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Leg pain after running: what to do.

Leg pain after running: what to do.

People who lead active lifestyles and jog sometimes face some difficulties that arise after a physical effort. It would seem that there was a great race, positive emotions were received.

But my legs hurt after running. Many have a logical question, why does this happen?

It is necessary to understand the causes and methods to eliminate unpleasant sensations.

Causes of pain

The most common mistake among beginning athletes is the approach and incorrect technique of running. Often, people think about their equipment, but do not always think about how to function properly. Other main reasons include:

  1. Lack of heating This important stage is sometimes underestimated by novice athletes. And, after all, it helps prevent injuries and provides productive training.
  2. Bad rhythm and loads of time. This indicator is also important. If you overload the body, it will respond with pain.
  3. Wrong position and technique. The foot should roll from heel to foot. It is advisable to do it in a soft and natural way. The body leans a little forward, arms bent at the elbows and act in front of the legs.
  4. Failure to latch after training. An important step is to stretch after running. In addition, it is impossible to stop abruptly, it is worth slowing the pace and spending some time in motion. Promotes the resorption of lactic acid.
  5. Inadequate shoes If you decide to run down the street on the asphalt, you can injure your heels or feet. The hard coating exerts an additional load. Therefore, it is better to choose shoes specifically designed for running.
  6. A large number of charges. Professional athletes who run all the time often have pains in the muscles and bones of the legs.
  7. The presence of flat feet. This problem causes pain in the foot and legs. This happens because the muscles are deformed and do not support the bones of the foot, as it should be.

Pain can occur even in the presence of prolonged injuries, sprains, bruises, inflammations. Sometimes, serious diseases of the joints and bones appear in this way, but are not associated with the race.

Leg pain after running: what to do.

How to fix the situation

A person who experiences pain, asks himself what to do after the race to avoid that result. Of course, after the first workout, after a long rest, the muscles will ache for a while.

This is due to lack of preparation. Pain is completely impossible to avoid, but there is a way to reduce it a little.

To do this, before each workout you must knead the joints and muscles well. There are many simple exercises to warm up.

In doing so, you prepare the whole body for the loads.

Do not forget to stretch after running. Do not be afraid of the pain associated with such exercises, it will be pleasant after postponed training.

You can feel the muscles relax and stretch. After a hitch, there is lightness in the movement, the legs may look a bit wrinkled.

The muscles can hurt if the training was completed abruptly. It is not recommended to stop running and stop altogether. It is better to go for another 5-10 minutes.

This is necessary in order not to accumulate lactic acid. It is she who causes pain in the muscles. When a person stops abruptly, it freezes.

The muscles are trying to get rid of it, so the inflammatory process is formed.

If your legs hurt after running, try taking a hot bath, visit a steam room or ride a bike. Hot water or steam relax and warm the muscles. The same effect – from the bike.

The latter does not give a strong load, but it helps reduce pain.

Many professionals speak positively about the contrasting soul. This procedure is very useful for the whole body. The contrast shower tightens the skin, strengthens the immune system, relieves stress, adjusts to optimism, helps relieve inflammation in the muscles.

Due to the effects of hot and cold water, the inflammatory processes stop, you may feel great relief after the procedure.

A good option is a massage. It is easy to make yourself.

It is necessary to rub the leg and muscles separately with vigorous movements to warm up the sore spot. The heat input will mean that everything is done correctly.

The massage helps to relax the muscles and feet, relieving the tension of them. This is especially useful for clogged muscles.

By the way, if the bones hurt, this effect can also help. To relieve the tension of the foot, use a refreshing gel, accompany the spot with a discreet massage.


Pay attention to your diet. Be sure to eat foods rich in potassium and calcium. These are bananas, dried apricots, almonds, mustard, pistachios, beans, peas, oats, lentils, potatoes, nuts, plums, seaweed.

These trace elements strengthen the bones and promote rapid muscle recovery. It is important to drink a lot of water. Sometimes it is dehydration that causes pain in the legs.

People often forget this vital fluid, which leads to unpleasant results.

Make sure your shoes are suitable for running. This is especially important if the workouts are done on hard surfaces.

The sole must absorb the shock. If it is too thin, it can seriously damage the joints.

Leg pain after running: what to do.

If you find flat feet, you can take some measures to lighten the load, but keep running. For such cases, selected orthopedic insoles with arch supports. They form the notches in the foot where it is needed.

They are comfortable to use in any footwear, especially in sports.

Remember that physical effort should be in moderation. It is necessary to rest the body, not overload.

The load should be increased gradually, so that it is not a shock to the whole body. Of course, if the pains are very strong, they do not diminish after a while, this is a reason to seek specialized help to find out why the pain does not stop.

What to remember

It is better to jog in the afternoon. The professionals do not recommend doing this in the morning, because the body has not yet been awakened. At this time, the risk of injury increases.

However, if you have chosen the morning, pay close attention to the exercise. Carefully work all the muscles.

If there were sprains or injuries to the joints, then it makes sense to place an elastic bandage on the damaged area. It is better to choose stadiums covered with rubber coating.

The asphalt gives a lot of tension to the joints and bones. Rubber is a much smoother effect on the body. If you do not take into account the rules and recommendations, you can gain arthritis or foot deformity.

If you run in the park, be careful on the slopes. If you succumb to inertia and run faster, you can damage your heels.

Running is very useful for people of any age. Running brings many positive things, tense the body, leads to tone and helps get rid of nervous tension. Minor pain should not interfere with enjoying the sport.

Therefore, equip yourself with knowledge and conquer the tracks of the parks and stadiums.

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