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How to stretch: tips and exercises.

How to stretch: tips and exercises.

We can often find information in sports literature that stretching is very important. We are convinced that a good stretching of the athlete’s muscles prevents many injuries, allows us to show better results in sports. In some disciplines, such as rhythmic gymnastics or figure skating, it is very important to be flexible to perform many elements.

In martial arts, stretching is necessary for acrobatics and especially difficult elements. You can not throw a leg during a hit, like Bruce Lee, unless you have a certain level of flexibility.

Do we need muscle stretching in strength sports?

Why is stretching important for basic exercises?

Many experts in power sports talk about the great importance of muscle flexibility in the training process. And your opinion is very reasonable!

So, why is muscle stretching so important?

You may be surprised, but almost all athletes with weight lifting or muscle-building experience have very good muscle flexibility, despite their sometimes quite large size. This is mainly due to the fact that there is some specificity of the correct technique to perform basic exercises.

The athlete in the training process can be useful enough as good flexibility of the muscles.

Let’s look at a weight bar squat, for example:

  1. If you want to lower yourself deeply during squats, you will need more flexibility in the hip and knee joints. In addition, all adductor muscles must also be flexible. This also saves a variety of injuries, including those associated with poorly warming muscles before boarding.
  2. The second point refers to the adequate stabilization of the back. The fact is that to keep the back as straight as possible, it is necessary to transfer part of the load of the wrists and try to keep the elbows in vertical position. This will require proper stretching at the wrists and shoulder joint.

Let’s see what happens during the bench press:

  1. In order to significantly reduce the range of motion and connect many muscles to work to the fullest, you need to get up on the so-called bridge. How is he? In fact, it is a flexion in the thoracic and vertebral part. We are trying to close the shoulder blades and the pelvis. Of course, this requires enough flexibility of the spine.
  2. It will be useful for any athlete to learn to bend the wrists backwards during the press. What is this? It slightly reduces the amplitude of the movement and allows a better connection of the latisimus and brachial muscles to work. Of course, for this you need very flexible dolls.

Below is a series of recommendations on how to improve stretching.

How to improve flexibility in the spine

We can recommend an extremely useful and very simple exercise. What is its essence?

Approach the usual wall (and even better, the wall of the Swedish) and start to slide it gently, leaning on it with your hands. In this case, it initially recoils against the wall. The task from time to time to crawl down and down while the spine is stretched.

Be careful not to exaggerate with exercise, otherwise your head may spin. Performing daily for 10-15 minutes will be more than enough.

How to stretch: tips and exercises.

It is useful during a bench press to freeze at the bridge position for at least half a minute or for one minute in a static position.

It is very important to work stretching the muscles of the biceps of the thigh. You do not want to be knocked down at the most crucial moment.

How to improve leg flexibility.

Stretching your legs at home is quite real. But how to stretch the legs with high quality and with competence?

We recommend that you perform the following exercise, which is called partial fractions. It is important to find supports here, for example, it can be a wall of a wall.

We put our hands on something and start very slowly and carefully, separating our legs more and more to the sides. If you feel discomfort in your ligaments or joints, you should not tear.

Let everything be gradually. At the peak, it is important to stay for 10-15 seconds.

As for the workouts at home.

As you can see, most flexibility exercises can be done both at home and in the gym. You do not need anything specific from the inventory. But how to stretch the muscles?

The most important thing: do not forget to warm up carefully, comply with all measures and feel your body. Do not break. The recovery of sprains and ruptures is very unpleasant!

Much easier to avoid these injuries.

What else should be considered in the training process in addition to the need to warm up carefully?

    • It is necessary to prepare the joints and ligaments.

We believe that unnecessary comments will not be needed here. If the joints and ligaments are weak, and immediately stretches them excessively, the risk of injury is great: stretching or tearing.

It is important to work on your elasticity, stretching. Do not forget to take vitamins so that the joints receive all the necessary nutrients.

How to stretch: tips and exercises.

    • You must comply with the regime of the day, if you want to achieve growth results.

Under the regime of the day means a certain daily routine. The simplest rules are that we go to bed and eat at the same time, we sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, we eat well. In addition, it is useful to take the habit of training at the same time, because in this case, the body will get used to activating certain processes to start training.

The training will be a kind of life cycle, an integral part of it.

What equipment can be purchased at home so that the stretch at home is of high quality. You can get a Swedish wall, a gym mat and supports (for example, those that are usually drained in the gym). It is useful to participate in a special non-slip footwear.

The clothes must be elastic and should not tear at the crucial moment, should not hinder their movements. Good quality leggings and ballet / Czech shoes.

Let’s summarize the above. Therefore, stretching is very important if you want to play sports seriously enough.

In some disciplines, such as rhythmic gymnastics or figure skating, being flexible is very important for many elements. In martial arts, stretching is necessary for acrobatics and especially difficult elements. You will not be able to reproduce the movements of professional athletes unless you have a certain level of flexibility.

Do we need muscle stretching in strength sports? If I need it

During the execution of the complex, you simply can not do the exercises completely without proper stretching. To become flexible, perform simple and simple exercises, but do it constantly.

Finally, we want readers to be friends of the sport and always take care of their health! Movement is life.

If at least he does not have all the strength, but he practices a sport constantly, believe me, he is in a better position than those who try, they break their veins, they do it intensively for several months and then they give up, disappointed by the training and the healthy lifestyle. Remember that consistency and regularity are the fundamental principles of any training!

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