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Is it possible to do push-up every day? Recommendations for athletes.

Is it possible to do push-up every day? Recommendations for athletes.

Floor flexions: one of the oldest and most accessible exercises for most people interested in sports. Why It can be removed from the floor in almost any condition: either a clean field or a gym equipped with the latest technology.

They are needed to strengthen the upper part of the body. You will only need a smooth horizontal surface on which you can adopt the prone position.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated! If even prisoners can do push-ups, then the free citizens themselves can do it.

The main thing is to have free time in your work schedule for physical education! And this is possible even if you have a very busy schedule.

If you give your physical development at least 20-30 minutes a day, this will allow you to maintain a decent form! If you find time to do a complete exercise in the gym, you can even achieve better results than physical exercises.

Exercise is especially necessary for those who lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.

With regard to the frequency of training, some sports sources and coaches recommend push-ups every day, if they have that opportunity. How justified are these recommendations and will they harm the health of an athlete?

What is the cost of going to the gym regularly if there are no free days? Let’s look at this topic together and splash the i.

Is it possible to do push-up every day? Recommendations for athletes.

About the laws of adaptation to physical activity.

To better understand the essence of the problem, let’s consider the basic laws of the body’s adaptation to physical effort. This knowledge will help us to better understand why days of rest and discharge are necessary, and why it is necessary to do it regularly if we want to obtain a good result. In fact, everything is simple, you only need to understand three basic principles:

  • Therefore, competent training gives our body and body an incentive to adapt to new and more complex conditions than before. Since workouts occur quite frequently, the body and adaptive processes begin to occur continuously. If our body does not receive a regular charge, then it does not have time to properly perceive external stresses. What does this mean? Imagine that a racing car was driving in front of you at high speed. Visually, you perceived it as a lightning bolt. In the same way, the body with rare charges does not have time to understand what has just happened.
  • The second important point is that our body is rather lazy. It adapts in a small, minimum steps. Therefore, from one or two workouts you will never become a superman. You will obtain the adaptation of your body gradually, in small portions. Believe me, you will need more than a month of regular training to achieve significant progress. Therefore, endure a simple fact: progress requires this condition, when our body constantly receives portions of the load. And even the most intense workouts will not make these processes go faster!
  • At the same time, there is something like overtraining, and it is related to the fact that for the successful flow of adaptive processes it takes some time. Depending on the type, intensity and volume of training, from several hours up to 2-3 days. It is after this point that the overcompensation phase begins, when we get an increase of a particular result. If we start training before the beginning of this phase, on the contrary, we contribute to diminish our physical capacities. In addition, we spend excessively the resources of the body at the same time. As a result, microtraumas and general fatigue accumulate. Therefore, too often you can not train, you need to have time to recover between workouts.

And what is considered true in the case of push-ups.

Now consider the situation with floor flexions. Can I go to the gym and do push-ups every day?

Or would it be better to go to the gym every two days? Will there be time to recover the muscles after that, as well as the resources of the nervous system, ligaments and joints?

What is the optimal rest period?

Is it possible to do push-up every day? Recommendations for athletes.

Push-ups from the floor – the exercise is quite easy. It is basic, but in terms of recovery it is much faster than the same analog with a bar bench press.

Depending on the level of physical condition and the quality of recovery, sleep periods may vary from 12 hours to 1-2 days. Consequently, experienced athletes can be ripped off the floor almost every day, and for beginners it is worth practicing every two days.

In addition, in addition to the muscles, we also carry the nervous system. And this is something very delicate! From simple stresses at work, it can disappear very quickly.

Of the particularly severe crashes, we can get away for weeks. And all this leaves its mark in strength training too.

And, in reality, the workouts themselves are a bit of stress for the nervous system. Therefore, it is better to train, leaving a small margin for the nervous system.

Take days off even to put your central office in order.

In the case of floor pressures in such an optimal period will be one day. Train throughout the day – it will be normal for the initial stage. Gradually, with the growth of training, it will be possible to involve a greater number of training days in the work.

For example, two or three followed to train, to delay the moment of overcompensation, one to rest. And in a new way.

You can train and intuitively, listening to your body. At the same time, never forget common sense!

We hope you have found enough detailed information on the question that interested you. We wish you not to lose enthusiasm in the path of your life, to do everything possible to make your dreams come true, to look for new victories in sports. Take a healthy lifestyle, do not stop at anything and, in this case, open any horizon!

Accustomed to sports from an early age and your children, they will grow strong, healthy and cheerful!

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