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Lower abdominal exercises: advice from experienced bodybuilders.

Lower abdominal exercises: advice from experienced bodybuilders.

The thoughts of a beautiful press likewise capture men and women. There are certain recommendations to help boost the bottom press quickly and effectively.

If we consider the subject from the point of view of medicine and the structure of the body, then the so-called inferior pressure is formed by a muscle of the abdominal abdomen correctly inflated, or rather by its lower part. The correctly selected complex and its decisive attitude will help achieve results in strengthening the abdominal muscles in a short period of time easily and even with pleasure.

The most effective exercises for the lower press are several turns.

Inverse turns

In this case, the lower abdomen is involved as much as possible. Lie on your back and rest your palms on the floor to perform the exercise.

Lift your legs straight to a height of 45 degrees and stay in that position as much as possible. Then bend the legs in the knee joints and take them to the body.

These exercises in the lower press should be done 4 sets of 10 times. With a little creative impulse, you will soon notice a positive result!

High torsion

This variation of the torsion implies the implementation of an exercise similar to the previous one, but with the legs stretched and raised perpendicular to the body. For a deeper effect on the muscles you can add weight, which are placed on the legs.

Raise the bent legs

Lie on your back, put your hands on the back of the head. Bend one leg in the knee and the other with the heel over the knee. In this position, you should lift both legs towards the chest as close as possible.

Return to the starting position and change the leg. Be careful: do not tear your lower back off the floor when you raise your legs! Try drawing on the abdominal muscles during exercise.

Do an exercise in 2 sets of 15 to 20 times.

Lower abdominal exercises: advice from experienced bodybuilders.

The initial position is similar. Hands to link in the lock on the back of the head. To pump the lower pressure quickly, bend the left leg on the knee and touch the elbow of the right hand with it.

This complex includes 4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. The advantage of exercise is that, in addition to the lower part of the rectus abdominis, the upper segments and the oblique group of muscles are involved.

To perform the exercise correctly, retract the lower abdomen with each repetition.

Initial position: sitting on the floor. Bend your legs at the knee joints, pull slightly towards your chest and bring your arms together.

Then stretch your legs forward and extend your arms out to the sides. Try to stay in this position as long as possible. Then return to the original.

It is important to make sure that the feet do not touch the floor to achieve maximum effect. But do not act through force: if necessary, take a break.

To improve the effect, you can use dumbbells or small plastic bottles filled with sand or water. In this case, the muscles of the chest and arms are also captured.

Perform an exercise in 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.


Initial position as for push-ups. Then it is necessary to raise the right leg of the floor, bend it in the knee and stretch in the direction of the left shoulder.

After that, the right leg returns to its original position and the exercise is repeated with the left leg. Try to maximize the body in the torsion direction.

If the exercise is done correctly, you will feel how your lower abdomen contracted. Your goal: 3 series of 20 crossovers.

You will achieve it quickly enough and with a creative atmosphere, very soon. Exercise is good not only for the lower abdomen, but also affects other muscles:

  • muscles of the shoulder girdle and chest,
  • Back muscles
  • glute muscles
  • Muscles of the lower extremities.

Lifting legs

The lower press is well formed under the influence of exercises to raise the legs. Therefore, lie on your back and proceed to perform.

The exercise can be modified by applying an adjustment ball or a ball between the knees. It is necessary to raise the legs alternately, reaching a perpendicular disposition with respect to the body, and then lower them gently, but not place them on the floor.

Perform 2 sets of 10-15 times.

V-shaped turn

This exercise will answer your question about how to pump the lower hubs quickly and efficiently. Initial position: in supine position.

The arms extend above the head. Legs raised to a height of 30 degrees. Put your palms on your hips and stretch them in the direction of your toes.

Strengthening the muscles of the abdomen will be as efficient as possible if you can stay in this position as long as possible. After this, return to the starting position and relax.

Repeat 3 complex series of 15 times. Very soon you will feel how the muscles of the lower abdomen become more elastic and strong.

This indicates that your training is correct, and soon you will realize the most precious thoughts of a beautiful press!

Reinforced V-Twist

This complex is a modification of the previous one. To do this, flex the legs in the knee joints.

Do not forget that during exercise, the lower abdomen must be inserted, and the muscles must be kept in a tense state.

This exercise is very suitable for the inner thigh and the group of lower abdominal muscles. Initial position: in supine position. Lift your legs to a height of about 30 degrees.

If you are successful, start the shoulders. Stretch your arms along your body with your palms facing up. Important note: do not put your chin on your chest!

Then proceed to the exercise. Cross the legs, keeping them constantly in weight.

But in the initial training period, of course, you can pause and lower your legs to the floor, giving them rest.

Lower abdominal exercises: advice from experienced bodybuilders.

When doing the exercise, you will feel how the abdominal muscles and hips contract. This is a good sign: you are halfway to a beautiful belly!

You need to make a couple of sets of 10 repetitions. To affect the muscle group only in the lower part of the press, do not lift the body.

Bottom press councils

To make your workouts as productive as possible, and the result was not long in coming, listen to the following recommendations:

  1. High intensity training Then, we realized the question: how to pump the lower press. But the dice won from the muscles of the lower abdomen must still be able to manifest. And for this you need to remove the layer of fat that hides them. Therefore, it is correct, in addition to the exercises in the lower abdomen, to master cardiovascular training. Such super-intense charges increase the body’s metabolism and begin the process of burning fat. They also have a positive effect on the overall tone of the body, the state of the blood vessels and resistance training. These include running, jumping, dancing, aerobics, cycling.
  2. Adequate nutrition It is advisable to use the help of a nutritionist to help you create a personal diet that promotes the growth and strengthening of muscles, including the lower press. The food consumed is a type of building material for your body. Therefore, without complying with the principles of proper nutrition, your workouts will be ineffective.
  3. Positive infusion Then, with what humor you do the exercises, it determines to a large extent the result. Without an adequate state of mind, your workouts will become a routine, and soon you will stop them. Try to get pleasure from the lessons. Choose inspiring music, put on a tracksuit in which your figure looks as attractive as possible, do exercises with a smile, all the time keeping in your head the image you are looking for.
  4. Breathing Learn to breathe evenly during your workout. Try to inhale during exercise and exhale while relaxing. Proper calm breathing will ensure the saturation of body tissues with oxygen, which not only nourishes the cells of the organs, but also participates in many metabolic processes, including fat burning.

The complex of selected exercises must be done at least 4 times a week. Do not relax when, after a while, you notice that cubes appear in your stomach.

Let this be an incentive for you to keep working, to find a new me!

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