but not themselves.

This may be due to problems and personal psychological complexes, lack of confidence in themselves and their abilities, low self-esteem. So people need a mentor to set an example and lead.

Reach the goal and sit on the cross Divisions for about a week are available to all. The main thing in this business is the correct motivation, the competent preparatory work and the daily training.

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