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How to swim the breaststroke: tips and rules.

If you can not swim in the pool or in a natural reservoir, it does not matter. It is never too late to learn this pleasant and useful sport and recreation.

Consider the advantages of the breaststroke, as well as the basic ways to master this style.

In this case, you need to swim over the chest. The extremities move in the plane parallel to the water.

This style is the slowest known. If you look at the world records (for the distance of one hundred meters) with different styles, they will look like this:

  • Tracking – 46.9 s
  • butterfly – 49.82 seconds
  • back – 51.94 s
  • breaststroke – 57.92 s.

In addition, the breaststroke is the oldest style of swimming and the most complex. According to historians, humanity has known it for at least ten thousand years.

The athlete team is not different from what is necessary when practicing other styles.

How to swim the breaststroke: tips and rules.

Why do you need to learn the breaststroke?

The benefits of swimming, in the pool or in open water, are huge for the body. Unfortunately, due to existing phobias, many do not even think about starting to practice: someone is afraid, someone is convinced that people can learn to float only in childhood.

This is a serious error! Classes in the same pool: not only an excellent holiday, but also a very necessary sport for health.

  • Strengthens the lungs, teaches breathing.
  • train the cardiovascular system
  • Strengthens all muscle groups
  • Stimulates the metabolic processes in the body.
  • strengthens the immune system
  • Positive effect on the nervous system.

It is better to learn to swim in a pool that has a shallow bottom. Also almost perfect conditions – in a small pond.

The most important thing is that the swimmer should remain firm and confident in the bottom and feel it. The head and shoulders should be kept in the air.

Make sure that in the first training, careful observation of the instructor.

Training rules

How to swim the breaststroke? Here are some tips:

  • an indispensable condition for breathing is prepared (you can train to breathe properly on land performing special exercises)
  • Inhalation and exhalation should be done in such a position of the body, when the angle relative to the horizontal is the greatest.
  • You must follow a strictly horizontal position of the body, otherwise you will make much effort to stay in the water.
  • The agitation of the arms must be in unison with the movement.
  • palms with this swimming rowing feature
  • It is necessary to observe the synchronic movement of the arms and legs.

It is important that the head always follow the movements of the spine. It is necessary to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. It is necessary to learn a brief release of the body upwards.

And although it will be difficult for a beginner, after brief training sessions, everything will turn out to be true.

How to swim the breaststroke: tips and rules.

The role of breathing.

With any style of swimming, it is important to breathe, as this sport requires. The general scheme is as follows. The mouth breathes deeply and the air is exhaled already in the water.

The deeper the breathing, the better the athlete will maintain. It is not necessary to fill the lungs until failure: in this case, the person tires quickly and feels bad.

For beginners, there are exercises that train breathing. They are necessary for all people seeking the answer to the question of how to learn to swim the breaststroke.

Standing in a shallow place, you need to breathe deeply. Then you must submerge yourself in the water and exhale there, make sure to speak.

These exercises must be done several times continuously. This is how professional athletes train.

This method is very suitable for those who are simply mastering the basics of swimming.

It is necessary to breathe without changing the position of the body. To do this, simply turn your head to the side. Do not use the nose to inhale.

The fluid enters the nasopharynx and causes not only discomfort, but also suffocation.

How to learn to float?

To make simultaneous movements parallel to the surface of the water, one must be able to sustain it. This can be mastered in the pool.

For this, it is recommended to perform the asterisk exercise. It is done like this:

  • The swimmer takes the maximum amount of air in the lungs.
  • then he lowers his face to the water, his limbs open
  • in this position, you should stay as long as possible, while air is not necessary to exhale.

If you breathe properly, then the person will be lying in the water. This ability also helps overcome fear.

When a novice swimmer can stay on the surface with the help of air in the lungs, it will be easier to train.

Therefore, quickly mastering breast swimming is easy. For many people, it is instinctive to move in the water (in the pool or in the reservoir).

With the help of an instructor, these exercises will give you pleasure, teach you how to breathe properly and strengthen the muscular and cardiovascular system.

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