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Is it possible to practice sports in the heat without damaging health?

Is it possible to practice sports in the heat without damaging health?

Exercise on the street only produces pleasure: the lungs are full of clean air, the body breathes, there is enough space … But how to train in the heat, when even a normal walk seems to be very difficult?

Where and when

The summer heat dictates its own rules of training, we must not get away from it. Your schedule will have to adjust and adjust to weather conditions.

  • Playing sports is desirable either early in the morning or at night, after 6:00 pm.
  • It is worth thinking about choosing a place where classes will take place. In the heat, the best assistant for you will be a platform located in the shade. Such a place can be found in your own yard or beyond.
  • Try to get away from dusty roads and roads. A good solution would be to do a training in the park or in the forest.

Clothes and shoes

Playing sports in the heat, it is extremely important to choose the right clothes and shoes. First of all, think about your comfort, but do not forget to take into account the climatic conditions you have found.

Also, in the heat it is to participate in a headdress. Other areas should be protected against overheating, particularly the neck and shoulder area.

Men’s sports pants can be replaced with shorts, while girls should do so by removing the usual fit leggings from synthetics.

  • For sports activities in the heat, you should choose thin and light clothing that can protect the most burned areas of the body and, at the same time, absorb sweat.
  • It can be done in summer suits made of cotton fabric or a material, which will include cotton and a small proportion of polyester.

As for the shoes, there are also important points. During the heat, rubber shoes should not be worn, as it is often from the feet that the body begins to boil. In addition, when practicing sports, it is the limbs that are constantly dynamic.

In summer, you can safely refuse covered shoes and wear special shoes in which your feet breathe.

Is it possible to practice sports in the heat without damaging health?

Men’s sports pants in the heat can be replaced by shorts. You can also use special shoes where your feet will breathe.

Characteristics of training in the heat.

Why do we need a warm-up? To warm up the muscles! But summer is hot … In this sense, many believe that at this time the muscles are very hot, and do not need additional heating.

In fact it’s not. There is no doubt that under the influence of the sun, the body warms up a bit, but at the same time the body tries to keep the temperature of our muscles at a certain level. For this reason, heating is necessary in all conditions.

In the hot season, it should be carried out in the same way as in the winter, regardless of the classes that take place after: strength, cardiovascular disease or the practice of sports.

In summer, you can practice at home, but you will have to create training conditions, ensuring the movement of fresh air. The conditioner helps perfectly with it.

Indoor occupations should be carried out at an air temperature that fluctuates between +18 … + 21 ° C. During training, it is convenient to stay away from air conditioning.

But if you do not have the opportunity to practice sports at home and do not tolerate heat well, in this case, the duration of the exercises should be reduced, reducing the number of approaches and slightly increasing the break between them. This will help your body recover faster and reduce body temperature.

The training process and the drink in the heat.

During sports in the heat of summer it is very important to consume a sufficient amount of liquid. This rule can not be neglected.

The water that will enter the body before and after workouts will completely compensate for the loss of fluids and minerals, and will help reduce body temperature a bit.

To avoid active overheating one hour before class, it is worth drinking approximately half a liter. And to increase the resistance, it is desirable to consume water in the training process.

To participate in sports it is necessary to be able to choose the appropriate drink:

  • It must not contain sugars or harmful additives.
  • Normal filtered water would be an appropriate option.
  • To avoid dryness during training, you can add a small amount of freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice to the water.
  • The liquid consumed should not be too cold, as this will increase the load on the cardiovascular system.

During classes, it is advisable to have a wet towel on hand, which will help to cool off and provide the opportunity to feel cheerful. If you train at home, before the most difficult approaches you should look at the bathroom and rinse your face and neck with cold water.

In the intervals between exercises, it is advisable not to sit down, but to go outdoors.

When class time comes to an end, make sure you take a shower that quickly regains strength and encourages you. Work on yourself, stay fit and stay healthy!

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