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Is arm wrestling a serious sport or a simple entertainment?

Is arm wrestling a serious sport or a simple entertainment?

In sunny California, in the city of Petaluma in 1962, the first world wrestling championship took place. Before this transcendental event, this sport of power first existed in the form of entertainment among sailors, as a way of measuring strength.

These fights were also popular in salons, where heated men demonstrated their skills to each other and to the public.

So far, there are disputes among people about what armwrestling is: is it really a serious sport, or is it, for the most part, a spectacle? To answer this question, it is enough to find out the following facts.

  • The arm wrestlers compete by resting their elbows on the armrests on a special table of a certain height (104 cm), length (93 cm) and width (65 cm).
  • The fight begins at the referee’s signal.
  • The position of the rivals before the start is strictly marked: the shoulders are parallel to the edge of the table, the wrists are above their center, the extreme phalanx of each fighter’s thumb must be visible to the referee.
  • The purpose of the competition is to put the enemy’s hand on the table.
  • The preparation for the competition requires serious training of all muscle groups.
  • There are more than eighty options for grips and start racks.
  • The fight consists of two phases: capture and fight.
  • Athletes exercise and use a variety of different tactics.
  • In competitions, fighters must wear sports uniforms and shoes. The use of bandages is excluded, hands must be exposed from the tips of the fingers and above the elbow.

Based on the above, it is safe to say that arm wrestling is a really serious sport, in which constant training will help to win, but not an accident. Although the element of luck, as in other sports, of course, is present here.

Who can participate in the fight?

At first glance it may seem that this sport is designed exclusively for men, and quite young. But history completely refutes this claim! Cynthia Yerby, the 54-year-old world champion, proved otherwise!

Any adult with the proper preparation can participate in arm wrestling competitions and win honestly, even if no one has canceled the advantages of youth.

Is arm wrestling a serious sport or a simple entertainment?

How old can you start?

The complete struggle involves tremendous stress throughout the body. The athlete is very tired physically, his nervous system is not in less stress.

The body of the child is not suitable for this type of training, their bone tissue and tendons should not undergo such tests, therefore, it is not recommended that adolescents up to fourteen years participate in this sport.

However, no one forbids preparing for this, if such a dream exists! There are many sections of sports where children develop well physically and gradually become accustomed to more difficult and difficult workouts.

Of course, a teenager with such training will be much easier and more enjoyable to start the fighting classes, his first successes will be just around the corner.

The main qualities of the arm wrestler.

Why is it that a seemingly stronger physical athlete gives victory to his opponent? The fact is that the strength in this fight is not everything.

Several components are important.

  • The strength of the muscles, of course, is necessary, without it anywhere.
  • The speed of the reaction. The wrestler, who first joined the match after the referee’s signal, gains an advantage, as he makes a breakthrough and can then impose his own conditions on the opponent. In addition, the instant reaction helps restructure quickly when the enemy changes tactics or attempts to hold a reception.
  • Coordination Not only the hands of the armrest, but also your body, whose condition and work must be fully controlled, participate in the struggle. Everything is important: the position of the legs, the emphasis of the abdomen on the edge of the table, the extension of the shoulders. The athlete needs to understand when and for what purpose to perform this or that movement, what muscle must be tense, and in no case should one lose balance!
  • The stability of the psyche makes it possible to control the tension, realize and count its strength. Otherwise, injuries can not be avoided. Victory at any price can become a serious fracture.

How to train

The desire to independently control armwrestling is nothing more than an illusion. Without the guidance of an experienced coach, it can not be done.

First, the duration and intensity of the charges must be verified and thought out by a person who understands the complexities of the struggle. The mistake of many newcomers is to try to fulfill a plan in a short time that is disproportionate to their strengths.

The result – stretching, painful pain in the muscles and frustration.

In addition, at least reasonable loads should be administered at the beginning under the supervision of a mentor who will monitor the pulse and general condition of the student, have the opportunity to adjust the training, direct it in the right direction, and determine the strengths and weaknesses of his or her ward. .

Second, for complete preparation for competitions, wrestlers must participate in arm wrestling matches, where they can directly apply all skills and techniques acquired, test tactics and refine their equipment. It is this type of experience that will allow you to really immerse yourself in this sport and outline a plan for future classes, to tune in with the first real fight.

Third, it is difficult to maintain a high motivation, doing alone. Joint training, exchange of impressions, discussion of achievements, competitive spirit in any sport and help not to surrender in a difficult moment.

Is arm wrestling a serious sport or a simple entertainment?

Champion nutrition

The diet of a beginner fighter must be balanced, as anyone who wants to be healthy. Everyone knows that protein-rich foods help build muscle, but this does not mean that an athlete should rely exclusively on meat, eggs and nuts.

It even happens that inexperienced young people sit on steroids, trying to convert their body into a pile of muscles in the shortest possible time, and then regret it.

No need for extremes! Each competent coach and nutritionist will confirm that to achieve a good stable result, you will have to be patient.

A sudden change in the usual diet is always stressful for the body, especially, along with an increase in burdens. Why risk your metabolism?

You must follow a special diet gradually, ensuring the correct balance of protein and carbohydrates. The only thing that can be done quickly and without hesitation is to abandon all kinds of junk food in the form of chips and other snacks, sweet drinks, excess fats and fried foods.

It is useful to reduce the amount of salt consumed.

There is the opinion that arm wrestling is a very traumatic sport. In fact it’s not. Of course, the injuries occur, but most of the time it is due to insufficient training of the athletes and failure to comply with the coach’s recommendations.

In high-level competitions, these cases are very rare.

The fight of the fighters is an exciting and exciting spectacle, and the participation in the tournament will probably remain in the memory of for life.

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