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Is it possible to practice sports before going to bed without damaging health?

Is it possible to practice sports before going to bed without damaging health?

What to do if you can not dedicate time to sports during the day? Participate in the night.

But is it possible to practice sports at night, if it is at night and you need to go to bed early to rest during the next working day?

Pros and cons

Experts say you can practice sports at night. However, among the amateur athletes there are opponents of the night classes.

And there are many arguments to ignore the night workouts: from that moment it is very difficult to sleep until it is harmful to the heart and nerves.

Perhaps such concerns are not devoid of common sense. If you do intense athletic training at 7-8 in the afternoon, it will definitely not positively affect your nerves and cardiovascular system. But the negative effects can be eliminated if you follow some of the recommendations and meet certain conditions.

These measures will not only be harmful, but will also have a positive effect on sleep and well-being in the morning.

In some cases, even exercise before bedtime is useful. For example, in the case of weight loss, nocturnal fitness classes contribute to a more active division of fat cells.

And in this case, fitness is better than aerobic exercise.

Is it possible to practice sports before going to bed without damaging health?

Is it possible to do hard sports at night?

Heavy sports, such as athletics, weightlifting, boxing, wrestling, do not have the best effect when falling asleep if the training is carried out at night. And for extremely sensitive people in this regard, any sports activity is not very favorable.

Any physical activity tires the central nervous system. During training, the heart, lungs and blood vessels work as well as possible.

All these factors not only contribute to sleep, but can also be harmful to health. If, as indicated above, you do not take certain measures and do not comply with the necessary conditions.

Is it possible to practice sports before going to bed without damaging health?

What you need to follow before workouts at night.

  • First of all, it is not necessary to drink invigorating drinks before sports activities. Even in normal times, energy, coffee and tea excite our nervous system too much and damage it. If you exercise at the same time, it can cause irreparable damage to the body.
  • Second, after a workout, try to find time to walk quietly before bedtime. A measured step and a calm environment will put the psyche and nerves in order, and the muscles will relax from the burdens and will not get sick.
  • Third, after evening training, you do not need to take green tea or other sedative drinks. Why It’s Simple Green tea is not a relaxing drink, as many people believe. It contains theine, a substance with an effect very similar to caffeine. Only the effect of the theine is not felt immediately, but after a while. That’s why those who fall asleep immediately after a cup of green tea, sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling of slight excitement.
  • Fourth, you must be careful in advance about the total absence of stressors. After the evening training you need to go home calm and balanced. The solution to any problem should be postponed until tomorrow morning. Otherwise, you can not even dream of a good dream. It must be remembered that the tense nervous system can not rest and recover normally if the brain is occupied with negative information.

Read our simple recommendations. They will help you answer the question: Is it possible to practice sports before going to bed?

You just have to navigate and organize your day with the best benefits.

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