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Nordic walk: the right technique and health benefits.

Nordic walk: the right technique and health benefits.

Walking Scandinavian by an unknown person may seem ridiculous and even ridiculous, but does not make premature conclusions. When you meet a man with ski poles in the street, but without skis, you can simply surprise yourself.

The Nordic march is becoming increasingly popular around the world, to our countries, arrived relatively recently.

Why not think about people who walk with sticks, but, in your opinion, such training is extremely good for your health? Not only do they improve mood, they also lead to a decrease in body fat.

What are the reasons for such popularity?

The previous technique came to us from northern Europe. It originated relatively recently (in the early 1990s), but during this time it managed to be popular.

A great advantage is the fact that Nordic walking for older people is as relevant as for younger generations.

According to official data, it was found that during such classes it is possible to include up to 90% of all muscle groups. This gives an additional stimulus to the body, which begins to develop and strengthen.

When you see a man with sticks, you can only envy the will power and the joy that radiates from his face. Many athletes are no longer young, but because they are setting a positive example for young people, they bring the key message that special simulators are not necessary for health.

Walking in the manner described above became popular for one more reason: simplicity. It only takes force of will and some sticks. The technique of Nordic walking can be studied independently.

If you have any questions, you can deal with the instructor. The lessons are cheap, they will dominate each one.

When the athlete has worked the technical aspect, you must start training. If everything is done correctly, then many athletes noticeably lose excess weight in a short time. This technique allows you to put many muscle groups into work, and this increases the effectiveness of the training.

As a result, it is possible to increase the calorie burning rate by 40%. The properly constructed training approach allows you to see regular weight loss, without applying special diets.

Nordic walk: the right technique and health benefits.

It is worth noting that anyone can walk with sticks. There are no particular limitations that interfere with your workouts. Selecting any location:

You can start participating. Walking will be useful at any time of the year, and there will always be friends who are not willing to spend their free time properly. If all the technical points are observed, the necessary benefits for the whole organism will be obtained. Summing up a small result, I must say that most of the newcomers are captivating such a prostate.

Many simply dream of being able to exercise easily and get results quickly.

How to choose the correct club?

After the great benefits of such training have been established, the athletes ask themselves: where to obtain and how to choose those canes?

Everyone understands that Nordic walking is simply impossible without the proper poles, which are made of a lot of materials:

In a closer look, you can see their size, they are much shorter than skiers, and walking with them is not as easy as it seems at first sight. When choosing the clubs that do not match the size of the body, the benefit will be lost, because the result of this training is an increase in the load on the back, the muscles of the legs and the knee joint.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that a special graphite tip is not compatible with the optimum rhythm, stuck in the irregularity of the road.

Nordic walk: the right technique and health benefits.

Before dealing with clubs, they must inspect and decide on the future track. The included nozzles allow you to adapt to different surfaces.

If you walk only on snow and dirt, then the graphite sticks to the ends of the sticks, providing a good grip, it will be enough.

There are only two types of clubs:

  • Telescopic (adjustable length pushing the top)
  • fixed length

According to professional athletes, telescopic poles break several times faster, but much will depend on the manufacturer. A special feature of the special sticks is that the handle straps are attached so you can walk and not squeeze the handle.

In this case, there is an additional benefit to the body, an additional load is removed from the hand and forearm.

To calculate the optimal length, it is necessary to multiply the height of an athlete by 0.68. Therefore, it is possible to calculate correctly the optimal length of the bar.

The Swedish technique for walking does not impose strict requirements for training shoes. Sneakers or simple and comfortable shoes will suffice, the main thing is to do everything correctly and not rush anywhere.

The Nordic walking technique is extremely simple and is repeated a few minutes after the start of the session. It is necessary to walk rhythmically, the word man moves with his usual walk.

The hands and feet should move back and forth a little more intensively, and this will lead to greater efficiency.

Nordic walk: the right technique and health benefits.

Technical aspects

For the Nordic march to give maximum effect, you must decide the rhythm of movement. The main thing is to start practicing correctly, and the optimal rhythm and rhythm will be selected gradually. If the Nordic walking technique is followed, it is possible to include large muscle groups at work:

If you practice at your chosen pace for 30 minutes, approximately 300 kcal will be burned. This indicator is several times higher than the effectiveness of normal walking.

The benefits for the whole body in the way of reducing excess body fat become noticeable after 1-1.5 months. The Swedish method will pay off only if the training is regular.

To begin is not so difficult, the main thing is to study all the technical aspects. The wrist loops located at the top of the club are considered quite durable.

They look like glove bells, and the wide bands that cover the thumbs prevent uncomfortable movements. Once you have placed your hands on the loops, they should be secured with a clasp.

In this case, the stick simply can not fall, even if you really want to.

The hands should be relaxed and parallel to each other, and the movements will resemble skiing. Having made a small angle in the elbow joint, you can start training.

In the upper position, the angle will not be more than 45 degrees, and in the lower position it will change to the level of the hip joints.

The Nordic march is based on a properly coordinated system of work on the hands and feet. The feet are placed straight and the emphasis is on the heel.

Rolling from heel to foot, the first movement is made. In this case, the soft shoes will be useful, which will allow you to make a soft roll from the heel to the fingertips.

The benefits of training are also achieved through continuous monitoring of water-salt balance in the body. It is necessary to drink only in case of thirst. Small sips are made at proportional intervals.

It is possible to positively influence the state of health in the case that for every 0.5 kg of weight lost there is 0.5 l of water. Speaking of food, everything will depend on the current goals of the athlete.

Nordic walk: the right technique and health benefits.

  • After the end of the session, it is necessary to limit the intake of caffeinated beverages, and the amount of calories consumed must be equal to half spent. So the system will be useful for the body, because the body will replenish a little the reserves of energy, nothing will be deposited in the fats.
  • Proteins and carbohydrates are used to replenish reserves, which are calculated based on the athlete’s current body weight and goals.

The benefits of walking are quite great, but you also need to complete your workouts correctly.

What to look for?

Although Nordic walking is a type of sport, it can cause damage. If you have any doubts about your health, you should immediately seek the help of specialists.

The Nordic march, which are contraindications:

  • long break in training sessions
  • Previous injuries of the arms and the shoulder girdle.
  • flat feet
  • hypertension
  • postoperative period
  • Inflammatory flows or degenerative processes in the locomotor system.
  • anemia
  • Deforming and degenerative processes in the spine and joints, etc.

You can see that the list is really extensive, but you can continue it. Nordic walking is not a panacea, so if you find any change, you should immediately consult a doctor.

According to many sports doctors, the previous charges will be useful at any age and time of year. After having learned what the Scandinavian walk is, many start their classes and get results in a few months.

By following the simple guidelines described above, you can really get rid of body fat and enjoy the process.

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