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Is it possible to participate in sports during breastfeeding? recommendations

Is it possible to participate in sports during breastfeeding? recommendations

Classes in any sport give different loads of power in the body. Exercise can bring pleasure or lead to exhaustion. That is why it is extremely important to know what actions a breastfeeding mother can perform at this crucial time for her and her child, so as not to harm her body.

Moms must adjust the load so they do not tire of the selected exercise. Until recently, during lactation, doctors did not even recommend doing simple exercises, because they believed that lactic acid is released during exercise, which can significantly change the taste of the product.

However, after numerous studies, it was found that physical condition can not adversely affect the quality of breast milk. Of course, it should be understood that only viable charges that bring joy do not pose a threat to a woman’s health.

When you are allowed to train

Before practicing sports or doing simple exercises, you should visit your gynecologist and see what type of mother can use the power load during breastfeeding. If a woman is completely healthy, the specialist will allow her to enter the sports immediately to return to the walls of the house from the hospital.

When the woman has postpartum points, physical conditioning classes should be postponed. So moms can do physical activity only after their retirement.

If the delivery was by caesarean section, the mother can practice sports after 2 to 4 months. In this sense, everything will depend on the woman’s well-being. Before beginning classes, make sure you listen to your body.

When the delivery has gone uninterrupted, but the woman has problems in the form of low levels of hemoglobin, she feels constantly tired, experiences frequent episodes of dizziness, then the mother should not practice sports immediately or do simple physical exercises. It’s better for moms to wait 3 months.

This will help during breastfeeding to protect the child and herself from the undesirable effects of physical activity.

When the body has returned to normal, a woman can do elementary exercises with a moderate degree of severity. At this time, classes can be done with elements called stretching.

However, it is desirable to choose a training set for the nursing mother, in which the load is shown in the muscles located in the area of ​​the thighs, as well as in the peritoneum, since that is where the fat layer is deposited after of pregnancy.

Is it possible to participate in sports during breastfeeding? recommendations

Then you can add lateral curves, squats, shake hands and also rotate the body. And after a while allowed exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

In the process of practicing sports, you can include actions aimed at strengthening the chest muscles.

If you perform these exercises, the woman can maintain the shape of the bust, as well as improve breastfeeding.

When playing sports, you must follow some rules:

  • Keep silent mode. Do exercises gently, eliminate unnecessarily intense and powerful loads. The main purpose of the class is to bring the body to a healthy tone.
  • During classes, it is not necessary to perform all actions through force or without encouragement.
  • Pay attention to water intake during training. The liquid must be constantly replenished so that the body does not become dehydrated.

What is allowed

Walking is one of the sports that does not require much strength or additional free time. This action can be practiced while walking with a child on the street.

Walking will help strengthen the heart muscle, improve metabolism, help you lose weight.

Swimming will help set each muscle group in motion. At the same time, the loading of the spine along with the joints will be minimal. The water procedures in the pool will help tone the skin, as well as improve the metabolism.

Aerobics like active parturient women who like to dance. Also women adapt to gymnastics with a hoop and a fitball.

Is it possible to participate in sports during breastfeeding? recommendations

Immediately after completing the delivery.

Those women who are in excellent physical shape after childbirth can immediately begin to perform a simple exercise, but at the same time effective: this is breathing with diaphragm at home. To do it you need to take the next position.

It is required that it be converted exactly, the arms in a relaxed state are lowered along the body. Breathe the entire chest so that the belly inflates a little, and then exhale forcefully so that the peritoneum is inhaled strongly.

Such exercises do not require special energy expenses, but help improve abdominal muscles, improve blood circulation, soothe and relax.

Unwanted sports

Nursing mothers are undesirable for strength exercises. These include dumbbell exercises, with a barbell or weight training equipment.

This can have a negative effect on the quantity and quality of the milk, since it requires significant loads.

There is no need to practice sports that are dangerous from the point of view of the injuries, since this training can lead to the release of a large dose of adrenaline, which also negatively affects the quality of the milk produced by the breast.


When breastfeeding is very useful and even mandatory, both for the mother and the child. The longer the mom feeds the baby, the better it will grow and the breast will become more beautiful.

But you need to distract yourself by taking active actions.

Most breastfeeding mothers complain of the frequent pains of rocking the baby, its constant use and its games, when lifting the stroller. These power loads are quite physically heavy.

Fitness classes will quickly help solve these problems, as well as numerous other problems that may accompany the breastfeeding period.

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