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Plié squats: distinctive factors and proper technique.

Plié squats: distinctive factors and proper technique.

Plye squats provide an isolated study of a specific muscle mass of the legs. There are a lot of types of squats, each of which allows you to load like certain muscles and the entire matrix.

It is necessary to start with the fact that during the execution of the layers it is possible to put into operation the inner part of the thigh, which will allow to increase the tone of the gluteal muscles.

As a general rule, squats with plye are made with dumbbells, since not all women can hold a heavy bar on their back. It should be noted that the state of the muscle stabilizers will play an important role in the course of execution.

Each exercise to pump the legs will be useful only if the movement is smooth and controlled. Inexperienced athletes often make a fatal mistake and begin to lift a weight that does not match their abilities.

Incorrect technique leads to injuries, which can be cured over the years. Working through a separate group of muscles, you can achieve a harmonious and well-developed physique.

The previous exercise must be included in the training cycle.

Where to start

Experienced coaches say that the weight of the projectile does not affect the speed of muscle growth. Everything will depend on how correctly a person will do each repetition.

The priority task is to learn to feel that your body responds to incoming charges.

You can start with a small superset: a squat position with a wide leg adjustment. It will take skill and endurance to perform, because the muscles will be under load for a long period of time. First done, fold with a small dumbbell.

Therefore, it is possible to tire not only the inner surface of the thigh, but also the buttock. After this, you should immediately do squats with a bar with a wide range of legs.

Such a simple combination was called the pre-depletion method. This technique is used by more experienced athletes who wish to isolate a specific group in isolation, without involving the entire matrix.

Plie can be done with or without dumbbells. Everything will depend on the level of training and the training objectives.

Good sex can be limited to light weight, respecting the accuracy of performance. As for men, they can choose more weight, because their muscles need a greater load.

The main thing that you should never forget is the correct technique.

If the stabilizing muscles are connected in heavy squats and there is a vertebral part involved, then you must constantly monitor their actions. In the case of layers, you can not be afraid of such a burden, because the work weight is not on the shoulders, but on the hands.

The potential load on the back is minimized. Knowing what problems with the spine are found in many people, coaches advise you to do exactly the cake.

If a person has back problems, you should consult a doctor and consult. Each organism is unique and, therefore, even a load of this type in the muscles can negatively affect the general state of health.

When the execution technique is respected, you can do bravely and see the results of your work in a short time.

Plié squats: distinctive factors and proper technique.

Distinctive factors

Plieu, like the classic movement with a bar, allows you to use a large muscle mass, but the wide staging of the legs and the divorced socks change the emphasis. The inner part of the thigh and buttocks receive most of the load, so this exercise is considered a favorite for many women.

In addition to the hips, during these squats a static load is produced in the abdominal muscles, in the lower part of the back, the soleus / gastrocnemius muscle appears. They are stabilizers, and therefore pumped as progress.

The exercise is quite simple, because the movement is physiological. Every day, people crouch, but because the additional burden does not hurt.

What are the advantages of plie? We can distinguish the following:

  • High security if the correct technique is observed.
  • Complex effect on the legs, that is, the lower part of the body remains under load. To a greater extent, of course, the hips and gluteal muscles are loaded.
  • Improved functionality and coordination. If you do everything right, then progress will be made in other types of squats.
  • Minimizing the axial load on the spine, which improves the blood supply to the pelvic organs.

This exercise will be a great addition to the squat. It can be done by both experienced athletes and beginners.

For people with experience, Plié helps not only to increase the intensity of stress in key muscle groups, but also to warm them up before hard work.

Novice athletes can do exercises to strengthen the muscular system of the legs, creating attractive and desirable shapes. We must not forget about knee joints that need a preliminary study.

How to make a movement?

The coaches say that the plie can be done not only with dumbbells, but also with weights. The projectile must be as close as possible to the body, while the arms are fully extended. Thus, the center of gravity passes through the pelvic region and the heels.

In this case, you can prevent the load from moving towards the toes.

You should immediately deal with the position of your back. The first and most important condition that all athletes should remember is the preservation of the deviation in the lower back during the whole phase of the movement.

If the accuracy of the performance is broken, the load will leave the key muscle group.

The pelvis should be retracted, and the chest should come forward a little. Direct your straight gaze, your chin should be parallel to the floor. In this position, the spine will be in its natural physiological position, without experiencing an additional burden.

As soon as the parallel is broken, the back will begin to turn, and this can cause several injuries to the lower back. The back remains straight and vertical during the entire movement phase.

Plié squats: distinctive factors and proper technique.

Once you have assumed the initial position, you need to open your legs wide (much wider than your shoulders). The socks should be diluted as much as possible to the sides, but the exercise should not lose its quality. The knee joint is directed towards the sock and, therefore, it will be possible to determine the muscles that work in this movement.

It is worth noting that the knees are fixed and that any outward / inward displacement can cause injuries. The joint is synchronized with the direction of the sock, it must be constantly monitored.

In the initial phase, the pelvis should be removed and slowly lowered. The torso must be kept upright throughout the movement.

As a general rule, the effectiveness of the plie is related to the depth of the squat position, but neither should it be abused. The deeper the rule, the better it does not always work, because people have individual characteristics.

The amplitude should be, above all, comfortable, the only way to achieve a good result. If there are no problems with the joints, you can gradually increase the amplitude.

Returning to the starting point of the movement, it is necessary to keep a small angle in the knees. This is done for two reasons:

  • The load remains in the muscle, not displaced to the joint.
  • The priority task is to work within the scope.

The descent must be slow and controlled. The exhalation begins already during the return to the upper point. The emphasis is on the heels, and the load should never move towards the toe.

This approach will allow you to purposefully influence the muscle without involving the knee joint at work.

The feminine physiology is something different from the masculine one and, therefore, it is better to perform a plie within 15 to 20 repetitions. First, there are several heating approaches, and then the weight begins to increase gradually.

Load: it is not the main condition for muscle growth, only a combination of certain factors can lead to a truly valuable result.

Before actively training your legs, you must pass some lessons to understand the technical aspects of the movement. It is better to start without weight, so you can review each phase.

In addition, we must look for a position in which the muscles are under load all the time.

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