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Kegel exercises for women: technique and recommendations

Kegel exercises for women: technique and recommendations

Avoiding many diseases and improving sexual life will help Kegel exercises for women that are very simple to perform. This complex is able to tone the muscles of the pelvic floor (pubic-coccygeal and vaginal).

It can also increase the blood flow to them. Since it is practically impossible to work the muscles of the small pelvis in ordinary life, they lose their elasticity (especially after childbirth), as a result of which sex life worsens.

However, the Kegel complex can easily solve a similar problem.

What are the exercises for?

When should you do the exercises? Women are advised to pay attention to this complex in such cases:

  • For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in the omission of the pelvic organs.
  • in case of close births (the exercises will help to give birth to a child quite easily and without pain)
  • To prevent inflammation in the pelvic organs.
  • To slow down the aging process of the internal organs.
  • For prophylactic and therapeutic purposes in case of incontinence.
  • After delivery in case of damage to the tissues and the birth canal.
  • If necessary, reinforce the sensations (or to obtain) during the orgasm.
  • to improve sexual life (the woman’s partner may experience more vivid impressions).

How to correctly determine the location of the pelvic floor muscles?

Before proceeding directly to the Kegel exercises, we must first find out where the pelvic floor muscles are located. There are several ways in which you can easily determine your location.

A woman must choose the most appropriate and effective method for herself.

Kegel exercises for women: technique and recommendations

One of the easiest ways to understand where they are is to place a finger in the vagina and try to tighten it with the internal muscles. In this case, it is important to respect hygiene and wash your hands well before and after the procedure.

By compressing the muscles, a woman is forced to feel the contraction and descent of the pelvic floor.

Discovering where we need body parts is easy in the process of urinating. A woman needs to try to stop the jet by contracting the internal muscles. Then it is necessary to continue with urination.

Those muscles that will be involved in this, and they are pelvics.

Preparatory stage

Before going directly to the implementation of exercises for this method, it is necessary to perform some manipulations. First, make sure the bladder is empty.

In the event that it is partially full or completely full, it is very easy to feel discomfort or even pain during exercise.

During the session, it is recommended to observe that only the pelvic organs are tense, while the buttocks, the thighs and the press remain relaxed. To do this, put a palm on your stomach, observing your own feelings. Practicing properly is quite simple, inhale and exhale with each focus.

It is not recommended to hold your breath. If at the end of the training, the woman feels a persistent pain in the lower part of the back or in the abdominal area, this means that she did something wrong.

Exercise the beautiful floor in a sitting position and lying down (or even standing). The abdominal muscles and buttocks should always remain in a relaxed state.

If a woman decides to do exercises on the floor, she should lie on her back, her legs should be tight on the knees and her arms should be stretched along the body. It is easy to prevent discomfort in the neck, keeping it relaxed.

The exercise should go as follows:

When taking a comfortable position (sitting on a chair or lying on the floor), it is necessary to tighten the internal muscles for a few seconds and then relax them. Beginners are recommended to reduce pelvic muscles for 2 or 3 seconds, gradually reaching 5 seconds. and more

  • Then the woman should relax for 10 seconds. After such rest, repetition is allowed. By pausing between exercises, it is easy to avoid unwanted overvoltage.
  • After having performed the exercise 10 times, it is appropriate to assume that the first approach is over. In total, it is allowed to do no more than 3-4 approximations 10 times a day. That is, the woman should tighten the internal muscles for 5 seconds, then relax them for 10 seconds. and repeat everything 10 times.
  • Increase the duration of contraction of the pelvic muscles is appropriate to 10 seconds. Squeeze muscles for 10 seconds, relax for 10 seconds. and do the exercise 10 times (this will be considered as 1 approach). Only 3-4 approaches per day. It is recommended to increase the duration of the contraction gradually every week, but it is not worth compressing the pelvic floor muscles for more than 10 seconds.
  • Another version of the exercise exercise – pushing the legs. To do this, a woman must lie on the floor, bend her knees, lift them and push them up and in. In each position it is necessary to block for 5 seconds. The total repetitions must be 10, more than 50 seconds.

Kegel exercises for women: technique and recommendations

Second option

The second way to perform the Kegel exercises includes 4 exercises from several directions. Its essence is the following:

  • During the first exercise, it is recommended to compress and relax the internal muscles at a rapid pace for 10 seconds. After a break of 10 seconds, it is recommended to do 3 more approaches. Then for 5 seconds. Quickly contract and relax the muscles of the pelvic day and after resting for 5 seconds. Continue doing the exercise 9 more times. It is necessary to complete this complex by compressing the muscles for 30 seconds. and relaxing for 30 sec. (repeat 2 times).
  • The second exercise of this series consists of 2 stages. First: the inner muscles contract for 5 seconds, relax (repeat 10 times). The second stage: muscles should be reduced and relaxed at a rapid pace (only 10 times). Then for 2 min. The pelvic muscles contract, and after resting for 2 min. The whole cycle must be repeated again.
  • The third exercise involves two steps. First: the internal muscles contract and relax 30 times. Gradually, it is recommended to increase this number to 100. Then, keep the muscles compressed for 20 seconds. and 30 sec. Relax them (repeat 5 times).
  • The fourth exercise. The internal muscles just need to tighten and relax for 2 minutes. Little by little, it is recommended to increase the time to 20 minutes. The advantage of all these exercises is that they are easy to do anywhere: at home, at work, on public transport.

Third option

The third embodiment of the Kegel complex consists of three main exercises: slow compression, contraction and expulsion. All these actions must be carried out in an integral manner. Initially, the muscles contract (for 3 seconds), then relax slowly.

Only 10 repetitions. Then the muscles contract at a very fast rate, only 10 times.

The complex ends with the push out, it is necessary to push it down, as during a chair or a delivery, 10 times.

Kegel exercises for women: technique and recommendations

After a week, it is recommended to add 5 repetitions to the entire exercise cycle: 15 – slow compressions, 15 – contractions, 15 – extrusions. For the most notable results, it is worth making a complex of only 5 approaches per day.

Important tips

An interesting fact is that pregnant women are also allowed to do Kegel exercises. To simplify the process of performing such a complex, it is recommended to imagine that the lungs are located in the pelvic region and try to relax the muscles while inhaling, and reduce them as you exhale.

Some exercises that are done in yoga, in their effects, are similar to a similar training of the internal muscles. If Kegel exercises are uncomfortable for a woman, then she can replace them with yoga for a certain period of time.

Security measures

Do not perform exercises in the bathroom, in the process of urination. It is recommended to resort to such manipulation only at the beginning of the training to determine the muscles of the pelvic floor.

If you regularly stop urinating, you will be plagued with unpleasant consequences. Therefore, to avoid unwanted infections, you must follow this rule.

Exercise for the internal muscles is always necessary with an empty bladder. If women do not adhere to such a measure, they can achieve the opposite effect.

The weakening of the muscles of the pelvis and the formation of urinary tract infections: all this is easy to avoid, simply emptying the bladder before exercise.

Doing Kegel exercises regularly is easy to achieve amazing results after only 4-6 weeks. The effect will be fast enough, and the benefits to the body are invaluable.

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