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Long distance race: technique and correct tactics.

Long distance race: technique and correct tactics.

The long distance race is increasingly popular in our world. In fact, remember the American movies or TV shows, necessarily somewhere in the frame, even in the background, but the figure of a person running through the streets of the city or the alleys of a park flashes. However, why pay attention to some movies, you just have to go to the nearest park in the morning and you can see people who are passionate about running?

After all, running is a sport with the most developed motivation, coming from the depth of the ages.

Who does not remember the famous statement of the ancient Greeks, guaranteeing in the case of enthusiasm for career and beauty, and health, and highly developed intelligence. It is difficult to resist such a motive, immediately there is a desire to learn to run like the ancient Greek marathoners.

Especially if you understand that it is time to lose some weight and something became insufficient energy. Running can help solve many problems, and not only with health.

But it is important to be able to execute correctly.

Long distance race: technique and correct tactics.

Long distance races: what is it?

The minimum distance a runner must cover when taking this type of race is two miles or 3,218 meters. The distances for this sport are: three kilometers, five kilometers, ten kilometers, twenty kilometers, twenty-five and thirty kilometers.

Between the Olympic distances belong tracks of five and ten kilometers. But the classic and the most correct long distance race is a marathon.

Running, the athletes overcome the distance of 42 kilometers with 195 meters.

These are long distances, therefore, quite legitimate doubts, and how useful are these races? And is it possible to learn a specific technique of running, avoid injuries and give the opportunity to obtain the maximum benefit for the body?

Characteristics of technology

Long-distance running technique includes: leg work, breathing, hand position, body tilt. Consider in detail each component of this technique:

  • It is important to put your feet correctly. In contrast to the usual jogging foot, you must first place your foot in the front, and then roll smoothly over the entire surface. If you learn this technique, it will be easy to maintain the race pace necessary to overcome a long distance.
  • It is no less necessary to move your hands correctly, you need to move vigorously. There is a term of this type: high hand work, this position helps to increase the frequency of the steps, and this allows you to significantly increase the speed of execution.
  • Proper breathing should guarantee a constant supply of oxygen. For this you need to breathe often. In normal trot, a deep and calm breathing is recommended. The tactics of running at a long distance require slightly different conditions, here it is necessary to ensure the supply of oxygen until the end. Prolonged and significant stress in the body requires frequent breathing of mixed type. That is, you must use not only lung breathing, but also abdominal breathing. If you learn this technique, the preservation of the tone until the last stage of the race will be guaranteed.

Long distance race: technique and correct tactics.

Few tactics

To achieve high results, not only the technique is important, but also the tactics of the long distance race. Consider some techniques to achieve victory in the race.

  • Lead Excellent long distance running tactics, if the athlete knows that it is difficult for him to achieve a strong final outburst, but has good resistance. If you can immediately establish the pace of the race, which is difficult to face with the opponents, then you can make sure before the race.
  • Fast finishing To use this tactic, you need to have a good end of acceleration. Then you should not rush with the leaders, it’s enough to stay in the leading group and show your abilities at the end.
  • Irregular career This long-distance tactic requires considerable resistance. Its essence is that the athlete is trying to exhaust his rivals, constantly slowing down and increasing the pace of the race.

Not only sport

It is believed that this type of athletics is available only to strong and young people. It is not. There are many examples in which people in their old age or who are not in good health begin to participate in the marathon.

Someone achieves significant sports results, while others do not, but this is not important. It is important to learn the correct technique of running, so that you can practice your favorite sport without any threat to health.

And then this hobby will help and improve health, and will make life happier and full of positive emotions.

One of the most inspiring examples of the marathon runners is the experience of Madonna Bader. He began to practice long-distance racing at 53 years old. It was inspired by a family priest.

Bader decided that the marathon is an excellent way to strengthen the soul, the mind and the body. And in that order: first the soul, then the mind, and only then the body. Now that she is 83 years old, Madonna Bader still participates in competitions and feels very good.

A great example, is not it?

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