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Leg exercises: tips for effective training.

Leg exercises: tips for effective training.

The exercises for the legs make them beautiful and trained. The aesthetic aspect of this problem and health, which undoubtedly improve during the period of active physical effort in these parts of the body, are an obvious incentive for proper training.

In addition, his conduct is not limited exclusively to the sports hall. Thin and strong legs can be obtained at home.

To achieve this result, it is not necessary to have special equipment and devices. So, if you do not have the desire or the opportunity to go to the gym, exercise at home.

Beautiful and strong legs – the guarantee of health.

The muscles of the legs are extremely important for a person. They, in the literal sense of the word, support our body and soften the load on the joints of the knees.

The strong and inflamed legs improve blood circulation and this, in turn, positively affects the heart and well-being of the people involved in the training. Skill, youth and activity will become constant companions of his life.

The exercises have a pretty functional range. To pump efficiently and quickly, it is not necessary to choose a complex physical effort.

Training the muscles of the legs is good because it happens almost constantly. You take care of your business, work or your friends: the muscles of the lower extremities work.

You run in the morning or at any other time, they are also loaded. But the best thing is to develop a regulation on your own or with the help of specialists in fact, this is a leg training program.

Allow it to consist of several points, but with a constant training, you will quickly feel the first results in the form of resistance, lightness and changes from an aesthetic point of view.

How to make legs strong and beautiful?

It is easy to build the muscles of the legs. To achieve a similar result, everyone can.

For this you need a little: desire, time and perseverance of physical activity. Consider some simple basic exercises for the legs.

Leg exercises: tips for effective training.

Classic squat

A very easy but effective exercise to strengthen the muscle base of the legs are the squats. They effectively load your legs and glutes. But the best result is achieved through proper training.

Squats also need power. Try to perform these exercises for the foot in a hurry, at a slow pace. This will allow you to more effectively load the muscles of the legs.

Place your feet slightly wider than your pelvis. The back is strictly perpendicular to the ground.

When doing squats, try not to pull the heels off the horizontal surface. The legs should be kept at a right angle.

Taz looks for the back. It should also be placed with respect to the knee joint at a right angle. In this case, the knees do not go beyond the socks.

If you do 3 sets of 15 to 20 crunches in a workout, this will be a sufficient daily load for your legs. If you want to increase it, put dumbbells on your hands.

This type of leg training works very effectively on muscle groups such as the biceps femoris (its posterior surface) and the quadriceps. There is another obvious advantage of this exercise: it can be done in the corridor, at home, on the street and even at work.

Standard thrust forward

The training of the muscles of the legs by means of the thrust also has a high efficiency, which increases significantly with the correct execution of this exercise. There are basic rules that must be followed, and the result in the form of beautiful and powerful legs will not take long. These include:

  • the body in any position (both in the upper part and in the lower part) remains straight,
  • both legs in the lowest position are at right angles,
  • the work foot is the one at the lowest point in front,
  • the weight in the lowest position is transferred to the leg, located in the front, and the leg, located behind, performs the support function,
  • the knee of the leg that is standing in front does not extend beyond the line of socks at the bottom, and the knee of the leg behind it must not touch the surface of the floor (it is better to fix it at a distance of literally 2 to 3 cm).

Leg exercises: tips for effective training.

Such leg exercises are among the most effective in terms of loads on the human lower limb muscles. The muscles of the quadriceps of the thigh during this training are loaded very actively.

Lifting half of the fingers

Do you want leg training to be more accentuated, for example, in the calf muscles? No problem

There is a very simple and effective exercise for this. With its constant use in your workouts, you will be surprised at how quickly and naturally the calves of your legs will change for the better.

But for all its obvious availability, such updates also require correct performance. It is better to do this exercise at a constant elevation. It can be a step team.

In the absence of the latter, it may remain in the doorway. In addition, in the standing position, it is necessary to rise as high as possible with half a finger.

Set the top point and lower slowly. But do not touch the ground.

Climbing stairs

Practically everyone has a ladder in our time, if not at home, at work, in supermarkets, meters, etc. It is a type of coreless simulator to strengthen the muscles of the legs.

Try to prefer it to a fast and convenient elevator, even if you live, for example, on the 16th floor. Very effective for inflating leg muscles is to climb along the escalator in the subway and other public places. Height of steps, as a rule, in such places is slightly higher than in the same entrances of high-rise buildings.

This fact when lifting significantly increases the load on the legs. It is best to climb the stairs to the tension in the legs.

As you strengthen your muscles, you can increase the pace, even running (without compromising your own safety, as well as those around you, if you are in public places).

Leg exercises: tips for effective training.

Any movement in the legs strengthens the muscles of the lower extremities. If, for example, you run, to get maximum effect, try doing it with acceleration.

Especially useful for the muscles of the legs is the exercise with a rope.

Leg press

But if you still go to the gym, then you have additional opportunities to pump your leg muscles. Immediately find equipment designed for leg presses.

First you need to sit in the simulator. Place your steps on the platform shoulder-width apart.

The fingers should be slightly separated. You can send them. Do not forget: it is not recommended to start the heels of the platform.

It is better to keep the feet in a fixed state throughout the exercise. Press the pelvis and upper back firmly against the grid.

Release the lock located on the platform, then take the initial position by stretching the legs (but not completely).

The next step is the bank itself. In a deep breath, hold your breath and slowly lower the platform to your chest. The movement must be done until the angle of the knees is approximately 90 degrees.

This position is the lowest point of the exercise. In this position, hold the breath again and, directing the efforts of the legs and all other muscles of the body towards the platform, tighten them upwards.

It is best to exhale at the most difficult lifting point for you. Good luck to you!

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