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How to swim tracking: tips and rules

How to swim tracking: tips and rules

Swimming is the most fun sport. In addition, it is the basis for the full development of the individual, both spiritually and physically.

It is also an excellent opportunity to start practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to learn to crawl. But it’s completely easy: everyone can quickly and independently master this useful and fun sport.

What is a drag swimming?

There is swimming in the chest and in the back. In these methods, there is one common: each part of the body can only make one variable stroke.

The hands, in turn, make a movement relative to the length of the body and also raise and lower the legs. The face remains in the water, and only during the inhalation the head turns.

If the swimmer is on his stomach, the scheme is slightly different. The hand below the water level can rotate freely and make a sudden movement. In this case, the lower extremities also move and separate.

The legs make movements like scissors.

A drag swimming in the back, unlike the shape in the stomach, suggests that the hands are working in a different direction. And to be able to breathe, you need the air to pass through your mouth and turn your face towards your hand under the water. Breathing is done on the third swing.

How to swim tracking: tips and rules

To breathe, it is necessary to take air through the mouth and turn the face towards the hand under the water.

How to swim on your back?

Many novice athletes wondered how to crawl. The complete cycle of movements consists of two alternate movements of the hand, alternate shaking of the lower extremities and, necessarily, breathing movements.

When placed on the back, the movement of the arms corresponds to the three legs.

The correct location of the body at the back is elongated, below the surface of the water. Your level should be close to the ears, slightly below the chin.

The shoulders rise slightly, and the sink with the legs can be submerged a little deeper.

When standing on the back and chest, it seems that it is difficult to simultaneously control the movements of the arms, legs, head and also breathe properly. Because of this, many newcomers do not want to swim in that technique.

To master the technique, you must perform simple exercises that allow you to get used to this method of retention in the water.

Exercises to train.

In fact, the exercise technique is extremely simple. Here are the most common.

  • It is necessary to make a stroke with one upper limb, while the other – straightened, facing the face. You need to catch up with one hand with the other, while changing your position all the time.
  • To train at speed, you can join the competition with a partner.
  • Trying different stroke patterns, even when on your back, you should try to swim a distance of six meters as fast as possible.
  • The movement in the water with an anterior upper extremity (the second at the time it extends) also allows to master the technique.
  • On land, you can do all the well-known exercise called Mill. It must be repeated several times a day. A little diligence – and you quickly learn the technique of proper movement with your hands. And adjusting the movements of the lower limbs below them, as well as the sequence of respiratory movements, is a matter of technique.
How to swim tracking: tips and rules

If you throw your head back, the water will fall on your face. And it will interfere with normal breathing, which will lead to swimmer fatigue.

Watch for errors

Many novice swimmers who want to learn to crawl, make mistakes, so they can not do it quickly. Here are the most common deficiencies.

If you do not allow them, you can learn to swim independently.

  • It can not be sitting in the water, that is, pressing the chin and bending the legs. Mach must start stretched limb.
  • If you throw your head back, the water will fall on your face. And it will interfere with normal breathing, which will lead to swimmer fatigue.
  • Being in the water, you can not tilt your body in different directions.
  • The swimming efficiency will be less if you make a straight arm stroke.
  • If an athlete does not pay attention to proper breathing, this leads to the development of fatigue. Common mistakes: delay in inhalation and exhalation, or its incorrect sequence.

Therefore, everyone can learn to swim in the style of a crawl. You do not need much effort.

It is necessary to maintain the body adequately and with confidence in the water, constantly control the breathing. The result will be very soon and, without a doubt, you will receive a real pleasure with this sport.

Good news for beginners: learning to swim with drag style is easier than any other!

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