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Inverse flexes: use, technique, variations.

Inverse flexes: use, technique, variations.

Both the reverse and classic push-ups train the triceps. The difference between them is that traditional exercises focus more on the muscles of the back and mid-chest area. The triceps are minimally involved.

At the same time, inverted push-ups are considered one of the most effective exercises for the shoulder triceps muscle. Additional load falls on the deltas, the rear surface of the shoulders.

The wider, rhomboidal and pectoral muscles are also involved.

Advantages of inverse push-ups.

With the right exercise:

  • The sportive posture is formed as the stabilizing muscles of the spine and the body work.
  • Less discomfort than with classic benches, due to a more natural initial position with extended elbows
  • Small muscles involved in the chest and arms, providing additional stabilization.
  • Stable muscular tension from the beginning to the end of the exercise prevents stiffness and stretching.
  • the risk of injury is reduced, because the athlete is based simultaneously on four points: arms and legs.

Techniques to perform inverse push-ups.

There are several options for the exercise. The easiest and most suitable option for beginners: inverse grip push-ups with bent legs. Necessary:

  • With your back resting on a bench or chair, bend your knees and place your palms on the edge of the seat.
  • Keep your legs at a right angle with your thighs.
  • The arms should be as close as possible to the body.
  • one by one, slowly lower the basin to the floor, bending the upper extremities at the elbows
  • and three or four return to the starting position.
  • raising the elbows
  • The legs and feet should remain motionless.

The next version, more complicated, is the reverse flexion of a bench or chair with straight legs:

  • crouching, emphasize the edge of the seat
  • arms should be spaced shoulder width apart
  • stretch your legs
  • When inhaling, lower the pelvis.
  • When folding the arms at the elbows should be a right angle
  • on the exhale
  • the elbows do not straighten completely

Exercises in both the first and second methods must be done in a 2-3 approach. The number of repetitions in each series is 7 to 15 times.

Inverse flexes: use, technique, variations.

If there is no bank, you can do a push from the floor with the emphasis on the hands:

  • First you need to sit on the mat and reject the back.
  • the arms backwards and, sending a brush to themselves, they lean on the ground
  • in the initial position, the upper extremities should be slightly bent
  • legs stretched forward
  • On the exhale, the arms stretch and tear the buttocks off the ground.
  • When the torso and legs become a single line, stand still for 2-3 seconds
  • Inhale to return to the original position.

The number of repetitions – 20-25 times, approximates – 3.

On the floor, you can do reverse push-ups for the triceps and biceps with the legs bent:

  • must take the same starting position as in the previous exercise, the only difference is that the legs should not stretch, but should bend the knees at right angles, the plants should be pressed against the floor
  • At the expense of flexing your arms once, lift your hips as high as possible
  • Two in one stop, tension press
  • Lower the tray for three, but do not touch the floor.
  • four blockade
  • push-ups 20-25 times
  • Then take a 30-second break and repeat.

In total there should be 3 approaches.

There is another technique to do push-ups in the triceps bench, the so-called jumps:

  • The exercise requires two benches, placed on an elongated leg.
  • You must turn your back on the bench and take your hands on the edge.
  • put your feet in another bank
  • The arms should be in the initial position, with the width of the shoulders separated.
  • when inhaling, bending the elbows, slowly lower the pelvis
  • Lower until the shoulders are parallel to the floor.
  • for a second fix the position, and then, while you wait, go up.

It is recommended that beginners commit failures of 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions. Advanced athletes must press 20 times. The number of sets for them is 5.

Main errors and contraindications.

Since the inverse push-ups heavily load the joints, it is not recommended that they be performed due to shoulder problems. Exercise is contraindicated if there has recently been an injury or rigidity is observed.

It should be remembered that by failing down, the cutting force on the shoulder joint increases.

To avoid injury to the shoulder, an athlete with insufficient flexibility will help a strict adherence to the angle of the arm: it should not exceed 90 degrees.

Do bad behavior and incorrect exercise performed. Here are the most common errors in push-ups:

  • Breeding of elbows on the sides and not backwards.
  • Faults too low
  • body roll forward, round shoulders
  • Incomplete amplitude of thrust
  • placing such a strenuous exercise at the end of training.

Inverse flexes: use, technique, variations.

How to improve the effectiveness of push-ups?

If your own weight exercises have been mastered, you can perform push-ups with weights. To complicate falls between banks, pancakes are placed in the pelvic area.

You can train at home by putting a backpack with a weight or a dumbbell on your hips. The sequence of actions is as follows: first, put the weight and only then the legs are placed on the bench.

If during the exercise you feel that the weighting is not enough, ask your partner to inform you of the pancakes.

Know how to do reverse inflections, it is necessary in detail. Sitting on the floor or on the edge of the chair (bench), the hands should be placed next to the hips. The legs, if they are in the bench, should not interfere with the inclination between the supports.

This means that you only need to put your feet and only on the edge of the bank. It is necessary to lower slowly, and climb, on the contrary, quickly, as if pushing the body with the hand.

The back should be flat. If while pushing the legs are on the floor, in the top position, the hands are not stretched to the end.

Falling and rising, the body remains perpendicular to the ground. Push up is necessary until exhaustion, until the moment you can not get up.

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