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How to start running and do it with pleasure.

How to start running and do it with pleasure.

Take care of your health and are you looking for an adequate form of physical activity? Start running, and do not just run, but do it with pleasure.

Editorial EasyIt is useful for you to gather recommendations that will help make the trainings across the country simple and enjoyable. So what does it take to run to bring only joy?

Do not delay, start today.

Now you are reading the article with full confidence that tomorrow, or from Monday or from next month, you will start running. The habit of postponing suffers a large part of the population of our planet. Do not give up on this temptation!

Get together and, as soon as you finish reading, determine the time to run today.

How to start running and do it with pleasure.

Buy the right sports shoes

This element can be put at the beginning, but we omit it in the second line, since it is even more important to begin. You can start training without a special shoe, the main thing is not to forget it in the future.

The right shoes will help eliminate the extra load on the knee and spine. The human body is a very strong mechanism, but the systematic incorrect loading in the same areas damages it, so be sure to stock up on good running shoes. Let’s see what you should pay attention to when choosing the right running shoes:

  • Good depreciation Running shoes always have buffers in the heel area and, sometimes, in the toe.
  • Top of cloth in the sock. It is necessary that the foot breathe well and find no obstacle when bending.
  • The sole. It must be made of abrasion resistant material: durable rubber.
  • Top at the end of the ankle. It must have a rigid frame, which fixes the leg well and does not rub the Achilles tendon.
  • Light weight The maximum weight of a pair of shoes is 400 g.

How to start running and do it with pleasure.

Learn to run

To maintain health care, care must be taken with the running technique. This recommendation is more relevant to those who went to the level when running was not just a hobby, but an integral part of life.

However, if you have systematic classes in your plans, it is best to take charge of the technical component immediately, as it is always harder to learn again.

Consider the basic rules of the technical part:

  • Body position when running: straight body, torso slightly inclined forward, adjust the running speed. A look in the direction of movement, a neck in a neutral position, the shoulders are stretched, so that the air can flow freely to the lungs. The pressure is slightly tense to stabilize the position of the body, the arms are bent 90 degrees. When the forearm is executed alternately slightly forward, and the hand slightly compressed into a fist.
  • Position of the leg: only the hip is advanced, not the whole leg. It is necessary to ensure the correct contact of the foot with the ground: the foot is placed gently on the surface with a wide part, and the heel only touches the ground lightly.
  • Breathing: during a tempo race, inhalation and exhalation are performed for every two steps, that is, two steps: inhale, two steps, exhale.

How to start running and do it with pleasure.

If you master these basic concepts, you will not have to worry that execution exercises will cause you inconvenience in the future.

Find the optimal time

Set the correct configuration: running is fun. If you are an owl, do not force yourself to get up at 5:30 am for jogging: it’s useless.

The result will be even more negative, you have enough for 2-3 exits, that’s all. He will again forget that he wanted to include execution in his daily routine.

Find the optimal time interval in your schedule. It can be at night or even at night, a couple of hours before bedtime.

It’s up to you to decide and remember the main thing: running should be fun.

Collect music

Get a player with your favorite songs and good headphones. Music can be of almost any genre and style is not very important.

It is desirable that the tracks be rhythmic, evoking the desire to practice sports, but the interpreter and the genre remain at his discretion. For music it is easier and more enjoyable to drive, it was not checked by a generation of runners.

How to start running and do it with pleasure.

Warm up before jogging

If you run in the morning, your muscles are cold after a night of sleep. If the race is scheduled for the afternoon, the warm-up can be reduced over time, but warm-up exercises are still needed for office workers, students and anyone who spends the day in a stationary position.

To warm the muscles fit simple exercises of the load complex. Walk with a high thigh lift, swing your legs, throw yourself forward and to the side.

Finish heating up with jumps in the place, best of all: with a jump rope.

Do not chase the speed

One of the most common mistakes of beginning runners is the desire to catch up with someone unknown. If he never really participated in long distance races, and suddenly decided to become a sprinter, his body will return him to the ground at the first hundred meters.

You do not need to choose a rhythm that is impossible at the time of training. Yes, you can handle the load, but now we are talking about a nice race, and not the race until the seventh sweat.

The slow or moderate trot over long distances is much more effective and useful to keep the body in good shape.

Another reason to run at a moderate pace: maintain motivation. If the previous performance was fun, it is more likely to go to the next.

Conversely, if you remember yesterday’s training, you will feel uncomfortable, and tomorrow you will find a thousand reasons not to wear running shoes.

And what about speed charges? Move them to the future, say, a couple of months before. When your body gets used to systematic loads and it’s easy to transport them, then include a sprint on the schedule.

These exercises will add to your training a spirit of competition with yourself.

How to start running and do it with pleasure.

Set moderate goals

In the wave of enthusiasm, newcomers can sometimes exaggerate. If you have already told your friends or you have written on social media that you will be running in the morning, then you want to impress everyone with your diligence and determination.

For the first time, everyone usually runs more than reasonable. However, the second day becomes more difficult to execute, this will be confirmed by anyone who has tried to run. But before himself and before everyone who knows about your workouts, it is a disadvantage to run less today than yesterday.

As a result, after several races of attrition, people usually stop running.

Instead, start small: set an objective to cover only 1 km. The next day, let it be a mile and a half, and so on. First of all, it’s morally easier to tune into a little trot, and then, if you feel the strength, you can always run a little more.

Second, small distances leave more opportunities to raise the level each day, which has a positive effect on self-esteem and motivation.

How to start running and do it with pleasure.

In short, let’s say: to find pleasure, nothing supernatural is needed. Start small, let it be 200-300 meters with respite, but with joy.

Over time, the load will increase, the run time will start to increase and, with it, the amount of calories burned. You just need to start!

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