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Muscle building: male pectoral muscles

Muscle building: male pectoral muscles

How to pump the pectoral muscles and get beautiful, developed and powerful breasts? Everything is quite easy, and most importantly, it is available to each one of us.

It is this part of the body in a pumping state that in many ways forms the athletic appearance of an athlete. The torso is one of the main complexes of human muscles.

The main one is the pectoralis major muscle. It is working, what can not be said about the small pectoral, which has a more stabilizing character.

In this case, they work not only in an independent way and in interaction with each other, but also with the neighboring muscles.

It is possible to pump the pectoral muscles quickly and effectively when certain exercises are performed, both in the gym and at home. It is necessary to bear in mind that each one of them has its specific effect in the chest and trains one or another of its parts. Therefore, it is best to do these exercises with experts who suggest the most effective method to form a powerful and trained chest.

Self-study, even at home, should also be carried out, after consulting with professionals.

How to pump your chest, without running out with constant monotonous strength training: you need to load different bundles of chest cells into a given complex. Also, do not abuse a lot of weight, and then you will succeed. In this case, to pump the chest as quickly and correctly as possible, it is better to use basic exercises in training.

Its effectiveness is to involve in the training process, not a specific muscle, but the whole group. These strength exercises affect muscle growth by activating the hormonal level of the human body. The following set of exercises is effective for pumping the chest:

  • bench press (with bar)
  • squats with weights,
  • bench press (with bar),
  • crossing
  • pushups on the uneven bars.

Bench press (with bar)

Many experts believe that this exercise is one of the best and most effective ways to properly pump the chest muscles. In the process of doing the bench press, the main load falls on the chest muscles. But in addition to them, also involved triceps and shoulder girdle muscles.

This exercise is more effective to build a developed and powerful human chest. In essence, this is the same as push-ups.

Only in this case there are no weighting agents and there are limitations in the regulation of the power load.

Muscle building: male pectoral muscles

How to perform this exercise properly and safely? After lying on a horizontal bench, you must take the bar of the mounts and lower it to the middle of your chest. Note the distance between the hands on the projectile should fluctuate between 55 and 60 cm.

The shell is on the palms and the thumb should be placed on top of it. In this case, the amplitude of the reduction is limited by a light touch of the bar of the body itself.

Next, the projectile is compressed to the full extent of the elbow joint. This movement must be done without exhalation.

Do not forget: your legs are fixed to the floor without tearing your heels (it is strictly forbidden to lift them or put them on the bench), the rib cage is pushed forward, the shoulder blades are completely flattened and the buttocks are placed on the bench in a state of pressure. I do not lower the weight to make an excessive deviation. You need to bend your lower back a little.

In this case, the legs that are slightly divorced to the sides, are your powerful support.

Pay attention to the trajectory of the projectile. It should not be strictly vertical.

The bar rises and falls along a diagonal, from the chest to the shoulder joints. This rule should be observed to ensure the safe execution of the exercise, in particular, to protect the muscles of the shoulders.

In addition, this approach allows you to work on training with the maximum possible weight for a particular person.

Squats with weights

Many beginners believe that this exercise affects only the muscles of the legs. This is a mistake Squats with weight are not limited to the load on the muscles of the lower extremities.

With this exercise, the muscular frame of your chest is also formed. The main thing is to do it correctly and correctly, so that it allows you to effectively pump your chest muscles.

Muscle building: male pectoral muscles

The basic rule for performing this exercise effectively is the position of the knees at the lowest point. It is necessary to imagine that you sit in an ordinary chair. The knees should not cross the line of the socks.

Otherwise, they will overload, like your waist, which is fraught with pain. In addition, the torso should be fixed and the back should bend slightly in the lower back. With a tight pressure, the ass is pulled back and the chest protrudes as much as possible. Do not forget to breathe properly.

At the time of squatting, breathe, while standing, exhale. To avoid dizziness, try not to hold your breath. It is also mandatory to observe the following rules:

  • Do not stretch your legs at the weight lifting point,
  • when going down, do not feel below the level when the hips are parallel to the floor,
  • Do not stretch or shake your knees.

There is another requirement for performing squats safely with weights. Always look forward, in front of you.

If you look in the mirror, do not lower your eyes, but observe how you perform the exercise. Remember: to do a job with more weight, you must be focused and attentive.

That is why the head should be placed evenly, slightly above an imaginary horizontal line.

Get up (with bar)

This exercise is also called the army press. Beginners better start with dumbbells.

Do not try to overload yourself at the beginning: it is not safe for the joints. The most important thing: in the initial stage, you must accurately capture the motor skill.

The weight while standing moves exclusively in vertical position. In this case, the body must be in a static state and be tense.

While doing the press, bend the knee slightly.

How to do this exercise? How to pump the chest with it?

First you need to learn how to properly lower the weight (bar). Lift the shell strictly above your head.

The body straightens up, and at the upper point of movement it is necessary to slightly reduce the shoulder blades and lift the shoulders. Then comes the fixation of the body in this position.

The process of lowering the rod downwards is strictly vertical. In the process of making this movement do not forget to watch the body. If you did everything as expected, you will feel some deviation from the bar.

Do not be afraid of this feeling. You are on the right path and you can move to a heavier weight. But always remember to breathe.

If you can do five repetitions in one breath – fine. No, then try to breathe in the upper part of the movement. Only in any case should exhale when lifting or at the lowest point.

This exercise is effective in combination with other workouts.


Would you like to pump your chest? And the internal and external parts of it?

Then, you should pay attention to the exercise, which is called mixing your hands in the blocks, or a crossing. It has a smaller specialization and does not belong to the complex of basic exercises, although its effectiveness is indisputable. Crosses can be done in almost any gym.

The advantage of converting the arms in the blocks is in a sufficiently high voltage in a shorter position, a large motor amplitude and a significant muscle stretch. But this exercise may not be suitable for all athletes.

Crosses are often used by those whose muscles do not always respond adequately to classic and basic exercises, such as the bench press.

Muscle building: male pectoral muscles

Pushups on the bars.

When performing this exercise, the muscles of the chest and triceps are mainly loaded and trained. But it must be remembered: for the effect to be maximum, observe the correct position of the hands. Begin to do the exercise is followed from the position of emphasis on the straight arms.

Do not try to start from the bottom position, it is risky. Then tilt the torso slightly forward and downward, bending the joints of the elbow.

Try moving down to create a gravity obstacle, otherwise you can get injured. Having reached a comfortable level for you personally, get up. Next time (especially for the newbies), it goes down even more.

Also, if your goal is a more active pumping of the pectoral muscles, you can open the elbows more. Just do not bend over, stretch your chest and lower your shoulder blades. To achieve the maximum effect, exhale when climbing.

The push-ups in the bars can be not only in the gymnasium, but also in the stadiums, and in many, in the courtyards of the houses.

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