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Middle distance race: technical characteristics, possible errors.

Middle distance race: technical characteristics, possible errors.

Running a medium distance requires special skill and endurance from a person. Would it seem difficult to overcome the distance of 800 to 2000 meters?

It is not a great burden for a more or less trained athlete!

In fact, the race should be taken as seriously as possible. After all, if you master some secrets, you can achieve considerable success on this path.

So, what should be the technique of the middle distance race?

High speed and tactics.

The main characteristic of the race, regardless of the length of the distance, is the absence of double support and the presence of a flight period. In short, for a second the two legs of an athlete should not be on the ground.

There are several varieties of this sport discipline. Among them are the medium and long distances, which differ among themselves in a series of signs. The first option combines high speeds and tactics, on which the final result depends, and welfare functions.

Perhaps this is the key to the popularity of this discipline among athletes.

Learning to relax

Savings and efficiency: these are the two main criteria for the correction of the medium distance race. The question arises, how do they relate to sporting achievements?

First, the athlete must economize his movements. In strong corridors, they are soft and smooth, without any noticeable oscillation or rigidity.

Second, your task is to spend your physical resources with maximum efficiency. Then, an athlete should be able to master the art of relaxation.

At the moment when efforts are needed, they must be reversed in a timely manner and in the correct amount. But when the need of them disappears, the muscles should be able to rest.

Middle distance race: technical characteristics, possible errors.

Start as a guarantee of victory.

But it is – in general. The medium distance running technique involves many nuances.

And you need to start from the beginning. At this stage it is necessary to take the correct start position, that is, push the jog leg forward, towards the specially drawn line. At this time, the second leg should rest on the toe.

The distance between two extremities is traditionally the length of a foot.

The severity of the body should be transferred to the jogging leg. The arms should be bent in elbows and diluted.

As soon as a shot or the marching team sounds, the athlete begins to advance. And this is a very important point, because the initial acceleration is the key to greater success. It must give an optimal speed set.

Repeat: optimal, not maximum.

If you immediately try to give everything to 100%, the irreparable can happen. That is, the early acidification of the body: an excess of lactic acid (lactate) in the muscles. Here are the signs of this condition:

  • fast breathing
  • rapid pulse (sometimes filiform)
  • severe weakness
  • loss of coordination
  • dizziness
  • Cloudiness (and even loss) of consciousness.

Therefore, when trying to squeeze as much as possible at the beginning of the race, the athlete runs the risk of abandoning it completely. Therefore, the most reasonable thing is to run, increasing the speed increasing the frequency and the length of the step. The maximum rate must already be reached in 60-70 distance measurements.

Then you should go gently at the speed that will become characteristic for the whole way.

How to calculate it? Common to all formulas do not exist. An experienced athlete is able to adapt independently to the peculiarities of the current situation.

But let’s give the scheme that all runners use without exception.

Therefore, the desired speed is formed from the length and speed of the individual steps. If the step length is 2 meters and its frequency is three per minute, it is not difficult to obtain an average figure.

It will be 6 m / s. It is enough to ensure an effective operation of medium distance.

Middle distance race: technical characteristics, possible errors.

When the end is around the corner

A clear sign that he is doing everything right is a comfortable place among other runners. The athlete should not be pushed to one side of the edge of the edge: the most tactically advantageous places are the head or tail of the group.

When the end is around the corner, that is, it is 200-400 meters before him, he must change the order of the actions slightly. To do this, strongly tilt the torso forward, increase the frequency and stride length, work more actively with your hands. The final segment is the peak of all work: you must move to the maximum speeds.

And for this athlete we will need sprint qualities.

It’s all about the body

What does an athlete’s body look like when it runs a medium distance? The body should have a slight curve forward.

This is very important, because an excessive angle directly affects the reduction of the step length.

The technique of running for medium and long distances implies the correct rhythm of breathing. It can not be contained in the first steps, otherwise it can gain hypoxia.

Generally, a breathing cycle (inhalation-exhalation) is performed in approximately 4-6 career steps. But it is natural that with an increase in fatigue the breathing rate also increases.

And here are some important rules that should be followed if you run a medium distance:

  • under favorable conditions (optimal air temperature, absence of dust and sand), inhalation can be done through the nose and mouth, and exhalation, only through the mouth
  • If the race is done in the cold season or if the air contains impurities, the inhalation must be done through the nose and the exhalation must be combined: nose and mouth.
  • The correct technique includes brief respites in the repulsion phase.

No margin of error

By the way, there are a number of common mistakes that prevent runners from achieving the objectives. We list the main ones:

  • very stressed body
  • Insufficient elevation of the thigh
  • Lack of complete repulsion of the earth.
  • torso swinging from side to side
  • Lack of control over the hands.

It is quite problematic to analyze your mistakes without seeing them from the outside. Therefore, try to do it under the supervision of a good coach, who will help correct and eliminate all faults.

Middle distance race: technical characteristics, possible errors.

Forward to the championship!

Of course, for the first time it is impossible to get on the treadmill and immediately demonstrate good results at medium distances. To do this, the following factors must be joined:

  • endurance athlete
  • regular training
  • participation in sports games
  • Long distance races with constant acceleration.

In addition, the mood of the athlete is very important. If he treats his work with full responsibility, the result will not take long.

After all, well-known athletes such as Usain Bolt, David Rudisha and our compatriot Yuri Borzakovsky went to their titles for many years.

Therefore, to achieve high results, you need an objective attitude towards you, an analysis of errors and a careful work on them.

If you are interested in long distance running technique, then it is in many ways similar to the previous one. The difference is that it requires more resistance and physical training. It is not surprising that many athletes who have mastered the average distance gradually move in the long run.

But it must be remembered that the burden in this case is enormous, so it must undergo regular examinations of doctors.

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