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How to tune into the positive: psychological secrets of good humor

How to tune into the positive: psychological secrets of good humor

Life is a series of black and white stripes. Often, meetings follow separation, success, failure, after joy, sadness and disappointment.

However, it also happens that, even in periods without clouds, for some reason we are sad … We learn to tune into a positive, so as not to waste the valuable spiritual force, getting angry over the details.

The importance of a positive attitude and good thoughts.

Good humor is the key to success in everything. And constant complaints about failures do not lead to anything that is not negative, envy and constant dissatisfaction with themselves (and here we prefer to talk about women, because almost every second sin has a similar behavior).

Living in constant stress is simply unbearable, so you must learn to think optimistically. A positive attitude can change lives for the better, because:

  • Optimism literally attracts good luck and happiness, because a person who emanates a positive is a priori happy.
  • They treat positive people very positively: they want to communicate with them, spend their free time, build friendly trusting relationships.
  • The good mood in the morning is charged with vigor and energy throughout the day.
  • A balanced person is more resistant to various diseases, not in vain that it is said that all diseases originate in our head.
  • Positive-minded people are attractive and external, because a smile always makes a person beautiful.
  • A thinking person will never give up, will face any difficulty and, therefore, will rise quickly in the race and achieve success in all endeavors.
  • The lack of negativity frees us from meaningless reflections and reckless actions, depressions and loneliness.
  • A positive attitude is the key to a happy family relationship.

How to tune into the positive: psychological secrets of good humor

How to get rid of bad thoughts.

It is useless to tune in with the wave of positives, not free yourself from negative thoughts. Therefore, to begin with, it is worth taking out all the negatives in your head. The following tips will help you do this:

  • Understand what causes your anxiety. Divide a blank sheet of paper into three columns. In the first, write down all your fears, in the second, mark the basis of these alarms, and in the third, your actions to eliminate them.
  • Do not hide from obsessive negative thoughts, do not ignore them. Even letting you go for a while, they accumulate in the subconscious and can cover at the most inopportune time.
  • Do not let the negative enter your head. Alarming thoughts must be eliminated in the stage of occurrence. Get in the habit of switching to any interesting activity, without realizing that you are starting to worry.
  • Do not be afraid to make independent decisions. If doubts gnaw it, you can not reach a consensus with your own thoughts, you can not make the right decision, put aside all fears and finally make a decision. Even if it turns out to be wrong, it will be your personal experience.
  • Do not exaggerate the meaning of the problems. Just think: it will not be a year, how will you forget those thoughts that today do not allow you to sleep?
  • Look for positive moments in any situation. Human psychology is designed for him to easily notice the drawbacks, but to see the advantages, you have to make an effort.
  • Do not suffer for months and years of guilt in front of people offended by you. It is better to try to change the situation, act and not trust yourself. Come, try for the first time in your life to ask for forgiveness, do not hesitate and help with business, and not just with words. Depression often arises precisely because of feelings of guilt, which extend to a man on a train, without giving him rest.
  • Learn to forgive. Resentment towards loved ones or anger towards them destructively affects the psyche. Forgiveness will give you a sense of inner freedom.
  • Fight against a violent fantasy that paints with bright colors in your head an image of a sad outcome of problems. Remember that you are able to find a way out of any situation. Instead of fantasizing, do a better planning, using a simple psychological technique: simply write down the points, how you can summarize what happened in your direction by visualizing what has been written with your own hand, bring important thoughts to your consciousness.

How to tune into the positive: psychological secrets of good humor

The power of thought: how to be in the wave of positive.

To get rid of the negative is not enough, you should not allow it to come back. To do this, you need to change your lifestyle, behavior and even perspective.

  • First, just do your favorite things. Each of them should bring only joy and pleasure.
  • Second, open up to new experiences. Positive agitation is what is needed for a positive attitude. Parachute jump, scuba diving, hang gliding: these or other unusual extreme activities for you will bring you many new emotions and, perhaps, will inspire you to think about a new hobby.
  • Third, listen and learn to relax. Sometimes problems at work, in the family or in other areas are related to the fact that we are not properly tuned into the right mood, we work endlessly and forget about rest. If you feel calm when you bathe in a bath of warm and foamy water and read the book of your favorite author, ask your loved ones to give you a couple of hours of peace and tranquility. They will most likely address your request with understanding. Trips to the theater, museum, cinema, meetings with friends and outdoor recreational activities should take place not once a year, but more often, because they drive away the blues and discourage fatigue.
  • Do not assume an unbearable burden. If you understand that you can not cope with the large amount of work alone, then do not take it for the prize. It is better to be healthy and fresh than to have bills in your hands, but not to have the strength for anything.
  • Respect the rules and principles of others. If you do not like someone’s criteria, you should not take it with a bayonet. An indulgent attitude towards people will give a positive result to both them and you.
  • Dream it All thoughts are material, so in free minutes imagine that your dream has come true.
  • Love yourself Enjoy the gifts, with or without, praise for success, do not dwell on external deficiencies, but do not forget to work inmates.

A positive attitude allows you to enjoy each day and to thank your destiny for the wonderful world in which we live. Be optimistic, throw light and joy, infect other people with good humor, then not only you will be happy, but you will also give something good to others.

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