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Hyperextension: description and technique.

Hyperextension: description and technique.

What is a hyperextension trainer and what is your benefit? The main advantage that hyperextension gives to exercise is that it allows you to strengthen your back muscles, which can not be pumped through other exercises.

For the hyperextension coaches benefited, you need to know some of the rules and characteristics of the training.

First of all, this type of simulator has its advantages and advantages. These exercises are unique because they allow you to reach the muscles of the spine, which are not available for any other activity.

This helps strengthen them and the back as a whole. This type of training is suitable for beginners, since the load in case of intensive sports activities involves a load on the back.

In this case, the simulator helps strengthen it.

Of course, this is not the only advantage of this simulator. These exercises are popular among girls, as they allow the muscles of the back, hips, buttocks and calf muscles to pump. This allows them to become owners of poplar buttocks, tense and elastic buttocks.

Also put your hips in order and get rid of the problem areas. What more could you want?

As for men, for them the simulator is also an indispensable exercise. Men often choose power sports, and there is a need for a strong back.

The exercises described in the text are of great benefit in their strengthening and development, since the simulator pumps the muscles, so that a beneficial effect is produced.

Hyperextension in the home is possible and very effective. Despite the fact that it is customary to think that this is a simulator and that this type of exercise is aimed at the gym, it is not entirely correct and true.

For the hyperextension in the home to benefit and maximize the result, it is sufficient to follow the execution technique and be aware of the errors that can not be allowed.

Hyperextension: description and technique.

If you have hyperextension at home, you should pay attention to your health: if there is any disease associated with the spine, you can not start these exercises yourself. Be sure to check with your doctor and listen to his recommendations. There are problems with the back, in which the doctors themselves recommend such exercises.

But it is better when it will be the advice of a doctor and not an independent decision.

Performance technique

Despite all the advantages of this exercise, it is worth paying close attention to the technique and the rules to perform the exercises. Why is so much attention paid to the performance of technology? Everything is very simple: here all the movements are connected with the back and, of course, there is a high probability that people who are starting their way in the sports world get involved in the simulator.

To protect oneself from possible damage and unpleasant sensations, as well as to make classes really beneficial, and developed a hyperextension, a technique that is quite simple, but distinctive.

  1. Rule one. Before starting the exercises, you need to adjust the height of the rollers. They must exactly match the fold line of the waist. The lower ridges should be slightly above the tendons.
  2. Rule two. When you start the exercises, the legs are turned under the lower rollers, and the back should be even and form a straight line with the legs.
  3. Rule three. When you exercise, you need to force the gluteal muscles. The slope should not be pronounced. Having bowed, it’s worth rounded a little back. When straightening the body it is not necessary to make sudden movements and get up abruptly. All movements should be smooth.
  4. Rule number four. The hands must be crossed in the chest or wound behind the head.
  5. Fifth rule It is necessary to follow the breath. When you go down, breathe, and when you get up, breathe out.

Hyperextension: description and technique.

Everything is quite easy and simple, but even with such rules there are very common mistakes. To avoid them, it is better to know them in time.

Errors include very low slopes. The slope should be 60 degrees, and do not do more: it is more difficult and a strong load on the back. Also a common mistake with a vertical position is a backbend.

When the body is lifted, it is not necessary to restart it, it must make a straight line with the legs.

The errors can be attributed to a strong body swing, when it is caught in the simulator, only quick movements are made. Each movement must be thought, then it will bring the maximum effect.

Hands and feet. Often there is leg flexion during these exercises. This is the wrong position, so it’s not worth doing.

The body should be in a straight and extended position. And sometimes people just can not find the use of hands, for this and there is a rule that helps to find the right position.

Often, these exercises are complicated, the weighting is taken in the hands, but the reverse of these exercises is that an unprepared athlete with a weak back can be hurt. Some people think that the more intense the exercise, the better.

You can also feel that the longer, the better, the inconvenience is a violation of back health. Everything should be done in moderation, then the classes will be carried out with benefit.

Health and Beauty

Now that you know the benefits that can be obtained from hyperextension (including the reverse), of course, it is indispensable for the muscles of the back. These exercises are useful for people who have a sedentary lifestyle associated with work. Doing such exercises is not only strengthening the muscles of the back, but also filling them with vigor and energy.

Well executed exercises that are quite easy to perform in health and beauty.

Do not forget that the muscles not only work the back, but also the hips, the buttocks. This, of course, gives the person many advantages. Strengthen your back and create a beautiful figure in a single blow, this is possible and easy.

Regardless of the sports you choose, the exercise described in the text is always useful and aesthetically pleasing.

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