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Pelvic floor exercises for women and girls.

The most famous set of exercises for the muscles of the pelvis, without a doubt, exercises Dr. Arnold Kegel. They serve to support the woman’s organs such as the uterus, bladder, rectum and small intestine. For the first time, the technique of the doctor was described in the middle of the last century, and the purpose of these exercises is to strengthen and strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, prevent diseases and simplify the birth process.

These muscles rarely undergo stress, so they can weaken, so it is recommended to perform this simple set of exercises. All the useful information on how to pump the pelvic muscles, you will find below.

What are these trainings for?

The main reasons to start participating in:

  1. Kegel exercises prepare a woman’s muscles for a future pregnancy and easy delivery without pain.
  2. Gymnastics in pregnant women will help to learn to relax the muscles, which usually prevents the child from leaving during delivery.
  3. Classes are also useful for the prevention and treatment of incontinence problems.
  4. For a better regeneration of the tissues that stretch during childbirth.
  5. For the long-term maintenance of intimate health and the prevention of inflammation of the genital organs.

Now you can go to Kegel’s training. The first thing you need to start with gymnastics is to locate the muscles that we need.

There are two simple methods to determine the right pelvic muscles.

The first method: when you go to the bathroom, try to stop the process of urination, but without involving the muscles of the legs. Those muscles that interest us are responsible for this.

The second method: put your finger in the vagina and try to tighten it. As with the first, you can not move and stretch your back or stomach.

The right muscles should be right next to your finger, try to feel them. When it comes to finding these muscles, you can go directly to the gym.

The main class complex.

There are two types of Kegel classes for women, first we will talk about the first one. By the way, exercises of this type are done in stages, and each one by itself is a small complex.

The initial position is almost irrelevant, since the muscles of the small pelvis are small, located slightly different from the others.

The first stage: your task for a short period of time (it takes 10 seconds) to compress the muscles. Do it fast, you should squeeze and loosen them as often as possible. Then rest for the same time and repeat the cycle again.

Three approaches will be sufficient.

The second stage: the goal is the same: compression and decompression, but now it is better to cut the time in half and increase the number of approaches three times compared to the first stage.

The third stage: now you must tighten the muscles and hold them for half a minute, then stop and rest for the same time and then repeat twice more. In the end, the first stage remains to be done again, and the exercise can be considered complete.

The first stage: we tense and maintain the muscles for 5 seconds, then we relax and the cycle is repeated 8 times.

The second stage: we perform fast compression up to 10 repetitions, we do three approaches.

The third stage: we stretch and squeeze the muscles for as long as possible for you, but not more than two minutes. Then we rest a couple of minutes and do the exercise one more time.

First stage: in this Kegel exercise, the number of contractions increases to 30, performed at a moderate pace. Then we move on to the second stage, and in the first stage we need to gradually reach one hundred repetitions.

The second stage: stretch your muscles a lot, keeping them in this state for 15 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. We made five approaches.

The final in the first form and simpler than others. The intensity can be relaxed: simply squeeze the muscles of the pelvis and then relax.

Total execution time: 2-3 minutes, gradually extending them to 10, 15 and then to 20 minutes. It is recommended to do it 2-3 times a day.

This exercise is quite simple, and you can do it, like everyone else, anywhere, so there are no difficulties.

Second type of training

Its peculiarity is that, unlike the first, it includes not only compression, but also a kind of thrust.

Remember the first method to determine the muscles of the lower pelvis: you will have to perform the same actions as at that moment. While inhaling, slowly squeeze the muscles, hold them for 3 seconds, then relax and exhale.

Alternate tension and relaxation, act as quickly as possible.

Now you need to push with moderate intensity. The process is similar to childbirth.

All the exercises are done 10 times per series, and the total number of series must be five per day. After a week, you can increase the number of repetitions for each exercise by 5, the total number of approaches remains the same.

Therefore, you must bring the number of repetitions to 30, without changing the number of approaches. The result will be 150 repetitions of Kegel gymnastics in one day. The number of repetitions is small, to perform these exercises quite easily, and you quickly get used to it.

If you want to check if the muscles have increased, try dipping your finger into the vagina while doing one of the exercises.

These simple tips will undoubtedly provide a good strengthening of the muscles of the pelvis of women, which is very useful for intimate organs. By the way, there is also a special simulator that Kegel invented, which recommended combining exercises with its use. In essence, it is not necessary to have it, but you can not stop mentioning it.

The simulator itself is a kind of crotch meter. Its advantages are that it makes the muscular resistance stronger that reduces the time needed to tone the muscles.

This means that the exercises become more effective, there is a sufficient burden. In addition, this simulator is good because it shows a woman the degree of her progress after performing a series of exercises.

Of course, all women would be interested in knowing what results they received, because the awareness of progress increases motivation and causes the desire to improve.

As mentioned above, it is not necessary to have a simulator, you can get all the results on your own, and an excellent result is available without any adaptation.

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